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Omg love your HCs!! They are all so cute!!!! >V< can u please do RFA +V and Saeran x MC first time holding hands? Like what would their reactions be?? Again LOVE your HCs!!! Omg bye!!~~

• Honestly, it wasn’t very long in your relationship you started holding hands.
• Basically it was your first date.
• The both of you were just walking in the park together. Laughing, and getting to know each other.
• And my god you looked so perfect. He actually wanted to just kiss you. I mean, the sun was shining on your flawless skin, the wind blew stands of (H/C) hair in your was breath taking.
• He slowly inched his hand down beside yours, and began interlacing your small, delicate fingers in his larger ones.
• After that, he never really likes going out in public without your hand in his.
• This cheeky little sh-
• After he finally realized his true feelings for you, and stopping pushing everything and everyone away (anti-social much? Me too.)
• He asked you to go to a cat shelter with him.
• After all, Vanderwood didn’t say his partner couldn’t have a cat and just so happen to..bring it over. A lot.
• Does this count as your first date? Well, technically. You’ve hung out a lot, but never really anywhere but the parties and RFA members houses.
• “(Y/N)!!! This cat is just so cute! You should have it! I’ll even pay!”
• “Seven- I- I can’t take care of a cat?!”
• He B E G S.
• And for the first time, he gently grabs a hold of your hand, holding it tightly in his.
• He places a kiss on your cheek, and gives you the cutest little pouty face.
• At this point, you’re a blushing, awkward mess.
• “Uh-m uh..some soft hands you got there..”
• He smirks for a moment, before thinking of the dumbest thing he can say in that moment.
• “thanks, I use a lot of lotion. If you catch my dri-”
• But you never did seem to let go of his hand, the rest of the day, at least.
• You would think it would take a while for him to get all..lovey dovey with you.
• But it was kind of a happy medium.
• So basically, it was the 4th-5th ‘date’
• Really doesn’t want to rush things. He’s a firm believer that love takes time.
• But when it happens, it’s actually kind of sweet.
• You’re lying on his couch, waiting for him to come back in with the breakfast he ‘couldn’t wait to make for you’
• He walks in the living room to check on you, smiling over at your resting figure.
• He can’t help but want to keep walking towards you.
• And soon, he can’t even control himself?
• “Jumin? What are you-”
• He picks you up, and sets you down in his lap, all whilst placing you hand in his.
• And he doesn’t even really say much. Other than he “felt like it” when questioned on what he was doing.
• This was cute, comfortable and all, but..
• “whats that burning smell??”
• “..Shi-”
• okay this is so obvious but.
• Or at least, on your way to.
• It’s a really cold morning, the two of you have been dating for a couple weeks now. So, you decided to bundle up, and grab some coffee.
• Now, she didn’t have gloves. You would think she would, but ohhoho, Nope she is not prepared.
• Thankfully, you have a trick up your sleeve. A smoothhhh move, this way it won’t be awkward to make the move. You go, (Y/N).
• You take off the glove on one of your hands, and hand it to her.
• At this point, she’s looking between you and glove, a bit confused.
• You then place your uncovered, warm hand in her freezing one.
• “What are you waiting for, silly? Put on the other glove~”
• You smooth mother-
• She’s a blushing mess, really. But she adores you.
• Sweetbbyboy
• he’s so innocent. He’s never even held hands.
• One day, you’re playing games with him at his place, and well…beating him.
• “How are you so good at this?!” Yoosung frustratedly says.
• “I guess I’m just a pro.”
• He gives you an 'o really’ look, with the intent of picking up his game.
• But he needed motivation.
• “if I win this next round, you have to hold hands with me the rest of the day. Minus when one of us needs to go to the restroom.”
• He still lost tho, lol.
• But, you couldn’t help but want your own prize.
• “how about we do it anyways?”
• Yes, you’re that couple.
• The one that is always painfully close and always holding the others hands.
• But he loves every minute of it. And so do you.
• It was not long at allll before you help hands.
• Before he got eye surgery, he needed your “help” to get around. So, he wanted you to hold his hand and guide him around so he could get the things he needed to get.
• But he could actually see well enough.
• He just wanted to hold your hand.
• You had butterflies, he had butterflies, you two were honestly just lovey messes on the inside.
• But you loved it.
• (bonus)
• When he got the eye surgery, you had no idea. And he made you hold his hand again…however, something was off. It seemed he was bringing you along more than you were to him..
• “V- can you..”
• You were then cut off by none other than Jumin, who just so happened to be driving by.
• “V! How’d that surgery go?”
• gASP!
• Okay so he was not getting physical ATTT ALLLL!!!
• And this kind of frustrated you.
• Yes, sweetie I know you’re bad with human interaction buT WE HAVE BEEN DATING ALMOST 2 MONTHS PLS LOVE ME.
• So, RFA helped you come up with a plan. A jealously plan.
• Yep, you were gonna try and get Saeran to get all jealous and protective over you. Maybe even get him to get a little closer.
• It started small, You’d have Yoosung start flirting a little with you in the group chat.
• Plan fails, and Saeran just leaves the chats with no word.
• You knew you had to step up the game.
• One day, you and Saeran go out for a walk around town, just casually talking with each other.
• When you 'coincidentally’ run into Zen just up ahead.
• “(Y/N)! Hey! You look cute today!”
• You weren’t expecting him to say that of all things, so you couldn’t help the tiny blush that appeared on your face.
• “Awh, tha-”
• This is when you felt your hand get tightly enveloped by another.
• Saeran was jealous.
• And unafraid to show it.
• “Looks like I’m interrupting a little date~ see you on he messenger, later! Have fun you two!”
• When Zen leaves, Saeran still doesn’t let your hand go.
• “You know..this is actually kind of..nice..” He awkward says.
• From here on, he starts becoming more and more physically affectionate~ thank you, Zen!

