I need help! I’m entering a Loki inspired writing contest and I would like a few of my followers to read my story before I submit it. I am super self conscious about my writing and would like my fellow Loki fans to read the story and give honest opinions about it. 

If you are interested please drop a message in my ask. I ask that all criticism be honest and constructive. That means no “it was good” or “it could be better”. I want to know the good, bad and the ugly in infinite detail.

Thanks! : )


What can I say about the Gossip Girl series finale? I simply loved it. I wish this show had a few more seasons but I’m glad I’ve stuck around for the past 6. I will miss this show greatly and look forward to re-watching the series on Netflix. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go lay in my bed and cry the night away : )