i finally got full standing pictures of myself. finally i found a room long enough for me to set up a camera to illustrate my entire body type. except i still had to stand really far back


I was tagged by mydarlinghalsey to do the 20 beautiful people selfie challenge. I suck at taking selfies & I’m sorry that I look like a big-eyed alien. (I feel less alien; hah I was an alien all along)

I tag: takeonemorebreath, esmeethemaineiamwaitingformysuntoshine, shewholovesthemaine, mlssnothing, sophisticateddaydreamtofeelunlost, bittersweet-and-delicate, dorkyteacup, aliens-bro, ifeltsoalive, greenstickantler, halfvodka, americanmandy, amer1cancandy
(you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna but I just randomly picked some of my favorite mutuals/blogs/friends trying to get 20 lol ((i failed)))