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Last Movie You Watched: MOANA :D
Last Song You Listened To: …what ever the hell was playing on the radio in my car when I went out to get food…but it was a country station so I can at least tell you that????
Top 3 Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Fullmetal Alchmist  and I’m going to add Gundam Wing because yeah, it impacted me a lot when I was 13-14 years old (those were some tough years)
Top 3 Shows: Ghost Adventures, Bones, Myth Busters (YES I AM A NERD)
Top Three Favourite Characters:(I WILL NAME AS MANY AS I WANT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!) Seto Kaiba(Yugioh), Oz Vessalius(Pandora Hearts), Chieri Sono(AKB0048) Shinichi Kudo(DC/CC), Edward Elric (FMA) And ALL THE CHARACTERS IN GUNDAM WING EXCEPT I WILL HANG RELENA BECAUSE OF REASONS
Top Three Ships: Rivalshipping(YGO), OzXGil(PH), OzXAlice(PH) QuatreXTrowa(GW), Sally Wufei(GW[YES I SHIP IT]) EdXWinry(FMA) CAN I SAY STARCAKESHIPPING BECAUSE I LOVE THIS SHIP???

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MythBusters create the Mona Lisa in .008 seconds.

Using 1000s of pounds of aluminium and steel, a mile of high-pressure air hose, hundreds of pounds of compressed air and 1,100 specifically-addressed paintballs (+1,100 barrels), MythBusters created the Mona Lisa in 0.008 seconds flat.

The perfect juxtaposition between art and science.

Dream job, much?


Next on Myth Busters! The boys try to disprove the theory that if you realize you are in a trapped hallucinogenic mind scape, you can simply escape if you realize it.
  • Adam: you see this all the time in movies, once neo realizes there is a matrix, or professor X realizes he is an illusion, they just get to fight there way out! So today, I'll be putting Jamie into a sensory deprivation chamber, feeding him a controlled amount of LSD, and we'll see if he can realize that he's trapped in the chamber and can break free from the world I'll be constructing through light flashes and narration.
  • Jamie: it's a pretty classic set up, so I think I can pry my consciousness away from whatever nonsense world he tries to build.
  • Narrator: and for proper scientific procedure, we'll be giving the same treatment to Grant and Tory. Grant will be given a utopic fantasy world, Tory will get a tormenting hellscape, and Jamie will be given a realistic world.
  • Tory: I really need to look at my contract again after this one
  • *laugh track*
TV Shows
  • Aries: Futurama
  • Taurus: Parks and Recreation
  • Gemini: Sense8
  • Cancer: Oitnb
  • Leo: Myth Busters
  • Virgo: The X-files
  • Libra: Chuck
  • Scorpio: The Walking Dead
  • Sagittarius: The Simpsons
  • Capricorn: Bob's Burgers
  • Aquarius: Skins
  • Pisces: Bates Motel

More Leidenfrost Effect: Dipping your hand in Molten Lead


One of the GIFs above is of a super-heated steel ball being lowered into cool water. The sheer heat of the red-hot steel ball causes the water that it touches to immediately turn to water vapour, even under the surface of the water. This little atmosphere of steam that forms around the red-hot ball actually insulates it. As steam (water vapour)  is a gas, it conducts heat less effectively than a liquid or a solid. This means that the steel ball will not decrease in  temperature by a significant amount for some time, insulated by water vapour.

The hand being dipped in to the molten lead above has previously been dipped in cold water. When the hand is quickly dipped into the lead, the Leidenfrost Effect begins. The molten lead never gets in contact with the fingers, despite the hand being immersed in it (and you can see his hand coming out of the lead clean). The cold water on the hand begins to boil and turn into water vapour, insulating the hand from horrible burns. You can see the extent of the insulation on the heat-sensing camera on the bottom GIF: the fingers remain blue and cool surrounded by the hot molten lead. The trick is in the speed though… the thin layer of water vapour will only insulate the hand for so long before a disaster ensues… 

Another CoolScienceGifs post on the Leidenfrost Effect HERE


Yes- these Gifs are courtesy of the Myth Busters! :)