inspired by my “Ratchet worked as a pin-up bot to pay for med school and now everyone knows because of Smokescreen vintage porn collection”-headcanon

Smokescreen is wondering if there were any consequences from his questionable job, as in if Ratchet got into any trouble in the academic circles because of it XD

so darklordofcutlets and I talked about silly cracktastic ideas again and we came to the conclusion that if Pharma and Tarn multiplied (oh the horror) it would be more convenient for Tarn to be the “mommy”, because in worst case scenario there would be a small army of Tarn-sized bitlets and Pharma would be struggling to lift even one. So yeah have Pharma with a random robobaby.

Drabble - Tarn/Pharma part VI

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Tarn had lurked in the shadows by Pharma ever since he got there. The sparklings were chirring in their sleep in Pharma’s berth but from time to time they would demand to be held by their newly found sire. They called to him with a special chirp. He even dared to pick them up on his own when they began.

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DUN DUN DUUUUNNN someone made the mistake of mentioning Transformers OCs.

Behold! It’s a grown-up member of the Tiny Battallion!

This is Koma, and no he doesn’t look like he has a tank alt does he? That’s because I still need to figure out how to integrate the treads to his frame. I thought that maybe if I draw an initial design after Pharma’s frame and then add the tank features they wouldn’t be so overpowering and he’s be a bit more distinctive from his brothers?