For so long, I’ve looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I was too skinny, too fat, too feminine, too weak. I was never good enough as I was, never comfortable in my skin. That’s why Pride is so important. It’s about embracing and loving yourself and celebrating who you are in all your human, imperfect glory. And that’s something that many straight people don’t understand about it…mainly because they’ve never been made to feel such deep shame simply for being who they are.

your local gloomy autistic pal is really truly exhausted and could really use a break (im perpetually on the verge of tears and keep getting huge profuse nosebleeds)(so that’s lovely)

im working a lot to save money to decorate my room 💸 but im about halfway there and then i can decorate and then rest and then get back to making videos and other cool stuff