Mystic Messenger : Yoosung (After Ending)
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I’ve thought of it as soon as watch after ending, “What will happen if Yoosung become a father, whether he is still a kid or not?” xD haha !!!
Maybe he needs a little time to get used to this, I’m sure he will be a good father xD. How about you ?

Hope you like it


Things about Yoosung Kim y’all seem to forget
  • likes to take on multiple hobbies
  • is actually rly fucking smart, he was at the top of his class in high school, he just doesnt put in the effort in college (can u blame him tho like depression took over this boys life)
  • he likes to cook
  • hes been asked out by multiple people throughout high school and college but just rejected them for whatever reason
  • hes a lightweight its so cute
  • he has a rly big heart like he’d take a bullet for everyone in the RFA
  • hes a mamas boy (even if he tries to deny it)
  • he loves animals
  • he hates being called a child (understandable, hes a grown ass man, hes 21 years old)
  • he thought about working for jumin directly and jumin didnt refuse (in fact hires him in jaehees route) which means yoosung is reliable and capable enough to be jumins assistant just as much as jaehee
  • can be a bit possessive
  • is super passionate
  • literally im giving u all these other qualities yoosung has because hes more than just the “cousin complex” character and hes more than just rika, he needs more love

anonymous asked:

My town was recently the site of a very large explosion, with multiple injuries and one casualty. I don't live very far from the blast site at all, a couple of blocks. I had plans to be in one of the buildings destroyed but my procrastination meant I was at home. I've really struggled mentally with it but your writing really helps ;-; can I request the RFA (plus the minor trio, maybe?) thinking something has happened to the MC after hearing about an accident and then realizing she's okay??

✿ I am so glad you’re alright! Experiences like that can really mess with you. I hope you enjoy this, and that you’re doing okay!


  • when he hears that the biochem building you have class in just exploded, this man jumps over a table to get out the door.
  • people are yelling at him, telling him to stop, don’t go over there, the police are keeping everybody away and he’s just like
  • fences. cars. barricades. people. he vaults over, ducks under, and shoves through everything like he’s some kind of parkour master.
  • emergency personnel try to stop him and he headbutts one of them in the face
  • he’s staring at this burning building, screaming your name as he desperately fights through the crowd for you when he just hears a single “Yoosung!” from behind
  • he turns and
  • there you are.
  • mussed up, panting, red in the face… but okay.
  • do you guys remember the word “glomp”, because that is what Yoosung does to you, except that’s way too cutesy a word for his literal flying tackle.
  • He just starts sobbing on you, babbling on about how he was so scared and oh my god were you in there, did you crawl out of the burning building like it was a movie
  • did a firefighter pull you out it should have been him
  • you tell him that it was much less exciting than that, you’d just gotten out of class and left when it happened, and he cries more because that’s even worse.
  • you were so close to death he is not going to let you go and, in fact, will punch the grim reaper in the face if he tries to take you.


  • his mind totally goes blank when he enters the chatroom and hears people - in a panic - talking about how there was a gas leak in the library you really like going to and how no one can contact you.
  • he’s bombarded with a flurry of questions - zen, zen, have you heard from them, are they okay - and then he just
  • leaves.
  • and starts running.
  • The director of the production he’s working on shouts after him, and he’s just running.
  • It’s a miracle that he didn’t get into an accident when he got on his motorcycle, because he had no care or concern for the speed limit. he has to find you as soon as possible.
  • the poor emergency personnel cannot answer this rabid, panicked man’s questions, so he then goes to the hospital.
  • the poor hospital staff cannot answer this rabid, panicked man’s questions, though they are pretty sure they do not have you in their care.
  • it’s then that Zen finally picks up his mcfreakin’ phone which he was ignoring the entire time to find that you’re calling him.
  • he picks up, asks you where you are, and when you say “at home” he hangs up and ZOOOOOOOOOOMS ON OVER.
  • like seriously, can tires squeal on a motorcycle. who cares if they can’t. he does so anyway.
  • there are skid marks.
  • Anyway he practically bursts down the door and just hugs you tighter than he’s ever hugged you before.


