[Mark] I'm Your Teacher (BONUS)

The not so delicate buzzing of your phone was enough to wake both of you up, making you frown as you reached out to stop the torture. You parted your heavy eyelids to look at your phone screen, the light provoking a sharp pain, making you blink as you shut your alarm down. 6:30 AM. It had been so long since you had to wake up this early. Well, only two moths actually. Two months since you graduated from university. You had been looking for a job ever since and you had finally found one as a marketing manager in a small firm. 

Rolling on your belly, you snuggled closer to your boyfriend of 6 years who had to go to work too. You heard him inhale deeply, his chest rising as he stirred. Not wanting to get up you climbed on top of him, sandwiching him between the mattress and you, your face buried in his chest, making it hard for you to breathe. “Good morning, lazy pumpkin.” You heard him say. “Mmmmh.” You replied with a loud groan. “Hey you don’t want to be late on your first day,do you?” He kissed the crown of your head that was just under his chin, bringing his hands up to stroke you back.  You groaned again, telling him you preferred stay in bed.”I thought you were looking forward to wear that new outfit.” His words rang in your ears, making you gasp. You rolled to the side and fell of bed with a loud thud, making Mark giggle. You didn’t mind the pain on your butt and jumped up, crawling back on the bed to cross the room and rushing to the bathroom. You had bought a new outfit, the one you wanted to wear on your first day of work. From the underwear to the accessories, you had bought everything. You closed the bathroom door and light it up, meeting your morning face in the big mirror.  You tied your freshly straitened bed hair into a messy bun and, whipping your sleep drool away, grabbed your tooth brush. Brushing your teeth you wriggled out of your pajama shorts and your underwear, Mark’s T-shirt quickly following and pooling at your feet. Humming along one of Spyair’s song, the unreleased one that you had heard in preview at one of their concert, the concert you went to with Mark 6 years ago, you slid the shower door open and let the water flow, waiting for the water to be at your temperature. When the water was okay for you, you spit the toothpaste in your mouth in the sink, quickly cleaning your mouth and hopping in the shower.  As soon as you slid the door closed you heard Mark walk in, cursing as he tripped over your clothes on the bathroom floor.  A while after you felt cold air on your back and turned around, meeting naked Mark hopping in the shower. “Move.” He giggled, making some room for him. “What are you doing?” You giggled. “Gaining time!” He replied, looking down a you with a smile as he placed himself under the water. “And what did you think you were doing?” He asked cockily, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you towards him.  “Leaving the bed without giving me my morning kiss.” He said, making you giggle. Smiling, you stood on your tip toes and pecked his lips, making him smile ,your lips brushing against his. The kiss was quickly followed by another, then by Mark’s lips all over your face as he showered you with kisses. - Finally ready, you walked out of your bedroom, meeting Mark in the kitchen. He nearly chocked on his apple juice as you walked to him, looking gorgeous in your new outfit. “Wow.” He said, lowering his glass, making you smile. You walked to the kitchen counter and grabbed your glasses, putting them on.  “Why are you putting your glasses on?” He whined. “Because it makes me look all smart and sexy.” You replied, taking his glass from his hands when he was about to take another sip of juice. “Yeah I know, that’s why I don’t want you to wear it at work.” He said, giving you the “duh”. You giggled, before finishing his drink. “You look really good, like that.” He said, his voice a little bit lower than before. You tilted your head,and dropped the empty glass on the counter as his arms sneaked around your waist. “My little working girl.” He teased, leaning in, making you giggle softy. “Well let me say I prefer you school uniform.” He said. “I liked seeing you in that little short skirt. But I liked it better pushed up, revealing your cute little ass.” His hands slid down to your butt, gently squeezing it, making you bite your lip seductively. “I still have it, you know?” You teased, making him smirk. “It’s at my parent’s.” You said. “Really?” He asked. “Mmmh Mmmh~” You nodded, chewing on your lower lip. “Then how about you go take it back so we can have a little fun?” He proposed, his lips now brushing against yours as you both smiled.“I thought you didn’t like it when I called you ‘Mr.Tuan’.” You teased, grabbing the collar of his shirt. “Yeah but now I’m starting to miss it.” His lips that were brushing against yours moved to your neck were he dropped an electrifying kiss. Oh god, you couldn’t do this now.“Oh god.” You shivered. “Okay, no, we can’t do thins here and now.” You said, wriggling out of his grip and bringing your empty glass to the sink. - You both hopped into his car and drove to Starbucks to get your breakfast. Right after he parked in front of the store his phone rang and he took the call, still inside the car. After a while you started to get impatient, you didn’t want to be late. ‘Hurry up’ You whispered and he raised his index, telling you to wait. He patted the pockets of his pants, still talking to his colleague and found nothing. He then patted his rear pocket and pulled his wallet out, handing it to you. Rolling your eyes, you took it and got out of the car. “One grande Caramel Macchiato and one Tall hot chocolate with whipped wream, please.” You said to the barista. “Take-out I guess?” The woman replied, registering your order. “Yep.” You replied. “Name?” She asked, grabbing a pen. “Y/N” you said before she started scribbling on an empty mug. Soon after Mark entered the store and walked to you. Wrapping an arm around you he kissed your head as you both waited for your orders to be ready. “Here. It’ll be 6.90.” She said, dropping the mugs on the counter. You opened your boyfriend’s wallet, looking for 10 bucks but your attention was caught by a white sheet of paper. You pulled it out and unfolded it. “What’s that?” You smiled, seeing a picture of you. You were sat on his bed, legs crossed and smiling widely wile hugging a pillow. You showed the picture to Mark and he started blushing, a smile creeping on his face. “You have a picture of me in- He has a picture of me in his wallet!” You said, stopping halfway and now speaking to the barista, making her smile.  “Can I see it?” She asked and you handed it to her. “I remember that day it was 6 years ago!” You cooed, looking at Mark who was blushing that crazy. “6 years ago? You didn’t change at all!” The woman complimented you. “Oh thank you!” You replied. She handed back the picture and you gave her 10 bucks. “Have a good day.” The woman said as you and Mark took your drinks. “Thank you!” You both replied before heading out. “Oh I can’t believe we’ve been together for so long!.” You shook your head, still looking at the picture. “Yeah I remember that day, you wouldn’t let me take a picture of you. You kept hiding behind the bed sheets.” Mark said, grabbing a hold of your waist with a hand and taking a sip of his drink with the other one. “And when I told you I liked your straight hair you said you wouldn’t do it again.” He said and you ignored him, brushing it off because you didn’t want to admit you started straightening your hair because of him. “Oh gosh I look like a baby.” You frowned. “Whatever, you were 18, and you didn’t change since then.” He protested.“Whatever.” You replied. “Aww it’s cute that you have a picture  of me in your wallet!” You cooed; looking up at him and making him blush. You giggled at his red cheeks and kissed his cheek. -

You got back into the car and he drove off to your workplace since you had agreed that he would drop you off every morning.. “Oh god what if my superiors hate me?” You said, starting to get nervous as you got closer to your working place. “What?” Mark asked. “What if there are other people fighting to climb the corporate ladder and I get the promotion they fought for? What if I don’t get a promotion?!” You asked. “What? No, no Y/N, you’ll be amazing.” He laughed, shaking his head. “What if they think my glasses are too sexy? Oh my gosh are my clothes too sexy?” You said, ruffling through you bag to find your glasses’ case. Mark remained silent. “Mark!” You said looking up at him. “Do you really want me to answer that?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at you. Of course he was going to tell you you looked hot. You rolled your eyes and shook your head, sighing deeply and making him chuckle. You couldn’t find you case but you noticed your pencil case wasn’t in your bag. “I forgot my pencil case home!” You whined. “I can’t go to work without a pencil case, oh my god!” You whined. “Calm down baby, just take mine I never use it.” Mark said calmly, focused on the road in front of it. Dropping your bag on the floor you unbuckled your belt and turned around, looking for Mark’s briefcase on the backseat. “Wait- what- what are you doing?!” He asked. Ignoring him you crawled to the back seat, putting your knee near the gear box. “Baby I can’t drive if you step on the gear box!” He giggled loudly. Reaching out, you groaned because your arm was too short, so you shifted your body to the right. “Babe your ass is all up in my face!” You heard him laugh and then felt him slap your butt. Ignoring him you felt him grab the rear box , sliding his hand between your parted legs. Finally managing to grab his brief case you pulled his pencil case out and went back to a normal position. Well no since you were like, sat on the dashboard when he parked. “We’re there.” Mark said. Throwing his pencil case in your bag you sighed deeply, looking up to find some strength to go to work. “Baby it’s gonna be fine.” You heard him say so you looked down at him, pouting your lower lip.” He unbuckled his belt and his lips came up to meet yours. “You’re going to be fine, stop stressing. I’m sure they’ll help you to get familiar with the place.” He said and you nodding, still pulling a sad face and pouting. "I believe in you, okay? You’re smart and creative, this job is made for you.” He said. “You think?” You asked. “Yeah of course!” He smiled, making you smile as well. “Now get out of my car and show them who you are.” He said. “Thank you babe.” You replied, cupping his face before kissing him. -

