Designing X-Women Flame Con Panel

We had a little homework for the panel and it was to redesign two characters: one of our own choosing and Kitty Pryde, who we established has often gotten the shaft when it comes to costume designs (though she’s has some really exuberant ones as well). I chose Mystique as my personal choice and really just decided to push her even more into the secret agent look she had going for awhile. It’s hard to figure out a costume for someone who can look like anyone they want. For Kitty, I was inspired by bird trainers so she’s wearing a leather glove for Lockheed and has some satchel bands creating an X across her body - which are hard to see. The rest of her outfit is an ode to the time when casual garments were paired with heroic spandex and uniform. And she got a pixie cut to make her more memorable ;)

A visit to Redwood National and State Parks is truly magical. Located in northern California, the park is home to the tallest trees in the world – the redwoods. 🌲🌲 Scotty Perkins captured this photo about a month ago as morning light streamed through the lifting fog, creating a mystical feel. Photo courtesy of Scotty Perkins.


9th July | 2015 International Comic Con - “Mockingjay - Part 2” Panel

11th July | 2015 International Comic Con - “X-Men: Apocalypse” Panel