hi friends! so I’m sure you all have heard about the really awful hate comedian and actress leslie jones has been getting lately, and how her website was recently hacked and how nude pictures of her were released. this is so, so awful. she doesn’t deserve this at all, she’s such a wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, hilarious woman. so I was thinking, we should do something for her. her birthday is coming up soon (sept. 7 - it’s actually the most recent thing she tweeted about), and I want to show her we care and that we don’t all think like these awful people do. it could be an online thing, or even in person, as I am moving to nyc this weekend, so we’d be living in the same city. please message me if you would be interested in helping me out with this project, I really want to show leslie j we care. it’d be great if you could reblog this post too, just to get the word out!

so i hate to be Pretenious but it’s really annoying me that people are just /now/ falling in love with kate mckinnon and leslie jones even tho they’ve been on snl for years now for literally EVERY saturday ??? youve guys have missed out on how funny they are for years and how real they are. idk im bitter because more people should watch snl to appreciate how hard the cast works