i love the mythbusters they’re like those weird uncles that you only see occasionally at big family reunions and every time you see them they’re like, “hey kid, wanna see what happens when we light a bee hive full of jalapeños and grenades on fire and shoot it?” and you’re like “uncle adam no” but it’s too late and there go your mother’s hydrangeas 

Reasons the first Mythbusters episode is great:

-shoddy camera work bc they only had one or two cameras
-they decide to strap a JATO rocket to a Chevy Impala
-they call the actual Air Force and ask “hey can we have a JATO rocket” and because this is episode 1 the response they get is “… Why???? and who are you????”
-the dirt-cheap used car they buy (to strap a rocket to, of course) breaks down as they’re trying to drive it back to the warehouse, and they have to call triple A to pick them up
-the random urban legends lady who pops in, talks about cars being sex symbols for some reason and is never mentioned again afterwards
-the Air Force people call them back, twice, just to make extra sure they know that of course they absolutely can’t have a JATO rocket for their nutso project, who even are they anyways
-so they weld on three amateur rockets instead as an approximate equivalent
-Adam welding inside the car and keeps accidentally setting the car on fire
-because you can’t safely be inside an amateur-made rocket-powered car, they decide to remote control it
-that’s right
-rocket-powered, life sized RC car. these men are living the dream
-Adam: ‘this is so exciting, I’m going to have to have a grin-ectomy’
-Jamie (yes, JAMIE) giggling wildly when it actually WORKS, somehow
-and then as an encore they disprove the myth that you can pop your stomach by drinking soda while eating pop rocks by mounting a pig’s stomach inside of a plastic skeleton and force-feeding the stomach massive amounts of soda
-I just really love the Mythbusters what a show


Mythbusters Physics: Relative Velocity

The Mythbusters tested what would happen if a ball was shot at 60 mph off the back of a truck travelling at 60 mph to see what would happen.

It became a perfect example of the relative nature of physics - showing that velocity can vectorially add together. 60 mph in one direction cancels the 60 mph in the other, meaning a net velocity of zero.

Humans: Space Mythbusters

I was watching the last episode ever of Mythbusters today, and I randomly remembered all those “humans are weird” posts I’ve been near-obsessively reading.

So imagine aliens being exposed to the very show itself? I mean humans technically count as “space mythbusters” already (thing doesn’t work? Duct tape. Also we’re always asking ourselves “what if I do this, will that happen?” And trying flat out foolish ideas just because. Things usuallymight blow up when we’re around.) So imagine if aliens, slowly familiarizing themselves with human culture and entertainment came across Mythbusters- a crew of humans literally attaching rockets to a car just to see if it will fly and how fast, blowing cement trucks (and anything else they can get their hands on) up, fooling around with guns, wakeboarding behind a cruiser, messing with gravity by dropping things like human replicas (they call it “Buster”, and someone explained it is a crash test dummy) and elevators down from huge heights, and making ordinary everyday items lethal (usually by the means of Jamie Hyneman building a gun to shoot them as bullets), splitting boats in half, building an actual bridge out of duct tape, etc. All for the sake of science and entertainment.

I imagine they would be so terrified to find out that THIS is essentially what the “for science” exclamation when doing something dangerous, foolish, or lethal (or all of the above,) means to humans.

Feel free to add more.