Imagine hearing about this powerful, mythical being your whole life, and then one day it shows up and it’s not magical or wonderful, it’s trying to kill you.

That’s how I imagine people are feeling in the UK when the sun came out.

So I have like really thin lips and I was bored, so I experimented with trying to make my lips fuller, and this is the result. I felt attractive for one so I took like a million selfies. Am I proud? No. But did they comenout hella fine? I think so. And yes….I did a lot of stupid poses like this one. You wanna fight about it? Lets go.

Dear Obama,

I ain’t even mad traffic is totally screwed today. Cause you’re coming here to talk about the ACA (for those who haven’t been paying attention the ACA has literally saved my life) so I’ll gladly take shitty traffic in exchange for having you in Nashville talking about something that’s been nothing short of a miracle to have in my life.

Also, Bill Haslam, I know you’re basically anti-anything that could help the sickly folks in this state and you refused to expand Medicaid or set up a state exchange as part of the ACA, but how you gonna not meet with the president while he’s here? I mean really.

I think I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life. I want to live in a big old house with a horse and a monkey and pay for things with gold doubloons. I want to buy ice cream for orphans and walk up walls and fly. I want to clean my floors with roller skate brushes and sing songs about everything. I want to be a pirate sometimes, and wear mismatched socks and do whatever I want to all day. Yes, I want to be Pippi Longstocking. 

I don’t understand how my college math class can be so full of immature brats that can laugh at “f (u)” or the professor saying"give it to me “like come one guys you’re not children and in the context of trying to learn you should grow up a bit.

Like dont get me wrong if these were legitimate bad jokes outside of the classroom told by a friend I would probably laugh a bit, but I’m in class trying to learn, and they arent jokes, so I don’t find it funny….

Stuff to read.

Firstly, I appreciate every single note one of my posts gets.
If you have rebloged the text I go and see what you have tagged it with, if you have put tags.
But when I some one rebloged one text and deleted the little comment/word part underneath.
Please don’t do that. Its not very nice.

Secondly, I have not forgotten about this blog, I have just had no free time.
For the past bit I haven’t even had five minutes to my self.
But exams are nearly over and school is almost out. So this little bit of inactivity shouldn’t happen again.

Thirdly, there was going to be a text last night in appreciation of yesterday but that didn’t happen so THERE WILL BE A TEXT OUT TONIGHT.
If there isn’t please shout at me.
We have also reached 170 followers somehow. -Snow


Well, here it is; my concentration series for my AP Art exam (BTW I finished high school a week ago and just got back from Senior week, so these images have been done for a long time, I just haven’t gotten around to uploading them)

Yeah, so not the best picture quality, but what you gonna do (sure as hell not going all the way out to Kinkos just to have them scanned, since my scanner is too small for the images) Just believe me when I say that the pictures look better in person

Anyway, as you can probably tell my series was about “Mythical Creatures in Everyday Life”; each image depicts a different creature from myth or folklore performing a task that correlates with their unique skills. From top to bottom we have:

Mermaid Lifeguard

Werewolf Therapy Dog

Gorgon Snake Keeper

Rodeo Centaur

Dragon lighting a campfire

Sphinx trick-or-treating (dressed as The Riddler)

Fairies playing video games

Circus Phoenixes

Unicorn and Pegasus Petting Zoo

Genie Signer (for the deaf girl holding the lamp)

Soon-To-Be Vampire Bride

Hippie Satyrs

Hope you enjoy :)

Hey, there, cutie-pie! Mickey here! I gotta be quick, cos these big guys don’t watch what they’re doin’  and I’m afraid they’ll sit on me here in the communications chair!

Just wanted to let you know that everything seems impossible until it’s done. I believe in the impossible, and I believe in you! You are made of magic! Tap into that Mythical Beast and show the world what it means to rise above the doubters and meanies of the world to make your own magical, mythical, amazingly impossible life!!!! 

You can do the impossible! Believe!

“Cuba in the 1960s: Bureaucrats Head to ‘Communism’ without the Workers.” The new ruling class was not the private owners of the past, but the top party and state bureaucrats. These new elite controlled the main means of production, while the masses had no say in how the system operated. While state property dominated, real accounting and control by the working people was never established. Thus beneath the veneer of planned economy, the anarchy of production typical of capitalism