This is my first #FF on tumblr ~

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diclonyus replied to your postI wanna change my Tumblr URL to MisterDimple |: What do you guys think of it?

teukpolho me gusta, but misterdimple sounds good too. ah/ i don’t know e_e

mysweetsmilee replied to your postI wanna change my Tumblr URL to MisterDimple |: What do you guys think of it?

me gusta teukpolho |: But if you want to change, just do it n_n

Everyone enjoys Teukpolho! But now I think it’s time to change. :) Thank you, guys! I’ll change it~

mysweetsmilee asked:

I found your blog because of the giveaway and i'm so happy for it.. not because of the prizes but i'm in love with it, specially for Lay's gifs on your theme ;; sorry for my bad english, but I hope we can be good friends in the future^^ btw everyone is telling their exo biases.. so , mine is Luhan and Lay ♥ And from K is Baekhyun.. but it's impossible not to love OT12 :c

aw, thank you so much! ^^ it means so much that people actually like my blog and aren’t taking advantage of me giving away free stuff. ;_; sdiphvnpilnhpsid;k those gifs are my everything. that photoshoot is a++++++++++ and lay just looks especially flawless in that video! <3

your english is great, though! and of course we can be friends! i pretty much attach myself to anyone who is nice to me, so just talk to me and bam - bffs. (x

those are good biases (i say that to everyone because all of exo are good biases to have OTL). but yes, they’re flawless sweetie pies. OT12 5everrrrr!

mysweetsmilee asked:

♔ (Fave bias) ; ♕ (Fave female bias) ; ♫ (5 favorite songs) ; ☼ (reason behind your url) ; ☺ (Something you like) n__n

♔ (Fave bias) ; Eunhyuk (∪ ◡ ∪)

 ♕ (Fave female bias) ; Amber 

♫ (5 favorite songs) ; Be mine, 향수 뿌리지 마 (No More Perfume On You) , Mr. Simple, You, Nothings s0bar (。♥‿♥。)

☼ (reason behind your url); ☺ (Something you like); Food ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