The Strokes are the last of a certain breed. They don’t make rock bands like them anymore: the larger-than-life, the mythic, the kinds that can fill an arena with screaming fans that span generations. You can argue this — you have Arcade Fire, or the National, or the Black Keys, maybe. There are still rock artists who ascend to the major leagues, but there’s something different and specific about the Strokes. They were a vicious, new thing that also held more in common with the rock mythos of the past. The youthfulness, the leather jackets, the partying. Most of our biggest rock artists are too self-conscious or self-deprecating or self-aware to have the kind of magnitude of the Strokes and buy into it entirely. Which they did, under all that detached cool. They were a rock band in the classic mold. They burned out, faded away, and returned as classic rock — and given this is the 21st century, that all happened within about half a decade. Sure, the War On Drugs signed a two-album deal with Atlantic, but it’s hard to envision any of these other rock bands embodying the classic ethos of the genre in the same kind of big-screen fantasy as the Strokes. They have an aura. They’re the kind of band where they walk onstage and you have to process the fact that you’re in the presence of them. That’s the stuff of bands that define a generation. They don’t feel human.

So I have like really thin lips and I was bored, so I experimented with trying to make my lips fuller, and this is the result. I felt attractive for one so I took like a million selfies. Am I proud? No. But did they comenout hella fine? I think so. And yes….I did a lot of stupid poses like this one. You wanna fight about it? Lets go.


This meme has been bothering me for WEEKS NOW  (also Absol is my favourite Pokemon and I always want more excuses to draw it) so I decided to solve my problem by actually drawing it. Absol belongs to the Field Egg group so there were TONS of other Pokemon to mash it up with, including the Eevees (that would be so cool but it would have to be another post). I just picked the ones that could aesthetically evoke real life mythical creatures - the manticore (manectric), the komainu (arcanine), the sphinx (persian), the barghest (houndoom) and the qilin (sawsbuck).

I don’t understand how my college math class can be so full of immature brats that can laugh at “f (u)” or the professor saying"give it to me “like come one guys you’re not children and in the context of trying to learn you should grow up a bit.

Like dont get me wrong if these were legitimate bad jokes outside of the classroom told by a friend I would probably laugh a bit, but I’m in class trying to learn, and they arent jokes, so I don’t find it funny….

Things you need to know about my Blog

1) This is my blog, and as such I’ll post whatever the bajiggins I like.

2) If I see something I like and I’m unable to reblog due to the source putting a block on it, then I will repost. I see my personal edits and gifs reposted by other blogs on here all the time and you don’t see me bitching and moaning about it, do you? Infact, one of my edits went viral. You’ve all seen it, posted it, on several different forms of social media. I’m glad, and I don’t need recognition for it.

3) We’re all here because we love the same stuff. So bear that in mind when you come to my inbox whining about the content on it. If you don’t like it, why are you even here? Think about it. Our collective love of the same shit is a beautiful thing.

4) Sometimes we wont agree. And that’s ok. When someone has an opinion, and its not the same as yours, that person isn’t wrong. In the same way you’re not right, either. Sometimes I get the feeling around here that those who share the same opinion stick together. Personally, I like a challenge. If I don’t agree with you, thats cool. We can still be friends.

5) I’ve always been controversial on here. I don’t always play by the tumblr rules, but thats because I think sometimes theres got to be some wriggle space. And I apply that to my entire life, which extends far beyond tumblr.

6) Whilst the majority of my posts and reblogs are about my beloved Kit Harington, I’ve opened up my tumblr life to other aspects. If you followed me on KissesforKitHarington, you’ll still find all the goodies here. But this is ME. If you’re into all the other stuff I’ve been posting, or you’re here BECAUSE of the other stuff…. well I just want to take you all out for beers and pizza.

7) If you’re thinking to yourself “this girl sounds like a real douche” then thats ok, my blog aint the one for you. You don’t need to tell me, I’m far too self confident to do anything but shrug and hit delete before turning my attention back to whatever the fuck I was doing before. I’m just trying to save you some time…

8) But if you’re here because my blog strikes a chord with you, then come join my orchestra.

9) If you’re wondering what I post besides Kit Harington, and you don’t follow me yet then let me enlighten you. This is pretty much a blog for the senses.

*Kit Harington *Game of Thrones *Mythical Creatures *World of Froud Faeries *Quotes *90s *80s *Landscapes *River Phoenix *Supernatural *American Horror Story *Fantasy Art *Cartoons *Tattoos And probably things I just feel like posting which aren’t even related to any of the above.

10) I hope this clears everything up for those of you who seem to have a problem with my content, my attitude, and general tumblr presence. I’m a peaceful chick, with a controversial streak, but a heart of gold. Like what you see? Come follow me <3

I reached 400 followers today so I'm doing something for you guys gals and everyone in-between

I’m doing an art give away for you guys 

It can be…

  • person/s
  • animal/s
  • plant life
  • some mythical creatures
  • computer drawn
  • hand drawn
  • transparent

if you want something not specified ask, we might be able to work something out

there are some rules

  •  Must be following me
  • no nsfw
  • no more than two people/animals in a design

Colored drawings will take longer
 I can email it to you or post it on  here


or send me an ask/ fanmail


Today, we’re thrilled to launch our newest flash fiction series, Duppy Thursdays! Though we’re based in Brooklyn, our location envy of the Caribbean is evident throughout our catalog. One aspect of Caribbean literature that appeals to us is the integration of folklore into contemporary stories—a perfect example being Jamaican author Marlon James’s debut novel John Crow’s Devil, which we published to great critical acclaim in 2005. Whether it be the spider Anansi, the devil woman La Diablesse, the Soucouyant, Mama Dlo, or Papa Bois, these mythical beings have injected life (and death) into the literature of the region. As with our other flash fiction series, we challenge you to tell your story in 750 words or less. Full submission guidelines can be found here.

We’re very proud to share “On or Off this Island” by Robert Arellano as our inaugural Duppy Thursdays story:

My grandmother Fefita sits for la cena while my great-grandmother Maria Antonia cautions her on the caprices of obstetrics. Fefita is six months pregnant with her first child, my aunt Juana.

“The crying is horrible,” Doña Maria Antonia counsels her fresh-faced daughter-in-law, “but the silence is far worse.”

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