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Top 10.

So today I’m going to be stating my top 10 FT females, males, pairings. As well as my favorite anime/mangas. I say this now. If you can’t be respectful and want to use vulgar and obscene language, then that’s your problem as a person.
But I shan’t tolerate anybody acting like their a stubborn five year old who has the unbearable ego mindset that everyone has to see things their way.

So here I go

Favorite FT Female:

1. Erza Scarlet

2. Lucy Heartfilia

3. Juvia Lockser

4. Wendy Marvel

5. Levy Mcgarden

6. Yukino Aguria

7. Aries the Ram

8. Erza Knightwalker

9. Meredy

10. Mirajane Strauss.

Favorite FT Male Characters:

1. Jellal Fernandes

2. Natsu Dragneel

3. Gajeel Redfox

4. Rouge Cheney

5.Freed Justine

6.. Bixlow

7. Laxus Dryear

8. Mystogan/ Edo Jellal

9. Erik/Cobra

10. Gray Fullbuster.

Favorite Pairings:

1. Jerza.

2. Nalu

3. Gruvia

4. Rokino

5. Rowen

6. Gajevy

7. Mystwalker.

8. Stinerva.

9. Lories

10. Mirafreed

Favorite anime/mangas:

1. Fairy Tail- both anime and manga.

2. A channel- both anime and manga.

3. Moe Kare- Manga

4. Tokyo innocent-manga

5. Vampire Sphere- either Korean or Chinese manwha. Not entirely sure ^^“

6. Inuyasha- anime mostly.

7. Code Geass-anime. Never read and don’t want to read mang

8. My bride is a mermaid-anime

9. Pokemon. I use love this anime and I still playing the games. Just that I’ve just fallen out with the anime. But I still go back from time to time.

10. Chibi vampire. The manga.

Welp. That’s my list. If you can’t agree then you very much should turn around and not say a word. It’s rude, uncouth, immature. And frankly, I’m better than getting into petty arguments with people I don’t know.


From Mashima’s Fantasia Illustrations.

The teams of the Grand Magic Games!


Fairy Tail 30 Day Challenge- Day 13: Least Favorite Arc


It’s not even that I didn’t like this arc. It had a good story, good characters and great fights and a wonderful conclusion. But it drug on forever and made the audience really care what happened to the Edolas characters to never speak of them ever again outside of the arc. The only permanent additions to the story in Earth Realm this arc ended up making was the return of Lisanna and bringing forth more Exceeds.

Also I miss Mystogan.

anonymous asked:

i notice you've never drawn Wendy... can you draw Wendy with her brothers or maybe Chelia? :D

Oh. Ohhh yeaahhh I didn’t notice wow. Wendy! Wendy is a sweetheart, and one of my fave parts in writing WAY was her moments with her brothers - so yeah nice one, anon!

Deriving clothes for the twins from their canon outfits is fun. You can probably guess which one is Mystogan and which one is Jellal.

Protip: The one who messes up the pigtail is Jellal. Always Jellal.

I’ll draw the Chendy another time!