Soft Baby Mycroft

If we are talking about the John’s Mind Bungalow Theory™, look at how soft he made Mycroft.

On the plane in TAB, John saw a side of Mycroft he hadn’t seen before. He dropped the imperious mask and showed his love for his brother. John saw all of that.

*Mycroft smokes cigarettes and watches film noir and mouths along the words*
*Mycroft being tackled by baby Sherlock at the beach and smiling*
*Mycroft looking to them for help when he is at his most scared and vulnerable*
*Mycroft getting to dress up as a fisherman and join in the fun and look genuinely happy to do legwork*
*Mycroft unable to heartlessly kill someone and then vomiting at witnessing his death*
*Mycroft showing remorse for his sister and Moriarty meeting*
*Mycroft willing to sacrifice himself so that his baby brother won’t have to shoot the man he loves*
*Mycroft being cared for by Lastrade at John’s request*

So if John has always seen Mycroft as representing Sherlock’s cold, analytical side, humanizing him means that John is mirroring how he sees Sherlock now.
And that is just the sweetest damn thing I have ever seen.



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Hell, Norway

I usually don’t do giant posts about theories and whatnot but I decided to share this little snippet.

So during “Mary’s” travel montage, she passes through Norway, where she then finds the fake passport. In the Norway scene, there’s a lot of boats and water in the background, as well as the rocky hills.

Then, at the end of the episode, we’re surprised with this clip:

She doesn’t seem to be saying that in a mean tone in my opinion.

She could be saying go to Hell, as in a place called “Hell”…

Now where would we find a place called hell? what does that even mean?

Ah yes, of course, Hell, Norway

Hell, Norway is also conveniently beside water where boats are able to easily come and go. Could that be where she’s trying to lead Sherlock to? Perhaps.

It’s also slightly rumored that in the Final Problem “Holmes and Watson travel to Europe to escape Moriarty’s vengeance.”

Is she leading them to a trap? Who knows.

(shoutout to @wait-what-oops for helping me come up with this)

  • <p> <b>Me during the first half of 'The Six Thatchers':</b> haha sherlock is so sassy and baby Watson is so cute, such a chill episode<p/><b>Me during the second half of 'The Six Thatchers':</b> my brain hurts and everything's on fire<p/></p>