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So why are hydras greens iconic and not Wurms? (This question comes from someone who adores Wurms and is pretty indifferent on hydras) I would think that there would be more design space in Wurms because they aren't all linked to the one mythical beast from Greek/roman mythology.

We tried Wurms as Green’s iconic but the audience didn’t take to them.

Alright hooligans, it’s been ages since I had my art requests open. I have 4 days off from work next week so maybe we should come up with something?

Older followers may remember, I’ve drawn Pokefusions, random animals and dogs of your choice before. What should be the theme this time? I’m thinking about mythical beasts, digimons/pokemons or just random animals part 2 or something. You can suggest other theme ideas too, I’m pretty much an open book! Only rules I’m able to think of are that I can’t draw humanoids or your own characters this time.

BUT YEAH I’m gonna leave this here so you can prepare yourselves for the upcoming art spam/have any opinions/theme suggestions to share! I’ll start drawing on Monday.

Can I voice my concern here?

For everyone who is suggesting ingredients for the Will It Hot Pocket, please, please, please suggest edible things. One of these days the guys are going to try to eat something inedible and it’s going to make them really sick. At least that’s my worry.

Name: Lamassu, Shedu, Alad
Area of Origin: Ancient Mesopotamian cultures

The Lamassu, or less commonly referred to as Shedu or Alad, were ancient Assyrian and Sumerian protective deities, depicted with the body of a bull or lion, eagle’s wings and a human head, usually male. They are celestial beings and were household protective spirits of the Babylonians, but were later associated as royal protectors, usually placed as sentinels at the entrances to palaces in the form of colossal sculptures. They may have influenced the look of Sphinxes and other chimeric creatures found in future civilizations. Recently, a large statue of one of these was found destroyed at a historical archeological site demolished by ISIS. 

Name: Krampus
Area or Origin: Germany

In contrast to Saint Nicholas who rewards well-behaved kids with gifts, The Krampus is a demonic figure that deals with those who aren’t so nice. Krampus are described as having dark hairy bodies, goat legs, hooves and pointed horns and oddly, a human foot on one leg. In many variations, their sharp pointed tongue may be sticking out, but not in all cases. They carry chains, thought to symbolize the binding of the Devil, and wield a bundle of birch branches to swat children with. They are also often seen with some sort of basket or tub on their back to carry off naughty children who’d promptly be eaten or punished in some way.

Name: Manticore, Martyaxwar, Martichora
Area of Origin: Persia

The Manticore or Martyaxwar (Man-Eater in Middle Persian) is a legendary beast, similar to a sphinx. The beast had the body of a lion, a human head with three rows of sharp teeth, akin to that of a shark, and the barbed tail of a scorpion. Some variations give it wings of some kind. It is also described as having a trumpet-like voice. The more common name, Manticore comes from the Greek translation of Martyaxwar as Martichora. Through false etymology, it was assumed that the name was a combination of ‘Man’ and 'Tiger’ and gradually morphed into what it is called today. 


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