“What’s on your mind?”
“We’ll find her Zuko. I promise.”
“…I hope so.”


Because I really wanted season four and more development for those two. And search for his mother plotline would be amazing to see on tv.


I walk the line for you | Korrasami

I’m back and I forgot how to edit. Well I tried to use some different style… sooo I present to you non romantic video about Korrasami relationship.
Thank you for all my followers and commentators. You brought me back. This is not the last video.

Music: Halsey - I Walk the Line
Program: Vegas Pro 13

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get to know me moodboard

Create a mood board using nine images that represent the Simmer (you) behind the blog. Use images that represent different aspects of you and your personality and images that depict your influences and personal aesthetic. Don’t explain what the images mean; let people guess. 

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I never hated you for leaving , I was just envious that you could . Because I desperately wanted to be one of those people who could pack up and leave, forget everything and create a new identity for myself, to have a chance to re-do all of my mistakes. But I never could, I’ve always cared to much, Unable to just let it all go and move on.
—  You left in just a second of a heartbeat
music tag 4 u binches

so this special lil binch i call my wife @audiocircus tagged me in this dum tag where u like shuffle ur shitty music and put the 10 songs that come up?? so like here frens

1. Help - Papa Roach 

2. Remedy - Seether

3. Mohe Rang Do Laal - Shreya Ghoshal

4. Really Really - Kevin Gates

5. Just A Lil Bit - 50 cent

6. Savior - Rise Against

7. Click Click Boom - Saliva

8. ‘Till I Collapse - Eminem

9. Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

10. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

im not tagging anyone cause like theres no one to tag ?? idk just do this shit and listen to ur sick beats bruh