myth's boyfriend

Mountain Lodge Candle aka The Boyfriend Candle

So a few weeks ago, I saw a post on Tumblr praising how AMAZING the Yankee Candle “Mountain Lodge” Candle smells like exactly what you’d think “insert sexy famous dude” here would smell like. Like people are making Chris Evans stickers for the outside of these candles. (Seriously, check out the Tumblr tag.)  I thought this was hilarious and of course ordered one out of pure curiosity. There’s no way this thing smells like the essence of “hot boyfriend”. 


I need a boyfriend like...
  • Ichthys: That would make me laugh every time, no matter what.
  • Huedhaut: That would give everything, even your proper life, to protect me, and make me happy.
  • Leon: That would be fierce, powerful, but above everything, would love me.
  • Dui: That would say the cutest and lovely things of the world, just to see me blush and smile
  • Scorpio: That would have a mysterious side, would be sexy and would make me feel the most desired woman of the world.
  • Teorus: That would treat me like a princess and would make of my life a fairy tale
And so it was that, while beneath the earth
I glided in my Stygian stream, I saw,
Myself with my own eyes, your Proserpine.
Her looks were sad, and fear still in her eyes;
And yet a queen, and yet of that dark land
Empress, and yet with power and majesty
The consort of the sovereign lord of Hell.โ€™
—  Ovid, Metamorphoses

I have it. The myth; the legend; the boyfriend candle. I don’t normally like woodsy scents, but, ohhhhhh, this is good. I smell this and I picture bearded Chris Evans in a white Henley and tight jeans as he chops wood for the fireplace of our rustic mountain lodge. We then spend the evening in front of said fireplace, snuggled together on a leather sofa. *happy sigh*