Alright, six variants is enough. I had double the number in mind, but this sheet has finally crossed over from “fun” to “tedious”. Still could count it as 12 designs however, since two Pokemon stages per breed are included.

So there you have it, Gastly and Haunter breed variants! All variants are based on the matching egg group, “Amorphous”. The results are a tad esoteric, so the appeal isn’t the same as the other sheets floating around, but I hope you all enjoy anyways. Maybe I’ll do some more in the future sometime.


So I decided to try and do the Pokemon Variation thing with my favourite Pokemon; Deoxys!

Originally I didn’t want to do it because usually a Legendary Pokemon species has only one in existence but then I remembered that these guys are aliens and in the movie, Destiny Deoxys, there’s two of em.

The original Pokemon Variation things were based off of terrain so I didn’t know how to work it out with a Pokemon that’s literally from space so I did some research and found out that it’s a DNA Pokemon and was hit by a virus or something (?) so why not different viruses that effected it :0

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Some sketches… We got Vulpix on request and then some Ninetales concepts as well…. Then some friends asked the other week for me to draw older Pacifica in my clothes (I kinda like the idea of her cutting her hair shorter)…. Deerper because I was thinking how hard it must be to change clothes with his antlers… then another request of Suicune