- You walked out of the glass doors and saw Mark waiting for you, a big smile sprawled across his face. “Hey!” You said, walking fast to him and his smile widened. “Hey!” He laughed as you jumped in his arms, wrapping his arms around you . “How was your day?” He asked as you pulled away. “Fine.” You pecked his lips. “It was pretty fine actually. But I’m starving and I’m tired.” You said, pouting. “Come here, I’ll cook you a nice dinner and you’ll tell me about your day.” He said, grabbing your hand and leading you to his car. - “I’M SO HUNGRYYYY!” You screamed, stepping into your share apartment followed by Mark. You jumped out of your shoes and dramatically crawled to your bedroom. “Dinner will be ready when you’re done showering!” You heard Mark yell as you walked to the bathroom. Just as Mark said when you came out of the shower with your flawless hair tied in a ponytail , your working girl outfit replaced by a loose pullover with rolled up sleeves and black leggings, you found the dinner table set with hot food. You got fat at dinner and then both of you and Mark started working. After cleaning the dinner table you both settled down on it, your laptops facing each others and your legs tangled under the table. “Oh I found a paper next to the bin yesterday.” Mark said out of the blue. “Mmmh?” You hummed, still focused on your screen, not knowing he had his eyes on you. “It was about the high school reunion thingy next week.” He precised. “I’m not going.” You said, hoping to close the topic. “Why?” You heard him ask. “Mmh because.” You mumbled. “It’s going to be fun, let’s go.” He said. “I don’t want to.” You replied. “But why?” He asked. “Because.” You replied. “Y/N.” He said, making you stop typing and look up at him. Seeing his serious face you rolled your eyes and lowered the screen of your lap top to get a better view of him. “I don’t want to go to that party, it’s just not my cup of tea.” You lied. “Do you think I’ll believe you, you like any type of party.” He replied. “I don’t want to go because I know what people are going to say.” You said. “What are they going to say?” He frowned. “Well, the things anyone would say seeing an ex student going to the school reunion with her math teacher.” You explained. “What’s the problem?” Mark asked. “I just don’t want people to judge us!” You replied. “Am I that embarrassing?” He asked. You sighed deeply, holding the bridge of your nose as you felt a start of headache creeping in your brain.“No that’s not what I meant.” You replied.  "Then what do you mean?“ He asked and you remained silent sighing deeply. "You don’t want people to see us together?” He asked. “No! It’s not that!” You replied, loosing your cool. “You just don’t want them to see us.” He said. “Yes- I mean no! No it’s not that I just…” You stuttered, unable to finish your sentence. ” I’d never feel ashamed to go anywhere with you, I love you and I want to show you off. I thought you felt the same-” He said. “Look, I have a lot of work and I have a beginning of headache, can we talk about this later?” You begged. “Oh don’t worry, everything is said. I didn’t know you were that ashamed to date me. You should’ve told me.” He said, closing his laptop and getting up. “I could’ve worn a bag over my head to make your life easier.” He said before walking away. "No Mark it’s not that!” You pleaded. “Mark please!”

Hair like ichor -
we were each other’s gods.
Ambrosia was the slip of your tongue under mine and
no damnation ever tasted so sweet.

My hand, your hand,
my lips, your lips,
what does it matter?
We are one, you and I.
We came into this world together;
you will not leave it without me.

You were never meant to know.
That I am cruel. That I am greedy.
Or maybe you always did and loved me anyway.
Maybe I prayed to the old gods and the new to blind you.

I can’t make you want me,
not anymore.
But you will always love me,
(painfully, treacherously, achingly)
always, always.

—  Cersei to Jaime, v.g