  • she hasn’t heard from you all day, which is Fine, but then she sees that there was a huge bus collision in the middle of the city and suddenly she is Very Very Much Not Fine
  • but she has to work so
  • so she
  • she send syou  a mes ahe and
  • and k es kepes at it
  • jumin finds her an hour later, staring at a wall, and he carefully asks her what she meant by this garbage, gibberish e-mail that she cc’d everyone
  • and she just
  • just stares vacantly through him.
  • okay even Jumin knows something is wrong.
  • “what’s the matter, jaehee.”
  • “mc hasn’t responded to my texts.”
  • “are you and mc having a fight?”
  • “no.”
  • “then…. why is that a problem…?”
  • and jaehee just shows him the screen with the news article she’s been trying to read and says, like a broken doll, “that’s the bus route mc takes”.
  • jumin immediately gives her the day off work, gives HIMSELF the day off work, and drags her off to find you.
  • the situation might actually be funny if jaehee weren’t emotionally dead and jumin wasn’t getting into the driver’s seat of a car. 
  • luckily driver kim sees what’s happening and stops this disaster, and he just saves the day by - very calmly - helping these morons find you.
  • when they find you at your house, thankfully having slept in instead of going anywhere, jaehee just….. sinks to her knees and clings onto your leg.
  • you’ve never seen her this hollow and torn up and it’s just.
  • she’s crying b/c she’s so happy you’re ok.


  • He’s in a meeting when he glances at his phone to check the time, and he notices a message from Jaehee asking if he’s heard from you in the past hour. Since he’s the literal master of the talking while texting, he gives his presentation on autopilot while he replies.
  • No, I haven’t. Why are you asking?
  • After about an anxious minute (which he fills by discussing sales data), he gets another message that simply says, Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle it. Focus on the meeting.
  • ok now that is the thing he wants to think about the least.
  • For a few minutes, he keeps going while - mentally - he’s a million miles away. What could be going on? Is something happening? Did he forget about an appointment or an obligation with you?
  • are you hurt or something?
  • jumin han stops abruptly, staring at the room of businessmen before him, and then says, “sorry, i left the stove on” before leaving.
  • ringadingdi- it goes directly to voicemail.
  • oh god.
  • he calls again, and again, like he’s hoping each time will produce a different result. But no. Directly to voicemail.
  • voicemail. voicemail. voicemail.
  • Finally, he calls Jaehee.
  • being one of the few people who can actually pick up the dang phone, she replies, and tells him that she’s taking care of it, go back to your meeting.
  • taking care of what, he asks, and she dances around the subject before telling him that the store you’d been planning to go to today just, um.
  • it just blew up.
  • The security guards have to tackle Jumin Han to the ground to stop him from accessing a car.
  • this man is a wreck. he is immediately on the computer, scrounging every news article and every picture he can find for a glimpse of you. All the while he’s calling people left and right, being a gigantic pain in the ass as he tries to figure out where you are.
  • Apparently, you were sleeping at home, which Jaehee discovers because she actually went to visit you. She passes the phone over to you, letting you talk to Jumin, and he’s just
  • thank god you’re alright.
  • thank god.
  • you think you can hear him crying a little bit.
  • Jaehee brings you to the C&R offices and this man RUNS OUT OF THE ELEVATOR TO MEET YOU
  • like he SLIDEEEEEEES across the tile floor and scoops you up into a hug. 
  • you spent the rest of the day directly by his side. this man is s p o o k e d.


  • the first thing he does is hack the security cameras to get a better look at the scene of the accident.
  • second thing, he turns on his police radio scanner for details.
  • the third thing he does is pray.
  • he knows that running out there won’t do anything for you or your safety, but he has to know everything, and he has to identify as soon as possible that you are okay.
  • like, he just stops being able to do anything else and hyperfocuses on collecting as much data as possible.
  • he calls hospitals. he calls you. he calls jaehee, as if praying that she’ll be able to find out where you are.
  • when you finally text him, saying that “sorry your phone died and you were in an important meeting” he just
  • he just…….
  • thanks god.
  • and tells you, over the phone, that he loves you so, so much.

a masterpiece  i did before i took my english test