Leslie’s first promos!


Who make s a more convincing Thor, Saturday Night Live cast member Kate Mckinnon or Chris Hemsworth? Watch.


Also can we talk about how fucking RAW this is? Like I was probably a little more lukewarm on the first wave of alabama shakes fever a couple years ago than I should’ve been. I got that they were talented but sometimes I buck against music that sounds a little too perfect a fit for All Songs Considered without giving it proper attention just because I feel like I’m being pandered to or that it’s “safe” or whatever.

But holy shit!!! The power! The control! The shades of meaning in such straightforward lyrics entirely through performance! The way that this band completely transcended SNL’s notoriously shitty sound for live bands! The way that I can’t NOT tear up when Brittany Howard TEARS INTO that chorus! Jeezlepeets! THIS IS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE FOR REAL.