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Devs, don't fret if nobody's paying attention to your game right away, and if your project isn't an immediate success. Remember that OFF sat around in obscurity for FIVE YEARS before it took off. Your big moment will come, too. But sometimes it just takes a little while. So don't give up!

Knowing the truth, which is that nothing matters, can actually save you. Once you get through that terrifying threshold of accepting that, then every place is the centre of the universe, and every moment is the most important moment, and everything is the meaning of life.
—  Dan Harmon, creator of Community and co-creator of Rick and Morty.

i don’t give a shit if you’ve been swaying in the corners of drafty venues for 40 years and are a full on deathrocker or victorian dust rat 24/7 and brush your teeth with bat blood and cemetery dirt every single day: stop shitting on kids who are just starting to find themselves in the goth/punk communities. it shouldn’t matter if they don’t have the right boots or haven’t heard of X band or want to paint their nails pink and wear a comfy sweater every once in a while. let people enjoy things. let people live. no one cares that in 1982 you blew andrew eldritch and rozz williams in the alley behind the batcave while robert smith watched and cried into a black cat’s ass. there’s no space in the world of alternative subculture for your crusty, withered, judgmental exclusionist bullshit.