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Dark Matter was one of the most popular and highest rated shows on Syfy. Not only did it receive impressive viewing figures throughout S3, the show has been well-received globally and fans have been vocal on social media regarding their desire tor further seasons.

Despite this Syfy made the decision to cancel Dark Matter on 1st September 2017. No reason was given for this and Syfy didn’t even release a statement to explain the cancellation to fans.

Syfy is a channel which prides itself on diversity and listening to fans. If that’s the case, why has a popular and diverse show been cancelled for no apparent reason?
As of S3 the main cast has an equal number of male and female characters, half of whom are people of colour. Furthermore, the lead of the show is a bisexual Asian woman. Very few shows have this level of diversity and many fans have found important representation they may struggle to find elsewhere.

Simply put, the decision to cancel Dark Matter was a poor one on Syfy’s part. We, the fans of Dark Matter, urge Syfy to reverse the cancellation or encourage another network such as Amazon or Netflix to pick it up for a further two seasons.

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[INFO] EXO's Ko Ko Bop passes 200k hearts on Melon in just TWO weeks!(Fastest Artist Ever!)

For reference, the last artist that reached this number took around 5-6 months.  EXO now hold the record for ANY artist (idol, boy/girl group, and even non-idols) of achieving this feat in the SHORTEST amount of time in just TWO weeks.

List of songs that have passed 200k hearts:

1. Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending: 298 604

2. Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower: 234 067

3. Ailee - I Will Go To You Like The First Snow: 212 036

4. BTS - Spring Day: 201 806

5. Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy: 201 580

And Now 6. EXO - Ko Ko Bop: 200 000. Congratulations EXO!


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ chuck and ned

“The mere sight of each other left the pie maker and the girl named Chuck feeling exactly like they wanted to feel: safe and warm and loved.”