Three Personality of Saeran Choi:

Ray : The Obsessive.

Through out V’s route, You see him not reaching crazed like he was as unknown. He has a soft spot for MC, and truly doesn’t want to hurt her.

Unknown : The Psycho.

He’s gone made at this part. And he will do anything to make 707 suffer, Even kill you. And he claims to be ‘sleeping’ inside of Ray.

Saeran : The Broken.

After being torture by his mother, Brainwashed by Rika, and believe he was abandon by seven. There is nothing left as Saeran thinks he shouldn’t be alive. (But it gets okay when he and seven makes up! ^^)  

I really do think he suffers from, Multiple Personality Disorder. One of his many mental issues.

  • Seven: i'm a man with very high standards
  • MC: *waves a Honey Buddha Chips packet in his face*
  • Seven: oh no she's meeting all my standards!

mystic-messenger-galore  asked:

Heyy, nice blog, hon! Okay, I've got something to ask, what are the rfa members + Saeran like when they are asleep? (also, good luck and I hope things go well!!)

This is so late >.<

Thank you for the ask! Also, everyone go follow the person who asked this, they have a really cool blog!!


  • Literally, a puppy, have you met him?
  • If you sleep with him he’ll probably curl up at your side.
  • If you’re not with him at night, he’ll cuddle himself up to a pillow.
  • Cuddles all night. You better pee before you lay down because this boy is locking on.
  • He’s got a vice grip, like, damn kid.
  • Doesn’t exactly snore, it’s just heavy breathing, like a borderline snore
  • Mumbles small phrases in his sleep
  • watch out for when he has wet dreams
  • He knows you find how he sleeps cute
  • Will purposely act like he’s sleeping just so you’ll lay down next to him and run your fingers through his hair like you always do bc he’s a pup
  • Has the fakest ‘just woke up’ voice ever
  • “Hnn oh hey love when did you get home?”
  • When he actually wakes up it is pretty darn cute though
  • Please cuddle this cutie, he has nightmares sometimes.


  • He’s an angel while he sleeps
  • Lookin’ all majestic over here
  • His hair sprawled out on the pillow, a gentle heavenly look on his face-
  • You actually cannot sleep with him anymore without headphones in with very loud music
  • He claims that he doesn’t
  • “It’s just light breathing!”
  • Yeah Zen, definitely, if light breathing is as loud as a lawn mower
  • You recorded it once and sent it to him
  • He never responded to that text….
  • Besides the beast like snoring, he’s very soft and warm so good cuddles for you
  • Holds you tight, but not tight enough to not be able to move
  • It’s just very pleasant
  • Plus he wakes you up in the sweetest way
  • He just runs his fingers over your sides gently, whispering softly for you to wake up
  • What a nice alarm clock you have
  • I’m jealous
  • Love this snoring babe


  • Does Jaehee even sleep half of the time??
  • The answer is no
  • Jumin piles her with work all the time, when could she find the time?
  • Half of the time she’ll says she’ll come to bed in 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes pass and you fall asleep
  • 3 hours pass and she slips into bed with you 
  • This woman needs more sleep 
  • You have to drag her to bed so she’ll go to sleep at a reasonable hour
  • Jaehee is a light sleeper so a lot of the time you have to be careful if you move too much or make any noise
  • No snoring from her, she is as quiet as a mouse
  • Totally would wake up at any moment to comfort you from a nightmare
  • She doesn’t cuddle you when she gets into bed, she too embarrassed
  • But the deeper into sleep she gets the closer she is to you
  • By morning she has her arms around you and her face in your neck
  • Lord give her a good nights rest


  • Probably has silk pajamas tbh
  • Probably bought you a pair tbh
  • Unlike Jaehee, this guy has little paperwork at night when he gets home
  • He doesn’t like to bring his work home to you
  • He’ll stay extra hours at work to finish it all
  • When he get home it’s kinda late so you’re probably already in bed waiting for him
  • After you guys turn the lights off, he pulls you close and you tell each other about how your days went
  • You both drift off to sleep somewhere in the middle of it
  • Good luck trying to shift your position
  • This man has a strong grip, no joke
  • You’re just gonna have to wait
  • Sleeps like a rock 
  • Half of the time when you wake him up for work, you’re not sure if he’s actually that deep of a sleeper or he’s just messing with you
  • He just smirked, he’s messing with you
  • Damn it Jumin


  • Another babe who doesn’t get enough rest
  • Half of the time he falls asleep at his desk
  • Most nights you have to bridal style carry him to bed for him to get off his computer
  • Honestly, though, his sleeping schedule has gotten so much better with you in his life
  • The biggest cuddler besides Yoosung
  • Would probably tell you stories before bed from when he was little
  • At these times, late at night, is when you really get to see Saeyoung’s vulnerable side 
  • He has light snores, not nearly as bad as Zen’s
  • It really isn’t a bother 
  • A lot of the time you fall asleep before him and wake up after him
  • While you’re still sleeping he likes to lay there and stare at your face
  • Not in a creepy way of course 
  • He just wants to engrave what you look like into his brain
  • Remember every little feature
  • So if you ever decide to leave him one day, he’ll remember exactly what you look like
  • Plus, he likes to drift off into sleep with you on his mind
  • Beautiful boy, isn’t he? 


