mythic ladies


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Emer with Emmy Rossum

Of all the young girls of Ireland, she was the one Cuchulain thought worth courting; for she had the six gifts–the gift of beauty, the gift of voice, the gift of sweet speech, the gift of needlework, the gift of wisdom, the gift of chastity. And Cuchulain had said that no woman should marry him but one that was his equal in age, in appearance, and in race, in skill and handiness.


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Nessa with Michelle Langstone

Raised and loved by twelve foster fathers, Nessa was happy until a band of fianna led by the druid Cathbad arrived in their village and each of those fathers was slaughtered. When she returned to find them dead, Nessa took up weapons and gathered her own fianna to go in search of the murderers. None would admit to the crime and so Nessa and her band laid whole tribes to waste in their search.

During this time of blood and fighting, Nessa went off to bathe by herself and was caught by Cathbad who demanded she become his wife. Nessa had no choice but to agree, but she showed little faithfulness to him, even taking the High King of Ireland as her lover.

But to Cathbad she bears Conchobar, and by the time the boy is seven the king of Ulster has fallen madly in love with her. She agrees to be his on one condition: that he let Conchobar rule for a year so that his own sons may call themselves the sons of a king. He thinks it a fair deal and that Conchobar will be king in nothing but name, but Nessa is clever and crafty and by following her advice, Conchobar becomes so beloved that by the end of the year the Ulstermen refuse to take their old king back.


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Anput with Sigail Currie

Anubis is not her brother, they share no blood, but from birth Anput knew he was her twin soul. Their eventual marriage came as a surprise to no one - they had always been destined, and their union was one of warmth and respect. Her hands, just like his, smelled always of embalming oils, rough from long hours of work, and when their daughter was born, they taught the toddling child the family business right from the start.


“I was in sickbay doing drugs.”


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Poliahu with Daniela de Jesus Cosio

Poliahu is the icy goddess who lives at the peak of Mauna Kea, where she clothes herself in a kapa made of beaten snow in the winter, and one of beaten sunshine in the summer. All of Mauna Kea belongs to her, and it is her kapa cast across that brings each season’s colour.

(She will tell you, if you ask, that the summit of Mauna Loa belongs to her as well, but there are constant arguments between Poliahu and fiery rival Pele over the true ownership.)

Adored and pursued by many a hero, Poliahu always tires of their silly ways and returns to her mountain in the end. There she lives with her three younger sisters and the four of them tend the sacred pond Waiau together.


skipped right over “how’s your wife” and went for “madam.”


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Al-Uzza with Caroline Ribeiro

Youngest daughter of Allah, Sa'ida ‘Uzza, the great huntress of desert wilds. Lady of Mecca with her shrine on the road east, beneath the three sacred acacias. Here (and upon her holy name) swear each of your oaths in turn. Highest, most exalted, mighty goddess of the evening star. Sea-faring queen, guide across treacherous oceans. Lion-taming wildfire, victory of war with a thousand names.