myth redo

i. My sweetest friend

They were pressed nose to nose
In the dark. Two halves of one soul.
She leaned over and whispered
Her secrets between his lips.

“I was loved by a God today.
He came into his temple,
And took me.
Wreathed me in his laurels,
His lips tasted like the sun.
Helenus, Helenus,
I am in love.”

ii. What have I become?

She cried softly into the hollow
Of his throat. His fingers brushed her
Cheeks, and he whispered his
Comfort into her ear.

“My dearest sister,
You were loved by a God,
And the gift he has given you,
Has been used against you.
How I would kill him for hurting you?
Cassandra, Cassandra,
Teach me, and I will be your tongue,
I will be the truth.”

iii. Everyone I know goes away, in the end

Their fingertips brushed together,
Troy was burning, the city a funeral pyre,
And they knew they would never see
Each other again.

“Helenus, Helenus,
My brother, twin, half of me,
Will you live? Will you live?
I cannot see you in my vision,
I am scared.
If I die, let me die, so that I
May see you again.
Brother, I love you!”

“Cassandra, Cassandra,
My sister, twin, half of me,
Will you die? Will you die?
I cannot feel you in the dark,
I am scared.
If you go, let me follow, so that I
May be with you always.
Sister, I love you!”

—  Hurt by Johnny Cash, a Song for Cassandra and Helenus [a.m.b]