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Dickard, I'm a little scared for Skull Island. I want it to succeed, but that trailer showed next to no monsters in it. Sure Sam Jackson and Goodman are cool, but I believe were were promised, and I quote, "strange creatures-mythic beasts". Any words of encouragement? Cause we could need them about now.

why would you show everything you got in the very first trailer to be released for a movie that comes out next year

Michael Maier - Salamander (The Hieroglyph of Fire), “Atalanta Fugiens”, 1617.

The salamander is an amphibian of the order Urodela which, as with many real creatures, often has been ascribed fantastic and sometimes occult qualities by pre-modern authors (as in the allegorical descriptions of animals in medieval bestiaries) not possessed by the real organism. The legendary salamander is often depicted as a typical salamander in shape, with a lizard-like form, but is usually ascribed an affinity with fire, sometimes specifically elemental fire.

“The hieroglyph of Fire, the Salamander is the symbol, at once, of Sulphur and of the Secret Fire. The Secret Fire, hidden under a saline aspect, is indispensible so that the prepared Matter, or Subject of the Philosophers, may fulfill its calling as a mother. Each form of generation seeks the aid of the proper agent. As animals are born of a fecundated egg, and vegetables from a seed that has been made prolific, so minerals and metals have their origin in a Seed, a metallic liquor, fertilised by the mineral Fire. The spiritual Secret Fire, corporified as a Salt, is the hidden Sulphur which is the Philosophick Tincture, and which fixes all flying Spirits.”

Once upon a time… 

I could read all the Rhink fanfiction as it was written and have time to read through all the ones that were posted before I got here.

I could scroll to where I left off in my dash even if I was gone for over 24 hours.

I didn’t have all you beauties and never imagined I would.

GMM Wheel Endings

Season 1:

Episode 1- Rhett impersonates Link

Episode 2- Rhett and Link howl like wolves

Episode 3- Half time speech from Rhett 

episode 4- Shout out to Monaco 

episode 5- Rhett slap Link 

episode 6- Link calls his nana 

episode 7- none 

episode 8- Rhett beat box Link dance 

episode 9- Rhett and Link eat their own hair

episode 10- Rhett frogs Link 

episode 11- Improve ending song 

episode 12- Red face

episode 13- Rhett and Link act like cow boys 

episode 14- Link interviews Rhett for a job 

episode 15- Link frog Rhett

episode 16- Rhett leaves angry 

episode 17- Rhett thanks Teresa for watching in a radio voice 

episode 18- Zero gravity 

episode 19- Alternating words 

episode 20- Shout out to librarians 

episode 21- Link messes up Rhett’s hair 

episode 22- Hypnotist Link 

episode 23- Evil laughs 

episode 24- Rhett is hard of hearing 

episode 25- Rhett ventriloquist Link  

episode 26- Motivational speech

episode 27- Interpretive dance (Rhett)

episode 28- Tell kids to do homework and chores 

episode 29- Rhett old man lawn speech

episode 30- Link slaps Rhett

episode 31- Award show acceptance speech 

episode 32- Induce laugh attack with each other

episode 33- Motivational speech 2

episode 34- Link dies

episode 35- Rhett and link are cowboys (again)

episode 36- Sports caster ending 

episode 37- Link tells Rhett a bed time story 

episode 38- Ship wrecked on a dessert island 

episode 39- Rhett dies

episode 40- Teacher and student 

episode 41- Link leaves sad

episode 42- Rhett apologize to Link in advance for something

episode 43- Interpretive dance (Link)

