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Fact: Bisexual people have always been here, and not only that, but we have thrived. We have been poets, playwrights, rock stars, millionaires, artists, emperors, mythic heroes, activists, even revered as gods. 

(I’m not kidding! As one of example of each: Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Freddie Mercury, Angelina Jolie, Frida Kahlo, Alexander the Great, Hercules, Brenda Howard, Zeus.)

Car Boys is a lot of things. It’s a comedy show about two guys riffing on how goofed up robust physics engines can get. It’s an existential horror show about eldritch forces and unknowable geometry. It’s a mythic tragedy about two heroes who nobly sacrifice their spatial and temporal being to seal away a world-eating monster. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars doing fairly pedestrian stunts and exploratory driving. But above all else, Car Boys is a show about two boys building a story about the weird, messed-up stuff they make in a video game. A couple of friends in a car dealing with the huge, terrifying, hilarious messes they make; and the sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholy, always affecting beauty they leave in their wake.

where are all the men who are with us on this ‘patriarchy sucks’ stuff in the small, daily battles? a quick ‘hey, man, that’s not cool & here’s why…’ 

it’s not always about this dramatic being the hero & yanking a stranger off of someone in an alley when they’re being attacked, it’s the everyday little power struggles that you need to speak up against because we can’t always do it ourselves, we don’t always have the  fucking energy to do it ourselves, it’s 

every. fucking. day.

While we’re talking about Ulysses, because it’s that kind of night: we know he named himself after the Union general, not the mythical Greek hero, but did Caesar know that? Ulysses S. Grant was a Union general. Anyone as knowledgeable about history as Ulysses and Caesar must have known that the Union fought against slavery– the very foundation of the Legion.

I might be reading too much into things, but remember that Ulysses took his name before he found the Dam and learned of the NCR:

Long ago, I crossed the Colorado, the first among the Legion to see Hoover Dam in all its glory… an Old World wall, yet bridging two sides. And beyond it, a symbol of a two-headed Bear, an idea great enough to challenge Caesar himself.

So the speeches he gives about turning two flags into one couldn’t have been his original reason for choosing his name. And given what happened to Ulysses’ tribe… I can’t help seeing it as a quiet, covert act of rebellion.

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Do you really believe at this point that we'll ever get canon Bellarke?

Listen my friend. I didn’t believe in bellarke because of the heart eyes.

And I believed in bellarke even during season 3A when Clarke and Bellamy were on different sides and involved with different people.

I believe in Bellarke because it is in the narrative, because the story that is being told is how Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake grow to become the leaders that humanity needs to survive. And they become these leaders by uniting, not only the different peoples, but also their different leading styles, and the dark and light natures of their own souls.

This story is a archetypal story of heroes/lovers that unite in order to create a new world. There are conventions about the journey and what it all means, and far from deviating from this story, it’s actually going pretty clearly still along that path. It’s set in the apocalypse and produced by a company that does teen dramas with pretty people, so there are a lot of obstacles, both to the salvation of humanity and to getting the paired heroes together.

As for Clarke and Bellamy hooking up with other people? None of those characters have the narrative weight of the relationship that is still building between Clarke and Bellamy. All their encounters have been something for the moment, not for long term. Even L, who was the most important and meaningful to the storyline, not just as the commander, but also as Clarke’s shadow self, was still a character meant as a lesson for Clarke, so that our hero could grow as a leader and face her dark side. 

Sorry. I feel like people think this interpretation goes a little over board in the symbolism and woo woo, but it’s one of the ways people tell stories. Archetypes. Hero’s Journeys, Mythic Tales. This is one of those stories. Clarke and Bellamy play roles that are recognizable from these really old, really global stories. 

I’m not shipping. This is my analysis of what the show is about. When they made “from the ashes we will rise” their tagline for this season, it was confirmed. This is a mythic storyline. Clarke and Bellamy are mythic heroes. They’re going to get together because… well not only are they archetypes, but it’s also The CW, and the pretty leads are going to get together. 


“I was in sickbay doing drugs.”

Aran Maethor by @bellevox

“In imitating the exemplary acts of a god or of a mythic hero, or simply by recounting their adventures, the man of an archaic society detaches himself from profane time and magically re-enters the Great Time, the sacred time” - Myrcea Eliade

Disclaimer: © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The Hobbit/Thranduil trademarked to Middle-earth Enterprises and licensed to New Line Cinema. No profit is being made.

