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Hello IRIS, do you have an opinion on the concept of Fandoms?

Hello mythic-swirl !!

The only listing in the database containing a phrase similar to “the concept of Fandoms?”  is Furry Fandom.The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Does this help?



Mythic Swirl specializes in one thing and one thing only. Inescapable Illusions. His ability of deception through these mystic arts are strong enough to fool even talented psychics and supernatural creatures. Theorhetically, he could make someone believe they are drowning or burning enough to actually kill them, but the Passive Illusionist only uses his powers to capture and distract, never to harm. Still, he is a boon to the Heroes, and one they turn to regularly for his skill set.

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A matter of opinion

The regal alicorn walked calmly along the hall the party was being held in, exchanging nods and small pleasantries with the guests. Finally, she made her way to a slightly dimmer and out of the way corner from where her Consort was observing the ongoing events.

Even after all these years he still prefers to stay away from the spotlight, Nightmare thought as she directed a soft smile at him. And while I find his humility rather appealing, I can’t help but feel he doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves.

“It’s good to see you decided to join us in person, dear,” she said aloud as she approached Mythic. “Enjoying the show so far?”

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Todays episode was good, but it felt like a rehash of pretty much one of the first things Rainbow Dash ever does in the series, specifically the 2nd episode. Though it is good to see she chooses Loyalty when it isn't a case where all of Equestria is dangerous.

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You know, if Applejack wanted Pinkie to see the best of the Apple family, road trip was a bad idea, few families do well on road trips/travel.

That’s not always true, though!

Me, my dad, and my semi-adopted brother went on a two month road trip through Europe and the worst argument we had was about whether stopping for pizza in Romania was worth the risk (spoilers: it wasn’t, we were shitting all night)

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I don't think those 2 other pony's sitting by Blueblood were in Oriental style, they seemed to have styling indications of southeast Asia or perhaps South America if you go by the colors mixed with the imagry, though the stallion did have the pharaoh beard of the Ancient Egyptians, strange.

Well they are magical pastel horses, so I guess some ponifications could have gotten mixed in regards to culture stuff? Overthinking, ho!