This is my messy work area. I’m finally working on finishing my Sailor Moon pinup. I am super stoked about it as well as some other plans that are starting to unfold. Good things be happening! I’m using my Wacom 12wx Cintiq with Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint Pro for the painting and Photoshop on my computer to do cropping and gradients. Also I added some vector cutting lines to the stickers and am getting ready to order them in!

External image

External image



The DJ looked like he was hating his life.  Your typical Hollywood nightclub.  A bunch of girls, creepy guys who are super desperate.  And oh the great stories.. “I’m a grad student getting my masters in Idaho..”  Yeah, okay Idaho.  


It’s what you all bin waiting for.

City of Angels: A Short Film.

This was filmed to promote DJ Sean Mac’s introduction to MyStudio in LA this Sunday, March 6th.

Shout Out to JL for the opportunity. TEHO Media on the production. Grand Cru, Suga Shane, DJ O-Zone, D-Win, Black Market Caviar, the gask mask girls & last but not least the oh so talented @alealimay wit the British Accent & burning Marlboro ha ha.

This is CLASSIC.