Vivid Illustrations Depict Dynamic Scenes of Nature and East Asian Mythology

RLoN Wang: Website | Behance

Shenzhen, China-based artist RLoN Wang is back with more intricate illustrations that burst with color and life. Since we last shared his work a year ago, Wang has branched out from more understated portraits of animals to vibrant illustrations jam-packed with wild beasts, mythical creatures, and motifs from nature. Rendered in a style reminiscent of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Wang’s drawings incorporate rich imagery from East Asian folklore and art, including elaborately curled clouds, giant carp, and fierce Chinese guardian lions. Overflowing with meticulous details, dynamic line art, and vivid hues, each piece demands a second or third look in order to be appreciated fully. via: mymodernmet  



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in a world where the edges of the map have yet to be filled in, where mythical beasts haunt the deepest of waters and adventure lurks around every corner, a young pirate queen and her ragtag crew fight against oppression and the flourishing mutant slave trade.


  • RAVEN: the pirate queen, captain of the Hellfire, briefly a hostage
  • AZAZEL: husband of the pirate queen, first mate, unsuccessful hostage-keeper
  • ANGEL: crewmember, no-shit-taker
  • JANOS: crewmember, sly-joke-maker
  • ORORO: crewmember, storm-maker
  • KURT: son of the pirate queen, beloved by all
  • CHARLES: governor, brother of the pirate queen, a very busy man
  • ERIK: formerly of the King’s navy, ‘old friend’ of Charles
  • LOGAN: formerly of the King’s army, ‘old friend’ of Charles
  • EMMA: powerful ally of the pirate queen, a very busy woman
Cryptid vocabulary/ Vocabulaire des bêtes mythiques

Les noms/nouns

le bec: beak , pl. becs

l´aile (f): wing , pl. ailes

la griffe: claw,  pl. griffes

la serre: bird claw , pl. serres

la pince: pincer (crab claw) , pl. pinces

la mâchoire: jaw/ jaws , pl. mâchoires

les bois/la ramure: antlers

la corne: horn,  pl. cornes

la queue: tail, pl. queues

la plume: feather , pl. plumes

le sabot: hoof (horses/ goats) , pl. sabots

la fourrure: fur

l´écaille (f): scale (snakes/ fish) ,  pl. écailles

le tentacule: tentacle ,  pl. tentacules

la nageoire: fin (fish) , pl. nageoires

l´aileron (m): shark fin , pl. ailerons

l´épine (f):  spike (hedgehog) , pl. épines

le museau: muzzle , pl. museaux

le groin: pig snout ,  pl. groins

la carapace : shell (tortoise shell) , pl. carapaces

la crinière: mane (a lion´s mane) , pl. crinières

Les adjectifs/ adjectives

ailé (m), ailée (f) : winged

cornu (m), cornue (f): horned

poilu (m), poilue (f) : furry, hairy

emplumé/ plumeux (m), plumeuse (f): feathery

écailleux (m), écailleuse (f): scaly

Les verbes/verbs

cracher: to hiss (cat)

siffler: to hiss (snake)

griffer: to scratch

battre: to flap (wings)

The photo is from “The Resurrectionist: The Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black” by E. B. Hudspeth (Vocabulary also inspired by it)

Message me if there are errors/ Messagez-moi s´il y a des erreurs

You know you’re a Mythical Beast when:

• Clowns are terrifying.

• Sharks are terrifying.

• You always feel as if you need to complicate your coffee order.

• You cannot stand when toilet paper faces the wrONG WAY.

• You sing ‘I’m On Vacation” every time you see an airbrushed T-shirt.

• You giggle every time someone asks you to ‘send a Link’ 

• Just thinking about head cheese, liver or ghost peppers makes your shiver. 

• Roosters aren’t roosters, they’re Cockatrice

• You screech when you see a miniature horse. 

* Weekends are dead and lifeless. (Except for Podcasts on Saturdays)

• You feel passionately about bearded men.

• You feel passionately about men with glasses. 

• Morning time is the best part of your day. 

I Spy with My Critical Eye: Slaying Your First Draft Dragons

Writing a first draft requires a unique set of skills. All month, we’re asking authors to look back on their past first drafts… and the lessons they’ve learned from them. Today, Sarah Ockler, author of The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, shares how to slay your first draft:

There’s nothing quite like the euphoric haze of a new story idea. You know, the idea that keeps you up at night, that seeps into your dreams, that has you stopping in the middle of work or laundry or class to jot down a few notes. But once you decide to turn that idea into an actual novel, the real work begins: the first draft.

First drafts are tricksy. Writing them is a bit like encountering a sleeping dragon: one minute you’re discovering golden treasure, the next you’re getting flame-broiled by a mythical beast…

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My #CannibalCouture Entry: Fancy Masquerade Nightmare Stag

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I find the Nightmare Stag pretty relatable.  Wants to follow Will Graham around for all eternity?  Is a majestic mythical beast?  Pretty much died at the end of Mizumono?  Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. 

Since I don’t have access to a full stag suit (I know, right?  Fannibal game weak), I decided to go for what I thought a human version of the stag would look like, with a fancy, Venetian-inspired masquerade spin.  I must say, I had a total blast putting this together and wearing it around my backyard so I could scare the new neighbors!

(Special thanks to my super excellent boyfriend, Logan, for taking these beautiful pictures…and on our anniversary, to boot!  He’s the best!)  


HIYA MYTHICAL BEASTS and rhettandlink !!!

Had an awesome time going to Roller Kingdom (hitting the jackpot ticket wise!) and getting to see the Clown Motel IRL (it is even scarier in person when ya see it next to the cemetery!) 

LOTS of stuff made it real easy to make GMM/Mythical Show references on this trip, and our playlist was ALL RandL to start of our Commercial Kings inspired adventure! It was a blast!

For the photos/story from the first half of my Mythical Vacation click here (it only has one GMM reference, but some boss pics of Yosemite!)

Thraco-Macedonian Mystery Creature: The Man-Headed Goat

This is a unique and highly unusual tetradrachm struck circa 530-480 BC and is attributed to an uncertain Thraco-Macedonian tribe. It shows a man-headed goat on one side and a quadripartite incuse square on the other.

This coin represents a completely new, unpublished type in the Thraco-Macedonian coinage series. Doubtless belonging to this series, with a style reminiscent of the staters of the Orrescii or Mygdonii and the heads of satyrs on the archaic coinage of Thasos, it is unprecedented in that the creature has no arms, which is how man-headed creatures always appear in these issues. The iconography obviously represents some local mythic beast or deity whose identity is yet to be discovered.


A cover I did for “Wings of Renewal - A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology”! Check out info about it right here:

The future is vibrant, hopeful, and filled with dragons.
In WINGS OF RENEWAL, twenty-two authors explore the exciting new subgenre of solarpunk through the lens of these majestic creatures. Whether they irrigate dry terrain or serve as spaceships, are mythic beasts come to life or biomechanical creations of man, these dragons show us a world where renewable energy overcomes gas and oil, and cooperation replaces competition.

It was super fun to make and it did nothing to curb my ever growing plant dragon obsession. You can also take a look at a super big picture version here

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