Why seek approval? {Mystique X Reader}

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Fandom: Marvel,X-Men

Characters: Mystique

Word Count: 306

Warnings: Blood,Domestic Abuse

Drabble Friday: mystique comforting you after you run into your parent who you haven’t seen since they kick you out as a kid and they shouted abuse at you because you’re a mutant x

The sounds of the clashing of glass.
The sounds of scarring words.
The sounds of screams keeping you awake at night.

That changed into…

The sounds of the harsh rain against your flesh.
The sounds of evil men chasing you down the alleys.
The sounds of sirens to come take away the corpses you made.

And all those sounds came flooding back to you in a moment when you ran into him…

The one that made it all happen…

“Father…” You drop your cup of coffee as you bump into the man that made your childhood hell,the man that beat you and kicked you out of your home for being nothing more than a ‘filthy mutant’.

“Y/N” He says in disbelief,his face becoming an immediate frown.

You sprint past him,trying to keep your head low to the ground.

“MUTANT!” He screams,getting the attention from nearby people,causing a ruckus.

You turn around the corner and back into an alleyway and begin to cry.

You look up to find Mystique in front of you,in her human appearance.

“What’s wrong?” She kneels down beside you.

“That’s my father…” You sniffle out.

“And why did you run?” She asks,wrapping her arms around you.

“He hates mutants,he ruined my childhood,he thinks I am not good enough to be his child…” The words sting as they come out.

“And?” Mystique asks rather bluntly.

“Didn’t you listen? He hates me!” You shout at her.

“I don’t see the bother,people like him are disgusting and don’t deserve our attention.” She kisses you on the cheek.

“Then why are you looking like that right now?” You ask her passive aggressively.

“So I can do things like this.” She laughs as she pulls out the golden watch your father had when you were a child.


Designing X-Women Flame Con Panel

We had a little homework for the panel and it was to redesign two characters: one of our own choosing and Kitty Pryde, who we established has often gotten the shaft when it comes to costume designs (though she’s has some really exuberant ones as well). I chose Mystique as my personal choice and really just decided to push her even more into the secret agent look she had going for awhile. It’s hard to figure out a costume for someone who can look like anyone they want. For Kitty, I was inspired by bird trainers so she’s wearing a leather glove for Lockheed and has some satchel bands creating an X across her body - which are hard to see. The rest of her outfit is an ode to the time when casual garments were paired with heroic spandex and uniform. And she got a pixie cut to make her more memorable ;)