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Hello new blog~! Can I request​ for RFA + V an Saeran reactions on MC being a piano prodigy? Thanks in advance! /huggeu

Hello!! *hugs u back*


  • She thinks your piano playing is beautiful, asks you to play for her after a stressful day
  • You sit down at the piano, fingers poised over the keys
  • “What should I play, Jaehee?”
  • Usually she’ll ask for something slow
  • Moonlight Sonata and Clair de Lune are her favorites
  • But instead she comes up behind you on the piano bench and wraps her arms around you from behind
  • She leans her head on your shoulder, lips grazing the outside of your ear
  • “Surprise me.”
  • You look down at the expanse of ebony and ivory before you, and then
  • You close your eyes
  • You start off with one note
  • And then an arpeggio in that scale
  • And you build based on that- the movement of your fingers simply second nature to you as you focus on the movement of Jaehee’s breathing against you
  • You’re no longer in control of this piece- the notes dance to the tune of Jaehee that is playing in your mind
  • And when your improvisation trails off, Jaehee sleepily nuzzles your cheek
  • “What was that one called, MC?”
  • “I think I’m going to call it ‘Jaehee.’”


  • He took piano lessons as a kid, just like all korean kids do
  • But it was always for a recital or a specific performance of some kind
  • It always felt very strict to him
  • So he’s blown away by the way you play, the way you feel the music and the way you play like the music is a part of you
  • His eyes are wide whenever he watches you play for him
  • which is all the time, at his request
  • He doesn’t really care much for classical music, because it’s all stuff he had to learn how to play
  • But he loves it when you play contemporary themes
  • He didn’t realize the piano was such a versatile instrument
  • He shyly asks you if you can teach him how to play again
  • You sit him down on the piano bench and sit down behind him, legs on either side of him
  • He automatically goes into the rigid playing position from all his piano lessons
  • You put your hands over his, fixing his pose
  • “Relax, Yoosung. Why are you so stiff?”
  • You eventually get his fingers to relax and you flip to the page for one of his favorite songs
  • You help him play at half speed, as he still remembers the notes and he is a very skilled player, if a rigid one
  • “Okay. Now I want you to do that all again, but close your eyes.”
  • “What??”
  • “Close your eyes. I’ll help you play the notes, but I want you to feel it.”
  • You guide him through the blind session, your hands over his the whole time, and you can feel him start to melt into the melody
  • He can feel the difference too, and he’s eager to try again


  • When he comes back to the penthouse and finds you missing, he’s not extremely worried
  • You were, after all, free to the premises of the entire building
  • And you were often gone to the gym or to the cafe downstairs
  • But after checking all of the usual places and finding you nowhere, he gets a little nervous
  • He hadn’t even bothered to ask his security chief about your whereabouts, but he turns to him now
  • “She said she was going to the orchestra hall, Mr. Han.”
  • He approaches the empty hall, slightly skeptical until he hears the sound of beautiful piano music coming from inside
  • He enters the hall as quietly as he can, standing against the back wall with a smile slowly growing on his face
  • The stage and the stands are both empty, but you’re seated at the piano, eyes closed as you play one of your favorite songs, Yiruma’s River Flows in You
  • He can’t believe he never knew this about you, and he can’t tear his eyes away from that look of absolute peace on your face
  • When your song draws to a close his applause rings out through the hall
  • