Since @jenaia-sukitora asked me to log her Acc in, i couldnt resist to do some Screens with Veqa xD He warrior looks just so Badass *-* <3 Okay Okay enough Fangirl here xDD Was pretty funny to do the screens, because her the animations looks so different xD And Scynthe was so hard to get nice looking screens Q_Q

@jenaia-sukitora Maybe this cheers you up a bit! :3 <3


Finally! Finally! Finally!

Kohana’s Twin Swords finally got +13 after ~86 Tries. She is my first DPS with +13 Weapon *-* Im Very Happy! I usually said i dont want to Try again, cause it eat already so much q.q But i wanted to try it a last time Today, so i got all the mats (For 6 tries)  and got my Mother xD (She is my lucky charm) and the first 5 tries failed, and i was about to say “This Rng is sooo *****” but then the last try worked, my Mother and me Jumped up and said “YES!” i was so happy, No i AM so happy!