Say yes

Imagine Juice asking you to marry him even If you have a kid from a previous marriage. 

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Laurie’s dad was the love of your life. 

Of course, that’s why you married him, but it was also because your father screamed at you out of love so many times you started to confuse violence with kindness and love with beatings. You endured 3 years of domestic abuse and when Laurie was born you were not only afraid for your life but also hers, she grew up, as you could maintain her but it was after a long night shift of your husband working as a truck driver that he lost it with you once again with more vodka in his veins than actual blood. 

He nearly killed you. A neighbor heard your screaming and saw Laurie rush out of the back door, bare feet under the pouring rain and she called the police. When they arrived your husband was passed out on the living room with blood pouring out of his head, and you had your face beated to a pulp with a broken lamp cutting your hand open, but your kid wasn’t around for her to see it anymore. She was safe and the night and the cold was finally over for both of you. 

Eventually you moved back to your mother’s in Charming, carrying a three year old Laurie, and you established there, finally at peace. And you laughed again and you dance bare feet to old rockabilly songs along with your mother an four year old Laurie, and you baked with your father and you took long walks down main street and you were starting to become more like your old self. More like the before photo. 

The way Juan Carlos stepped into your life was as slow as it takes for a person to notice the seasons are changing. He met you on the last few days of your winter, and without noticing he pushed his hot breath on the closed afraid flowers, melting the ice and the snow, helping them bloom. He gave you spring, and decorated your walls with flowers. Blessings come in different packages, but you never imagined your real prince charming would be sporting a kutte and riding a Harley. You met him at the grocery store, while shopping for your mother. You had no job currently, struggling to get on your feet after what had happened, a clingy five year old on your arm, working these past few years in your fathers corner store. It was near Halloween, and the same your mother gave you a list for her special dinner he did every autumn, Laurie had special request for her costume that particular year. 

“Mommy, I’d like to be a zombie this year.” You laughed slightly at the odd request but Laurie wasn’t your typical girl, bending over to the side of the tomboy, much like yourself. 

“We need to get a few things for grandma first, sweetie.” You said looking over at the checked lists on your hand. Laurie puffed and nodded, grabbing the bottom of your skirt and walking next to you. You were too concentrated on the aisle you were on and the cans on your side that you didn’t noticed how you bumped on another car. You quickly lifted your gaze and gasped as the stranger in front of you cracked a smile and a quick laugh before apologizing constantly. 

“My God, I’m sorry.” You said holding Laurie’s hand. You had been around enough time for you to know about the Sons, and the shaved head in front of you was a part of them, he didn’t had a kutte on but you knew who he was with. 

“My bad…” He said bitting his bottom lip. You smiled back and were willing to go your own way when the sweet eyed man talked again. “I’m Juan.” Only then he noticed the small kid next to you, who smiled up at him. “My friend call me Juice.” 

Laurie cracked a laugh. “Juice!” She shouted. “I’m Laurie, and this is Mommy.”

“(Y/N)…” you corrected. “I’m (Y/N).” 

“New in town? I haven’t seen you around…” Juice said. “Neither of you.” 

“We just moved in from Arizona.” You said picking Laurie up and putting her in the car. You locked eyes. You both smiled, you both did small talk and continue your ways. Juice waved goodbye at your kid and gave you that crooked sweet smile that only meant ‘I hope to see you around’. 

And you did, actually. Charming was a small town, and everyone knew each other, you bumped into Juice a few more times and he even showed up at your father’s store, much to his dismay. I mean, he had never seen a Harley that close, and after a few more ‘incidental’ run into’s, you decided it was no coincidence. It was destiny.

You gave each other a chance. Every Thursday he will pick you up   at your work and you will both pick up Laurie for a triple ice cream date, after 8:00 PM you would drive home, drop Laurie with your Mom and her Thursday Reading Club and will bitch ride with Juice, laughing and screaming on the back of the bike as if you knew him your whole life. 6 months into the dating thing, you could call yourself his girlfriend. The relationship he had with Laurie amazed you as well. He was soft and delicate with her, he gave her presents, expensive presents you could never give her. He took care her whenever he could, and when you got a job at the local post office he would pick her up from school, drive her to your Mom then go back to the clubhouse, continue with his outlaw life, a life you were surprisingly okay with. Laurie were best friends and you were head over heels for the biker.

