I’m interested in what Sidemen ships the Tumblr Sidemen fandom like.

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This includes BrOTPs (platonic ships, good friends but not romantic).

Concept: We’re madly in love and we’re not afraid of hurting each other anymore. We got through it and it has made us stronger. Although it’s not perfect, we’re finally happy.

I asked Ibushi about him, and Ibushi called him a genius. I don’t know quite how much stuff he uses from his El Generico days though. I honestly have watched very little. I think it’s more interesting that way, honestly. To head in with the minimum possible background knowledge, to have a blank slate going in.

Shinsuke Nakamura talking about Sami Zayn and their [at this time upcoming] match at Takeover (x)

[somehow i’m not surprised Ibushi called him a genius]