Happy 1 year with NCT! ✨🎉🌸💗💖💝🎀 16.04.09.
Thank you for everything you’ve given to us in this 1 year. This is only the beginning of our beautiful road together, so let’s go on for many more happy years together. NCT, let’s go higher and higher to the limitless sky!
 “We dont have to run. Let’s just walk.”#1YearWithNCT


How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]


“Just ten days after her daughter disappeared.. Inside the garbage bag that she threw out were a pair of knit mittens.”


dream in a dream, (2017) movie posters
“I feel like I’m in the wrong world. ‘Cause I don’t belong in a world where we don’t end up together. I don’t. There are parallel universes out there where this didn’t happen. Where I was with you, and you were with me. And whatever universe that is that’s the one where my heart lives in.” - comet