Deep down inside of you you knew you loved him. You knew you were falling, you knew you wanted it. You wanted soft kisses on your temple late at night, you wanted sunny mornings next to him and Laurie, you wanted to fix him break breakfast, you wanted for him to raise your kid. Laurie needed a father, and you needed a partner, and Juice could do both just fine. You were afraid of all your thoughts because you were afraid of loving again, only to get hurt. 

Friday Night. Juice to run a few club business in a few hours and he would be away for the weekend, so he insisted in fixing dinner for you and Laurie and then watch TV for an hour or so before he had to do the run. You were watching Hercules the three of you on the couch. He had his boots off, and you had your shoes off as well, his kutte was on the arm chair and he was sipping iced cold beer. By the time the mythical hero was defeating the Titans, Laurie was dead weight in between you two, sporting his old trusty Duck onesie. You sighed and rolled your eyes as Juice laughed in a whisper.

“I’ll get her.” You said getting up putting your pizza plate a side and carrying your daughter up to you guys shared bedroom. 

Your parents were out of town visiting your sister, and you heard Juice get up a few seconds after you, following you, turning the TV off. Slowly, you placed Laurie on the bed, hey eyes close as you covered with a blanket. You crossed your arms on top of your chest and turned around only to see Juice leaned on the door frame, watching Laurie sleep. You smiled at him and walked closer, wrapping your arms around his waist as he pulled you closer, placing a soft kiss to your forehead. “She was tired.” He commented.

“I thought she will never fall asleep. She had too much sugar.” You answered.  Juice nodded and suddenly remembered the tons of donuts he shared with the little girl. You smiled up at him and when he looked down…well, you felt it right there. Love. The real one, the one that doesn’t breaks your heart or your bones, the one who dismisses your fears, the one you never felt until you met him. His warm brown eyes as wide as the ocean as sweet as chocolate looked down at you as he placed in front of you, his calloused hurted hands each one on the side of your face as he leaned down and whispered in front of your plump lips.

“Marry me…” He kissed you after that, not letting you think, not letting you answer, injecting life into your system as well. And you saw white as he pulled back and smiled into your lips. 


“I want this…” He whispered nodding at Laurie’s direction. “I want all my Fridays to be like this. I want a woman waiting for me at our bed, I want a child to protect, I want this feeling inside my chest that everything will be alright as soon as I step into my home and kiss my wife and daughter…”

After all these years, marriage was still a word that set an alarm off in your brain. “I-I’m…” 

“I can handle it. I’ll go to PTA meetings, I’ll bake for the school bake off, I’ll braid hair, I’ll buy tampons, I’ll cook, I’ll take the trash. I can be tamed. I can protect you…I want you to be my old lady…” He caressed your cheek with his knuckles at the same time you looked down and held his wrists. “I want this, (Y/N)…” 

“Juice…I’m…” You gulped. “I’m not a very good wife…”

“The fuck with that.” He whispered. “You’re a great woman. You’re not only a wife, and If the asshole before me made you believe that, I’m sorry I didn’t arrived early…”

You were sorry as well. 

“Marry me, (Y/N). Say yes…” He insisted. You looked up at him, his wide eyes, his barely there mustache, bald head, dark clothes, cuts all over his body, the Reaper waiting in the living room. Yet you smiled, because he was everything you ever prayed for. 

True love at last. 

“Yes…” You whispered as you melted into his kiss. 

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gravedence science au??

ummm yes please, calling out @kamikazesoundsociety​ and @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal​ (honestly this is nothing more than a variation of the classic student/professor trope but in a really specific setting) ps it got out of hand somewhere around the meanwhile part I’ll write it properly… someday

