CS + Floor

Dedicated to the wonderful manic-pixiefangirl

This is such a significant word for them with so many different situations that I just had to make a “mega” gifset for it :)

We use to talk a lot about Captain Floor, but Swan Floor is also becoming a huge icon already. And don’t get me start talking about the threesome… This three should really hook up more (pun intended of course).

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CS + Me

Requested by Anonymous.

This request was a very special one for me because the Anon wanted me to choose my own top 10 CS moments after making the top CS moments as part of the CS friendship project for other people.

This was so very sweet and really touched my heart <3 Thank you Anon for thinking of me :)

So this is actually the 300 word I’m doing for this project (not including the quotes) and so I thought it can be special to do for the 300 one :) 

Now I want to explain a little bit my choices :) It’s not by order (it was hard enough to choose only 10, I could never rank them), except for the first one which is my ultimate favorite on the show. Hook being jealous of Past!Hook is maybe the most genius and hilarious thing they ever came up with lol, it was too damn perfect for me, so this is my number one!

As for the rest of them, I loved jealous Emma too because I love love love jealousy scenes, especially when they come in time of need, for the character and for the viewers too. Emma was about to go to lunch with Neal, Hook decided to step down and let Neal have a shoot with her, all should have gone in the entire opposite direction and then “boom” she sees him with someone else and her true feeling she was trying to conceal go up into the surface. And once it happens Hook’s realizes his promise to Neal is worthless because Emma has her own mind about who she wants to be with, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. So this was a real key point for me. It was also one of the things that made me know for sure that they are canon.

The scarf scene was the first scene that made my heart shiver for them for the first time. I realized I was hooked at that same moment.

The “when I win your heart” scene I chose for the same shiver I just talked about going through my heart when he said it. If you remember, there were promotional pictures for it, but it kinda looked like they are having a regular kinda serious talk there, we had no idea this was about to happen and it was just too much.

I chose the door moment because I think this is the moment we were all waiting for from Emma. I think this is the moment she finally let herself realize how in love she really is. I was so touched by it because we were waiting for so long for her to take down her walls and this is her realizing taking them down was the right choice.

I chose that moment in the sheriff station because it was the first time that I looked at them and saw a couple. They were so damn happy, no one was trying to hide or run away from the excitement. I remember thinking “OMG, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, finally!”

I loved the Neverland kiss, but I think the moment I loved most was that second after. The moment where the impact of the kiss on both of them is showed. I think it was the first time Hook looked liked he belongs to her.

The kiss on 4x03 was my favorite CS kiss so far. There is something about Hook initiating the kisses which is just so powerful and he does it in such a sexy way. He always let her lead up until that moment and truly respected her and her timing, but at that moment he knew he could go in for a kiss and it will be o.k because of the confidence her words gave him. It was an important moment for him to realize how much she truly cares.

As I was making the CS friendship project, I realized that the “don’t you know Emma, it’s you” moment is becoming one of the shippers top CS moments. A lot have requested to include it on their list and I’m not the exception ;) I just think this sentence value even more than an “I love you” because it talks about the infinite of his emotions. And of course there is the way Colin delivered the line and Jen acting with the response that just made that shiver appear once more.

I loved their fourth first meeting (lol, and I love that I can actually say that sentence and it would make sense, best show ever!!!). Colin!Hook, as I like to call him, fell in love with Emma at first sight and she looked more in love than ever. I think it was maybe the best exchange of looks that they had on the show.

So that’s it :) I hope you all like my choices as well :) That’s amazing how everybody can have his/her own favorite ones and we all share the same taste (the CS taste), but can have different sight on things within it. And the variety is so great!!! It’s so hard to choose only some of them.

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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