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Trigger warnings for Jessica Jones


Remember when Marvel’s Daredevil came out and there were all these posts warning that it was much more adult themed than other Marvel media before it? There needs to be the same sort of warning for Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

So here are some things (without giving too much away about plot) to look out for:

  1. Firstly, there’s a huge rape trigger warning. The entire show is about Jessica overcoming the trauma of her rape and defeating her rapist. So it’s not like you can close your eyes for 15 minutes during a single episode. Every episode is about it, so if you are very triggered by the discussion of rape or seeing someone suffer PTSD then this show is absolutely not for you. I do want to add that even though this show is about Jessica facing her rapist, similar to the style of Mad Mad: Fury Road we never see the actual act of rape. It is talked about deeply, and we see the emotional and psychological effects of the rape in not only Jessica, but other characters who experience Kilgrave. But you never have to see Kilgrave have sex with anyone.
  2. Much like Daredevil, Jessica Jones shows lots of blood and gore. In my opinion, no violence in JJ was worse than Fisk smashing the car door on the Russian brother in DD, but they do show things like severed limbs and people trying to shove arms down sink garbage disposals.
  3. Because of the nature of Kilgrave’s powers, there is a lot of suicide or attempted suicide.
  4. There are scenes of child abuse and forced purging.
  5. Jessica Jones is the first MCU show or movie to show heavy and explicit sex.
  6. There is drug and alcohol abuse. Jessica Jones is an alcoholic and drinks heavily in every episode. Her neighbor is a drug addict.
  7. There is self harm, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, manipulation, and depression.
  8. There is gaslighting on Kilgrave’s part.
  9. There is PTSD with flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety attacks.
  10. There is a pregnancy as result of rape.
  11. There is an attempted abortion that is pretty hard to watch. The character pays someone to beat them into miscarriage. The second and final attempt is easier to watch because she just takes a pill.
  12. There is victim blaming.
  13. There is a fatphobic comment in episode one.
  14. There is no animal abuse and no animals die.
  15. There is no child sexual abuse. But there is a joke about a “pedophile van”.
  16. There is no nudity.

some notes I took while I was watching the livestream of men’s volleyball in the olympics:

  • they really do put their hands behind their heads when their teammate serves
  • everyone is basically an oikawa when they serve
  • they even have spectators cheering “ole” whenever they serve
  • I naively thought that their jerseys would have consecutive numbers on them (1 to however many)
  • but sleeveless jerseys are pretty great
  • some blockers have their fingers spread out, and all I can think about is kuroo telling tsukki to ‘concentrate the power in his fingertips’
  • there are no annoying owls to shut up though
  • I half-expected a dramatic pause while they were switching players ala suga-and-kageyama style
  • I have the urge to say, “don’t mind, don’t mind” whenever a team loses a point
  • I feel just as sad for the losing team as I am happy for the winning team, and I have haikyuu to thank for that

Obviously I’m not a Clexa shipper but I stand with them because JR so clearly dragged them along and baited them this whole season and gave them false promises all the while knowing he was going to kill Lexa and that wasn’t cool, that was shitty, and you guys deserved better.