My current tamagotchi collection :) 

I keep getting questions like “Where did you get your tamagotchi? How much was it?” So here’s a break down for ya :) 

From left to right: silver one is a p2, the second to be released. It’s in english and I bought it on ebay (I can’t remember how much it was but probably under $20.)

The yellow one to the right of it is a Tamagotchi iDL E, the E stands for English. I won it in an auction on ebay for about $75. They usually go for $100-150.

The pink and blue one to the right of that is my Tamagotchi Milky iD, it’s language is in Japanese. I bought it on yahoo japan auctions for $80, they usually run $150-$200 for that particular colour style. 

On the second row, from the left the white with colourful donuts and no antenna is a Tamagotchi connection. I’m not sure what the model is, I think it was the one released in 2004. It’s in English and I think I bought it on ebay for under $10

Lastly, the En Tama is similar to a V4 I think…

It’s a Japanese language tamagotchi and I bought it on ebay for $15-20 I believe. 

I’ve owned lots of other tamagotchis in the past and I’m hoping to expand my collection again :) I also have little figures, gameboy and ds game, some carrying cases and a colouring book. 

imoutoppai-deactivated20150803  asked:

how did you get lovelitchi? ;o;

I used this growth chart (I’m currently running the ID so this chart is for that release)

basically to get lovelitchi on the tamagotchi id you have to make no care mistakes from teen-adult.The numbers on this chart represent care mistakes. Mistakes can be like letting the food bar have an empty space for more than 15 minutes or letting them poop and get dirty/sick. You can read more about care mistakes here:

I couldn’t constantly keep an eye on it since I work and have a life, right? soooooo what I did was put it on pause whenever I couldn’t have the sound on and react to it. I did that by going into the time window, holding down the left and right button at the same time to adjust the time. When I did this the number for the date would flash and that’s how I’d know it was paused and I’d leave it like that until I could pay attention to it. Adjusting the time will not change the outcome of the tamagotchi (at least on the ID) as long as the number is flashing, it’s paused and you can change it to whatever time it is when you get back to it and the tama will be unaffected. 

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Hey Lor! So I have really been wanting to get a Tamagotchi, but I've noticed that a lot of the ones I am interested in are in Japanese. Do you have any that are in Japanese yourself, and if so, have you still been able to play them easily? Thank you for your time :]

I have quite a few that are Japanese. I will post a collection picture later today with the names and language.

I’ve studied Japanese and can read it so it’s not difficult for me. I like it because it’s practice :) I know a lot of collectors who play the Japanese versions without knowing any Japanese. There are extensive guides on tamazone and tama talk. There’s also a lot of videos on youtube that explain and translate them :) I think it’s still doable and enjoyable even if you don’t know Japanese.

I’d definitely recommend searching/watching videos for whatever model you want before buying to be sure you’d like it :)