  • Credence is really into science and he’s good at it, so his favourite professor, Newt Scamander, organizes a scholarship for him
  • Credence is sure he’ll be working with Mr. Scamander in the famous MACUSA-Lab; he’s surprised and scared (and kinda excited?) when on his first day he realizes he was assigned to help professor Graves
  • professor Graves is a living legend, someone close to a mythical hero in Credence’s mind, the first person to explain the mechanism behind vit. D effects cells god this is such an self-insert I’m so sorry and he’s so so much more handsome in person than on the photos Credence cut from newspapers when Ma wasn’t around
  • unfortunately, professor Graves doesn’t talk much - he’s so silent Credence freaks out all the time wondering if he did something wrong; he’s extra careful to follow all the rules - though he has to guess at least half of them - always leaving his workplace clean and remembering to bring new MTT-plates and order culture mediums when professor Graves forgets to do it
  • his situation at home is still shitty and on the days Ma uses the belt on his hands he tries to use bandages to hide his wounds; fortunately Mr. Graves never asks, apparently too occupied with more important things than his student’s well being
  • Mr. Graves is not sure what the fuck is happening with him, but suddenly he feels a need to buy a ton of new clothes, things the clerk calls hipster whatever it means, because all his things look like some 1997 tragedy
  • Seraphina teases him about it endlessly every time they share a meal in the cafeteria downstairs, wondering who can be the reason of her best friend’s sudden metamorphosis
  • and he knows, of course he knows who’s the reason - it’s the student Newt sent him, the shy, brilliant, beautiful creature that is now in his care
  • he’s at constant war with himself, because courting a student - an amazing student to say the least, the best he’s ever had under his wings - is against everything he believes in, but Credence makes him feel younger and better than he really is, especially when he dares to ask about his studies and listens to him so carefully Mr. Graves has no chance not to fall in love
  • the first time he sees the bondages he lets it slip; accidents happen, he thinks, even though Credence seems quieter than usually; but when it gets regular, he starts feeling uneasy - how many accidents can happen to one boy?
  • he tries do something about his feelings for the student without letting the boy know he feels anything; he gives Credence books, tough things to get through, but the boy doesn’t give up easily, asking him questions and even sharing ideas and Mr. Graves is so proud he thinks his heart may burst
  • one evening when they stay in the laboratory alone though everyone else went home already - the incubation drags on and on - Mr. Graves sees the blood; he’s afraid, of course he is - their work needs to be sterile - but it’s nothing compared to the terror he feels seeing Credence’s bare hands
  • it’s not easy to talk some sense into Credence; the boy declines his offers to call the police or the social assistance at least, it’s only when he proposes to take Credence in, to let him use the guest room in his own flat when the boy agrees, though this too doesn’t happen at once
  • entering Mr. Graves flat Credence thinks he must be dreaming; it must be the devil helping him, because who else would make Mr. Graves care for him? for once he sleeps soundly and when he wakes up Mr. Graves offers him coffee and toasts and Credence can’t stop smiling like a fool
  • it happens sometime during Credence’s third month with Mr. Graves, their first kiss; they argue - spending so much time with Mr. Graves Credence learns the man was much more passionate than he initially thought - none of them wanting to give the other the upper hand when it comes to scientific theories; it’s something about receptors and they almost yell reticulum - nucleus at each other until suddenly Mr. Graves gets so close Credence can count the wrinkles around his eyes as he makes an angry face and it simply happens; later, they argue who kissed who


  • I need to write a scene where Credence is sitting at the laminar chamber for the first time, getting ready to passage his cell cultures, but he has no idea how to do it and Mr. Graves tells him so blatantly Take it easy, pet and Credence thinks he may die of embarrassment before he realizes what Mr. Graves said was in fact Take the Easypet. Credence blushes so fiercely for the rest of the day Mr. Graves asks if he has a fever at least three times.
  • Sintea: Storeroom smut; when Credence finally gets his master’s thesis done and gets accepted for PhD studies and Mr. Graves feels he’s allowed - finally - to make a move on his brilliant colleague - no longer his student, thanks God - they can’t keep their hand off each other; truthfully, they barely make it to the storeroom and Mr. Graves loses at least two buttons in his labcoat on the way
Summon The Princess

@magnificentgoldenking || Starter

Mystical energy was summoned–gathered at the center of a bamboo thicket. A full moon glowed brightly overhead in the night sky. Kaguya felt the pull–the CALL. A master has sought her out and summoned her. Cherry blossoms suddenly flourished, petals fluttering with the breeze–circling past the summoner until a body began to manifest itself.

              Hands formed at first.. A shimmering robe (furisode) of a deep shade of red and white. A figure appeared, whole at last beneath the moonlight. Long midnight hair flowed down her spine, her dark lashes rose, fluttering once. Twice–taking in the scenery around her. She turned, scarlet irises settling on he who summoned her. In his hands, a familiar gown–no, her sash! Nearly transparent in appearance and shimmering with a life of its own ( The gift she’d gained from her mother–hand woven for her ) !

You.. Tell me your name–one who would presume to be my master.  She would not take anyone into her keeping– I commend you for finding my robe– ❞ An extraordinary feat alone. But what makes you suitable to be a master of one like I? What be your name? ❞ An elegant fan appeared in her palm, spreading just over her chin as she waited for his answer.    

“What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.”
             —   Robert E. Howard