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ChestHair predicts

As I gaze into Killian’s beautiful matt of raven haven and become entranced by the gloriousness, I begin to piece together information and visualise the future (very badly)…..

Regina and Emma will be in the mirror land longer than one episode:

It would explain the spoilers of filming by the ‘Snowing proposal’ lake with Regina in Storybrooke clothing, JMo also on set, and Rumple and Robin in FTL clothing. 

The episode after next Sunday’s is called ‘Changeling’. The myth of a baby being taken and replaced with a fairy baby - although I doubt this is going to be about babies and more about people. Possibly Robin being a different Robin or something similar.

The episode after Changeling is called ‘Wish you were here’. This could be the episode where they finally get back, bringing Robin and Morpheus along with them somehow… leading to the fight in 6x10.

I think there will be a mirror Emma:

We’ve seen the image of Emma in a fairytale bed asleep… her hair seems curlier than regular Emma and my guess is that this is the Emma that would have grown up as a princess possibly. 

There was also filming with Killian, August and Emma that no one was allowed to take pictures of…. 

Could Storybrooke Emma plan to pose as Princess Emma? (would also fall under the whole changeling thing) 

My Captain Swan senses tell me they may just end up meeting and falling in love for the 3rd time if they don’t know each other…. And if mirror Captain Swan aren’t already eloped in some way - who knows? The ChestHair crystal ball is uncertain on this.

The ball is becoming hazy… my furry paradise is fading… i’ve lost contact. I’m sorry, this is all I could piece together… for now.

**The ChestHair predicts is purely for entertainment purposes only and not designed to predict the actual future. No profit was gained during the making of this article. Subject to availability. Batteries not included. Terms & conditions apply.**

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