Just a lil smth about Kurt and Raven (mystique)

It is ENTIRELY possible that Kurt is her daughter. Raven is NOT as young as she looks, remember in X-Men: First Class when Erik said something along the lines “maybe when you’re older?” And then she CHANGER HER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE TO LOOK OLDER? Well, that did happen so just because she looks young doesn’t mean she is. And she isn’t. She is about the same age (two or three years younger maybe) as Charles and Erik, two fully grown men.

Okay. So time to dive a tiny bit deeper to prove my point. X-men: First class mainly takes place in 1962 and at this point in time we can assume that Raven at the very least 16, though more likely 17 or 18. This is where, at the end of the movie, she meets Azazel and joins Magneto’s brotherhood. We don’t know when Azezel dies but it happens in between 1962 and 1973 (when days of future past takes place) which is plenty time for them to partake in the process of reproduction. Which would mean Kurt could be from 1-11 in DoFP, keep that lil tidbit in mind. X-men: Apocalypse takes place in 1983, TEN YEARS after DoFP, SO at this point Raven is 37-39 years old. Not so young eh? This would place Kurt at being 11-21 years old in apocalypse, but as we can see, it is more likely he is aged between 18-21, possibly 17.

It is VERY possible that Raven is Kurt’s mother in this X-men movie, so please don’t say “she’s too young” because she’s really not. She just aged well.

Just needed to get that out.



Cosplayer Rebecca Lindsay wowed the crowds at New York Comic Con with this awesomely clever cosplay of Marvel’s shapeshifting mutant Mystique depicted in the middle of morphing. Lindsay’s costume is a brilliant combinaton of a blue unitard, sequence, a military uniform, a wig, and body paint. Oh yes, and one brilliant yellow contact lens:

Top photo via Redditor radicalheadphone, second photo by Rebecca Lindsay.

[via Neatorama]