Don’t think about Brendon and Ryan accidentally switching their glasses and joking the other one is blind as a bat. Don’t think about them posting photos of each other on instagram with quirky descriptions like ‘He made me watch Game of Thrones #mysunandstars’/‘GoT with the babe #moonofmylife’. Don’t think about them taking turns in walking the dogs. Don’t think about Brendon casually mentioning Ryan on concerts or during interview with his cute, little smile. Don’t think about Ryan’s legs sprawled out on Brendon’s lap when watching movies and dogs trying to get on the couch with them. Don’t think about Ryan finally being comfortable enough to kiss Brendon’s cheek in public. Don’t think about them eating at a restaurant together on their birthdays, Brendon cheering for Ryan during his hockey game or them going out dressed almost identical, because they didn’t agree on which one should change. And definitely don’t think about them wearing matching Halloween costumes.