mythical shirt

celestialshekraken  asked:

Listen. I'm dying over here. If you can find me Link's Big Lebowski shirt and his Undertaker/Pallbearer shirt from "Will it Pasta?", I will name my firstborn after you. Please.

Hey there!! :) 

I’d managed to find Link’s Big Lebowski shirt a while ago, but it’s no longer available, and I wasn’t able to find it anywhere currently. :(

I was, however, able to find is Undertaker shirt! Just like everything that man wears, it’s from Urban Outfitters, but sold out. I found it on Ebay, though!


Let us know if we missed any! :)



Okay so I found gender bend stuff!!!! btw these are 100% not me…. I found them on google images… but anyways in the first one it is Marzia and Pewdiepie. The next one is anthony and ian. The third photo is of course Rhett and Link. And the last one from left to right is Phil, Pj, Chris, and Dan. I love Phil and the “sassy” face he’s pulling off, it’s perfect. I found rhett and link and I was all… MUST FIND MORE… so I did.