“…The Cape still might find a second life on cable. And I’ll tell you why. El corazόn del agua es verdad. That water is a lie! Harrison Ford is irradiating our testicles with microwave satellite transmissions! So maybe we are caught in an endless cycle of screw-ups and hurt feelings. But I choose to believe it’s just the universe’s way of molding with into some kind of super group. ”

“Like the Traveling Wilburys!”

“Yes, Troy, like the Traveling Wilburys of pain, prepared for any insane adventure life throws our way. And I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to every one of them.”
List of Tumblrs that facilitate the exchange of clothes among trans people!

transtauschboerse: A german version :)

uktransclothesswap : a UK based clothesswap

transwap : another one of us!

transgirlswapclothes : for the lovely trans ladies/femme beings :) 

transtrading : a similar blog, a bit older and more organized