So I reached over 100 followers and I wanted to thank you all so much! I’m so thankful for you all and so I felt like I should share my stuffies with you! I have alot more but these are just the ones I have in my room!

So from left to right here are their names!
Kitty bell (the black cat), Rose (the white bear with roses), sparkles (unicorn pillow pet), puppy love (the big pink dog), velvet (the red dog), Whaley (the white whale), Eugene (the hear in a tux), snow ball (the tiny white kitten), happy (the dog with the hat), Mrs. Ladybug (ladybug pillow pet), Daddy Bear (white shaggy hear), and the two on the top are lily (left) and Lola (right)



These guys have been through a lot with me this summer break. Good and bad times. Even though their toys, I still wanna recognize them. The Coyote is Isshin. He’s named after one of the wolves I met in the wolf sanctuary I went to. I got him at the same wolf sanctuary when I first went, which was about 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve always kept him at my grandma’s house cause she lives near the sanctuary. The cat is a domino cat from Webkinz who is named Yoruichi. She is named after, of course, a bleach character. I got her at a yard sale and the guy even gave me the code (which I haven’t used yet) to use on Webkinz. I’ve had her at my old house but she isn’t as new as Isshin though. I’ve had her for 7 years almost. But anyways, those are my two favorite animals out of all of my stuffies.