new group chat 🤑

i’ve decided to make a new gc on groupme (if you don’t have it it’s easy to get) so if you’re interested reblog this!!! to be considered you have to be:

-following me


-able to take a joke but not be rude or negative


i’ll pick people quite soon :-)

hello all! so i’ve been meaning to make a new group chat for a while and I was talking to the current gc and we all wanna make one that’s positive given all the things that have been happening so yeah :-)

Rules (I guess)

  • follow the squaaaad (Julia, Parker, Darby, Greta, and I
  • MUST BE PRO 1D AND ALSO PRO ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • must be pro “all ships” (aka you don’t have to ship it but respect it and don’t be nasty about it in the GC)
  • have iMessage
  • basically, don’t be an asshole
  • please be active :)

Idk how many people were gonna add yet but we will be choosing a week from today and if you have any questions please message one of us!

This is a nice opportunity to make some friends and talk about 1d and zayn or just about anything in general, so yesss reblog if you’re interested! :)

im making a groupchat where we can talk about literally everything (1d, crushes, fashion, louis, etc.) !!! 🌹⭐️ DRAMA FREE


  • reblog this (likes are only for bookmarks)
  • fill this out please :)
  • you must have your ask box open so i can contact you if i want to add you to the groupchat!
  • you just gotta be nice and you’re basically 86% on your way of getting in!


  • new friends and mutuals!!
  • people to reblog your posts (edits, shitposts, selfies, etc.)
  • its fun and it can be like a little sleepover lol :’)

i’ll be choosing around 10-15 people on January 30 6:00PM pacific time !! feel free to ask any questions that you have <3