listen, y’all, i loveeeee the idea of sidon going feral over a injured link and just ripping apart whatever or whoever dared to hurt him, i love protective sidon who will destroy anyone who would dare hurt his link but you know what i love just as much?

link going absolutely ballistic when something or someone ends up hurting sidon. link losing all reason for a short time and just brutalizing whatever / whoever it was that hurt sidon, his mouth bared in an animalistic snarl, his expression just seething rage, his eyes wild. all to the point that if his weapons break, he’ll use his fists and won’t stop until all that’s left is mush, until you can’t even recognize what or who it is anymore

I just love them protecting each other and going a little (a lot) overboard when the other is hurt

i hc matt was kind of a push over in grade school, not weak but like, really nice and he was kind of too trustworthy so other kids picked on him cuz ofc they do, so pidge always got into scuffles and fights protecting her big brother and matt just didn’t want her to get hurt bc of him

now flashforward abt 10 years rebel matt and paladin pidge keep jumping in front of each other during battle and they keep yelling at each other

“What‘s happening now with the DC Universe is incredible because it’s finally breaking open the way it should. Suicide Squad is just part of a larger fabric and a big surprise for the fans is gonna be surprises in the film that ripple in others so people are going to need to pay attention when they watch this one.” - David Ayer

the Suicide Squad art book just arrived and THIS QUOTE MAKES ME SO EXCIIIIITED