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some domestic Victuri because dammit I’ll never recover from episode 7

  • You’d think that Victor’s the early bird but actually Yuuri’s the one who wakes up first, at around 4 in the morning (he’s not sure if it’s because of all the travelling they do to and from Russia, really). Yuuri takes these still, peaceful morning moments to watch his lover sleep. Sometimes, he can’t resist sneaking in a kiss or two and he gets away with it (most of the time). He falls back asleep a while after that though, so technically it’s Victor who’s always first out of bed.
  • Morning calisthenics are a requirement. At some point, Victor gets into yoga too, so if you want to find them in the early morning, look out back—they’re probably doing their sun salutation.
  • Victor is a walking disaster in the kitchen. Yuuri banned him from going in there a loooong time ago, but Victor’s a sucker for giving surprise hugs from behind. Yuuri’s reactions are always priceless—he typically sighs and cranes his neck to give Victor that kiss before kicking him out of the kitchen.
  • They eat out when they can, since Victor’s always craving something new every other week. Yuuri takes note of what Victor likes best on their food trips so that he can whip it up whenever at home.
  • Both of them have no idea how to clean up after themselves (in the beginning, yeah sure, they were all gung-ho about washing dishes together and doing the laundry together but eventually…). Normally, it takes somebody (Minako, when she drops by for a chat or Yuri, over Skype) to point out how much of a dump their place has gotten before they actually realise it.
  • Yuuri decides to keep a little vegetable garden early on, but it’s actually Victor who gets really invested in it. Before long, he’s spouting gardening jargon over meals or during walks or while grocery shopping or in bed. Yuuri doesn’t mind. He likes it whenever Victor’s eyes sparkle when he talks at length about something he loves doing.
  • There are noisy and rowdy days when the Nishigori kids come over or when Victor loses the TV remote again and the two of them have to turn the house upside down trying to find it.
  • But there are also quiet days. Yuuri might be reading a book on the sofa and Victor would lay his head down on Yuuri’s lap while he scrolls through his Insta feed.
  • Rainy days are usually spent in bed, wrapped up in blankets and holding mugs of hot coco, with Yuuri trying to convince Victor that no, it’s not a good idea to marathon Paranormal Activity right now. But of course Victor has to point out that it’s not a good idea to marathon the past ten Grand Prix Finals either. They settle on a mix of sci-fi, mystery, drama, and a dash of rom-com for their rainy day movie marathon.
  • They do adopt a poodle from a shelter, which Victor jokingly calls “Mini Makka” for a while, but it sticks and the little thing won’t respond to anything other than “Mini” so they decide to call her “Minnie.” Makkachin is just thrilled to have a new addition to the family.
  • Whenever they have a fight, Yuuri holes up in the bedroom or heads over to Ice Castle and Victor goes out and around town with a scowl on his face that tells everyone exactly what’s going on. Sometimes, they need Yuko or Mari or Yuri to put things back into perspective and calm them both down. Most of the time, they just need to keep themselves moving and apart for a day or two. After that, Victor might find Yuuri making an apology dinner or Yuuri might find Victor sitting outside, waiting for him to come home. Either way, it always ends in a generous helping of tears and hugs, kisses and cuddles.

I like to think that when Roadhog and Junkrat’s partnership developed into a friendship during their crime spree, Roadhog would tell Junkrat stories. Not stories about himself, no, those were too personal. But about movies and books. As they rode across dusty roads for hours on end, Roadhog would tell the plots of movies or books the best he could remember. He wasn’t the best story-teller or anything, but Junkrat loved the stories all the same (he especially liked the ones with grand explosions and people getting what was coming to them). Roadhog didn’t lie to Junkrat either and pretend that he made up the stories himself, Junkrat always knew they were all the plots from movies or books they didn’t have in Junkertown

Fast forward to when their friendship turned into something more, when the two of them got a chance to sleep in motel rooms rather than abandoned buildings, they would go out and get as many movies and books as they could and just go for it. In between crimes, they would just cuddle on the shitty motel bed and watch some new movies and some of the old movies Roadhog had told him about (Junkrat complained the whole time that the characters didn’t look how he imagined). Other days they would just sit around in comfortable silence, each reading a book, finishing it and then switching so the other could read it too.

Even with access to all new books and movies, Junkrat still liked when Roadhog told him stories on their long trips, partly for the story itself, partly to hear his voice.

Although the idea of Junkrat and Roadhog joining Overwatch because it was either that or go to prison is most probable, I really like the idea of them just kinda, showing up one day. They’re just sitting in the Overwatch living room drinking tea and everyone is just like, um how the fuck did you get in here? Roadhog and Junkrat just laugh and very plainly state that they’re joining Overwatch, thank you very much. The worlds going to shit and if they can help save it by blowing up some omnics, then yeah, they’ll lend a hand. (also bounty hunters would have to be stupid to try and get to them through Overwatch, but they’re not gonna mention that part) This, as you can imagine, is met with a unanimous- Hell no. Problem is, Overwatch can’t exactly just send them off to prison at this point cause they will 100% tell the authorities that Overwatch, a technically criminal organization, is in fact still operating and they know where the base is and who their operatives are. And thanks to the grenades hooked up to Junkrat, killing them isn’t an option either. In the end, Overwatch doesn’t really have much of a choice but to let two of the world’s most wanted criminals join them. Overwatch isn’t happy about this in the slightest, but Roadhog and Junkrat? Well they think its hilarious.

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