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My baby is always here to save the day. ❤️😍😘#MySuperhero ❤️ #ThatTeabagTho #PutSomeRespekOnIt #DontMessWithTheBest #PersonalBodyguard#coupleswhogametogetherstaytogether

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an AU with charming, astronaut niall who isn’t very good at making real friends, ladies swoon but never stay for long in the morning. He yearns for a real purpose rather than filling his bed with a foreign body each night. Soon he meets lost, caring, giggly boy harry who does know what he wants, and niall is more than obliging to help him. There’s something off about harry,- but to niall he’s out of this world…

basically the fuel for appreciating my favorite bloggers. i present the 2nd annual? follow forever from petalcraic (lexxiesullivan)

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