episode 44- Link impersonates Rhett

episode 45- Silent movie 

episode 46- Only ask questions 

episode 47- Famous actor and fan

episode 48- Switch places

episode 49- Slow motion fight

episode 50- Rhett is Gandalf and Link is Frodo

episode 51- High note low note

episode 52- Link is a zombie

episode 53- Hero’s goodbye from Link

episode 54- Sad face happy ending

episode 55- Sign off as sock puppets 

episode 56- Rhett from the future has no time to explain

episode 57- Sing a Beatles song while holding each others noses

episode 58- Link throws a temper tantrum 

episode 59- Presidential debate 

episode 60- Link falls asleep

episode 61- Awkward silence

episode 62- Arm wrestle 

episode 63- Police interrogation 

episode 64- Everything is fascinating 

episode 65- Link is James Bond Rhett is a villain 

episode 66- Trapped

episode 67- Rhett gives birth to a baby hippo

episode 68- Meet Jason 

episode 69- Thumb wrestle

episode 70- News reporter 

episode 71- Call 911 (Not really)

episode 72- Voice mail greeting 

episode 73- Blooper reel

episode 74- Rhett does I’m dead move on Link

episode 75- Rhett gives link a fatherly lecture 

episode 76- 7th grade English teacher shout out

episode 77- Gibberish translator 

episode 78- Telepathic ending 

episode 79- Link preforms brain surgery 

episode 80- Link smells awful 

episode 81- Rhett and link at the club

episode 82- Breath holding contest

episode 83- Out compliment each other

episode 84- Rhett and Link quit

episode 85- Interpretive dance (Rhett)

episode 86- uncomfortable close up 

episode 87- Speech to warriors 

episode 88- Explaining eating 

episode 89- Shout out to the principality of sea land 

episode 90- Knights fighting a dragon

episode 91- summiting mount Everest 

episode 92- Link is Godzilla

episode 93- Rhett shrinks and Link grows

episode 94- Dramatic death scene

episode 95- Trip to the barber 

episode 96- Link does I’m dead move on Rhett

episode 97- Your in my plane seat

episode 98- Prepare to fight the death star

episode 99- Forgetting their still recording

episode 100- Meet Links imaginary friend

episode 101- Cellmates

episode 102- The floor is lava

episode 103- Rhett defends himself from a black bear 

episode 104- Rhett is caught in quicksand

episode 105- Old west gun fight 

episode 106- Power outage

episode 107- Rhett gives motivational speech to Links Adams apple 

episode 108- Controlling the audience 

episode 109- Show the audience your tattoos

episode 110- Riding a roller coaster 

episode 111- Cheerleaders for the worlds worst team

episode 112- Link gets amnesia 

episode 113- Motorcyclist terrorizing a small town

episode 114- Pose for a family portrait 

episode 115- Two news reporters in a hurricane 

episode 116- Speak like Yoda

episode 117- Shout out to Uruguay

episode 118- Teen with headphones Link old man

episode 119- Dance like your inside the dope zebra

episode 120- Become Siamese twins 

episode 121- Plot to kill the camera man

episode 122- Turn into mimes 

episode 123- Sarcastic ending 

episode 124- Long lost relatives 

episode 125- End the show at the back of the room

episode 126- Striking gold

episode 127- North Carolina representatives ratify and sign the declaration of    independence  

episode 128- Backwards ABC slap hands 

episode 129- None

why some ideas are left abandoned

when i was 15, i started working on a webcomic.

[excuse the shitty old artwork]

The story was about a traveler, an ex-bounty hunter, and a runaway princess who join forces to track down these mysterious (and possibly delicious) mythical beasts.

It was a story of magic, mystery, and friendship.

And after all of that…

After what was going to be several chapters of buildup…

They find the mythical beasts that brought them together.

And they look like this:

I’m serious.

That’s what the creatures looked like.

It was all played straight too.

So next time you think “Aww, I feel bad that I didn’t stick with that project I started 4-5 years ago…”

Just remember


Sarabi at the Maker Faire. 

Puppeted by Ashley Bilke, Accompanied by friend Patricia, video by Mark Leaver. 

Thanks again for everyone who came out to the gallery/badass live music show,!!! Now that i took a little break, i can show many work that have been sold and many that are still available.

If interested in any pieces or have any questions. just message me.


8 ½ x 16 , acrylic ink, pen on cardboard

One of my favorite dragons i’ve designed so far. Its a big ol black beard dragon. Could be a mighty thunder god. The white really helps bring out all the little details


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