Black dragonkin for anon

Black scale gloves -$20.00

Sheer skirt -$55.00

Black pants -$77.99

Black wing hair clips -$15.00

Scale gloves -$29.00

Scale hood -$50.00

Black scale bracelet -$30.00

Fake gauge dragon head earrings -$12.50

Black scale tights -$49.50+

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Mermaidkin bath supplies requested by anon

Vegan blue and white soap -$5.00

25 mini shell soaps -$4.75

Blue and gold bath bomb -$5.00

Mermaid kisses body butter -$14.00

Glowing golden bath salts -$4.99

Sea shell bath bombs -$6.00+

Sea Breeze bath bomb -$3.50+

Sea glass seaweed soap -$18.95

Ocean blue body scrub -$12.00

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This is so funny that I found this blog cause I was just planning a kin-based outfit for myself to put together in the future!  I have a few links if you want to post them?  [Not the submit, tho!  You should make your own posts on them and include photos cause this stuff is cool as heck.]  Its expensive leather stuff but I feel like most dragons enjoy expensive leather stuff.  I know I do! These leather bracers are a lot nicer than a lot of the metal ones I’ve seen done in a similar way.  The scales actually go up your arm instead of down, which is more pleasing imo! There’s also a wide variety of dragon claw gauntlets available out there on both Etsy and independent sites.  I’m biased towards these though because, well…Scales!

Thanks for this blog, by the way!  There used to be another kin fashion blog but it just kinda…Petered out after a while.  Hopefully the same thing won’t happen to this one.  :>

Thanks so much!!