EGOIST [Guilty Crown]

Oh wild flower,
ah…could you please tell me
why people hurt each other
and fight each other?

Oh dignified flower,
what can you see from there?
And why can’t people
forgive each other?

In a summer with much rain
blue was substituted.
Becoming one,
it faintly wavered
in front of me
without saying a word.

What do you feel
towards a dying friend?
How much love can those wordless leaves

The summer sun gets clouded,
the wind was swayed by it.
Joining them together,
I will sing
the proof of life
for those nameless ones.

good night but one more thing

oh dio and your hottnesssss i get burrrrrneddddddddddddd
dat fire burrrnn fire burrrrnn (anyone get that reference?? any zea fans??) 

I was drawing him today (it failed i wont show it to anyone) and realized i would srsly think about how dio’s dick would look like ok im szorry im not sorry babaaaai