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You're such a talented artist! I simply adore your TOS Jim Kirk! He's the sweetest thing I have ever seen, adorable and considerate in a mature way, without being childish! I still can't decide which art is my favorite. Please, can we have one more moment of this sweet love between him and Spock?

Of course! Anything for the tos spirk


75 years after the events of the Dominion War, we follow the adventures of the USS Determination, an experimental science craft with one mission: to explore strange, new worlds, amidst the grief of a still wounded Federation.

Parallel to the Star Trek canon, UnderTrek is a weekly fancomic combining the universe of Star Trek with the tone and Characters of Undertale, in order to explore familiar elements while retaining the freedom to expand upon others.

Starting as an excuse to draw Alphys as a Ferengi, I’ve really taken to writing and drawing for this comic. You can see a pretty rapid rate of improvement in the art within the first part, and it really reflects a period of change in my artistic narrative. Primarily black and white, with occasional splashes of color, this comic has been a pure delight to draw and work on. Smashing together two of my favorite IP’s has been the most self indulgent thing I’ve ever done, and god bless that fact, honestly.

Anyways I hope yall like my AU about people learning to make friends in space lol

UnderTrek updates every Thursday!

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My own Star Trek crew, a variation on my old STO Federation bridge members. We’ll call this a w.i.p. as I plan to color it down the road. From top left clockwise: Human Science Officer, Brogni Captain (my own alien race), Bajoran First Officer, Caitian Chief Engineer, Gorn Security Officer and Andorian Helm Officer. Probably inspired by watching Discovery, which I am loving! <3

Really loving the digital sharp charcoal pencil! :D

Till We Meet Again

Star Trek Discovery writers and creative teams, I salute your cunning. This is to celebrate what is turning out to be one masterfully woven story arc, beyond all expectations.

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