This Nigga Ash Ketchum… Does any body else remember when this nigga said “fuck this Pokémon battle shit cuh, I’m going to beat yo ass my fuckin self…” And tried to throw hands with the most powerful Pokémon walking the earth at the time? Like this nigga got his hat turned back and everything for major focus and a look in his eyes that says “you fucked up” but he doesn’t even know how bad he just fucked up. Mewtwo, now that’s a real ass nigga. He didn’t say shit, he just stood there staring this little nigga dead in his soul like “you can try me if you want to”. And then, this nigga did the unthinkable. Ash tried em and the consequences were fatal. Mewtwo turned dude into stone, to my knowledge that’s not even a legit Pokémon move and somehow turned his hat back facing front. Took this nigga out in front of his son pikachu and everything. That was some G shit