  • He gets a bit nervous with you in his bed
  • This’ll pass after a while of you dating
  • A while as in a year or two….
  • But he enjoys you being there nonetheless 
  • He definitely won’t make the first move to cuddle, never
  • But if you initiate it, he won’t stop you
  • And after you’re asleep, he’ll wrap his arms around you as well and pulls you close
  • Although he would never admit it, he loves laying his head on your chest
  • Your heartbeat puts him right to sleep 
  • He often has nightmares and wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic attack
  • Just hold him close and stroke his hair, after and hour to an hour and a half he’ll calm down
  • Sing softly to him, that also helps to calm him down and coax him back into slumber 
  • Very early in the morning is when you can really see a softer side of him
  • He’s usually half asleep and very drowsy
  • And he’ll talk to you with the most gentle tone 
  • And talk to you about everything and anything
  • Once he really gets up, he’ll pretend like it never happened, honestly super embarrassed 
  • He’s such a babe, comfort him

Hope this was to your liking! Have a nice day!




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And Sunday is V day

The gist of it is that we will reblog/share all the amazing posts/art/memes we see of the certain character of the day as well as possibly draw(Dae)/write small headcannons of them throughout the day.

And I wanted to see you guys join in!!
Its way more fun if everyone participates!!!
This can be in sending us links to posts/art about the character that you have done yourself, sending (small) headcannon requests, and even just sending us asks with your headcannons of each character! Mod Koma would also love to do small crack request scenarious throughout the day as well! Lets show these guys some love♡♡

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Hello may I ask for a hc please where MC's friend flirts with the RFA? How would they respond? ^o^ Thank you for your time! Lovely blog btw~

Thank you so much~! Oooh, I really like this ask because I guess I really like jealousy asks and such. But anyway, onto the headcanons so I can stop procrastinating my actual work.

-He probably wouldn’t realize they were flirting with him, he would probably just think they were trying to be nice to him since they were MC’s friend
-He did notice MC’s slight distressed look though, there was clearly something wrong, but Yoosung wasn’t completely sure if he should act on it straight away
-Once MC left the room their friend put their hand on his thigh with a sort of seductive smile and he finally caught on
-Yoosung would stand from where he was sitting with a look of disgust
-How dare they betray MC like that? The friend knew that he was MC’s boyfriend and just didn’t care? What kind of friend is that?
-Honestly would just be speechless, like wtf, who do you think you are
-Once MC walked in he would immediately tell her what happened
- “MC, I think you shouldn’t be friends with them anymore! They plain out disrespected you!”
-Before MC could even respond, he would tell the friend to leave. He doesn’t want them anywhere near himself or the person he loves.

-To be completely honest, he would exactly realize they were technically flirting with him
-Zen would think they were just praising him and his good looks whenever the friend would compliment him
-He would catch on pretty damn quick though once he realized MC looked uncomfortable
-Literally, he is so offended by this, how dare someone betray MC like this
-Narrowing his eyes, Zen would take MC’s hand into his, standing up
-He didn’t even think this person deserved to be in MC’s presence
- “Sorry I’m not interested, I have the most beautiful person in the world by my side, so your flirting was of no use anyway.”
-With that, he would lead MC away from that excuse of a friend and once they were far enough away Zen would casually suggest losing their number.

-In Jaehee’s case, it would depend on how the person was flirting, because if they were just giving general compliments, she probably wouldn’t catch on
-But if they were making it a bit obvious like only talking about her looks or throwing subtle shade at MC, she would catch on right away
-She isn’t as angry as Yoosung and Zen, she is more confused if anything
-What inclined MC to be friends with someone like this, they’re awful
-Looking over to her partner, MC had their eyes averted down and was twiddling their thumbs, obviously unhappy
-The next time the friend said something to flirt with her, Jaehee interrupted them
- “Excuse me, but I think it’s very inappropriate of you to speak to me like this considering the person I love is sitting next to me. I would appreciate if you would stop, I’m not interested and you’re making me and the person I love uncomfortable.”
-The friend soon made an excuse and left

-It wouldn’t take much for Jumin to figure out what was going on
-Not that he took pride in this, but a lot of women flirted with him, he was the face of his company, an attractive one at that, so he could tell when someone was flirting with him
-Jumin definitely wasn’t happy
-Although he was angered by the situation, he was, similar to Jaehee, confused as to why someone would just be so desperate like this
-Becoming tired of hearing this friend, he cleared his throat to interrupt them
-“I’m sorry, but your desperate nature is getting quite irritating and there is no chance I would even look twice at someone like you, even if I wasn’t already taken so if you’ll excuse us, we’re leaving.”
-With that, he took MC’s hand and excited, not even giving the person a chance to respond.

-Meeting one of MC’s friends was already something Saeyoung wasn’t so excited about doing
-Being kind of shy around people in real life, he was sure he would have a hard time socializing
-He was pleasantly surprised, however, when he discovered that they were actually easy to talk to
-Saeyoung was having a blast making a new friend, that was until they threw out a flirt
-His laughter died down and he deadpanned and just asked “Are you flirting with me? While MC is sitting right here? That’s kind of sad, don’t you think?”
-The friend, becoming really flustered and embarrassed, got up and left without a second word
-Saeyoug hugged you and assured you that he would never leave you for someone like that, even if you weren’t really worried about it in the first place.

-Admin Char

doing Saeran's route
  • MC: I love you Saeran!<3
  • Saeran: *mutters* i love you too...
  • Mc: What?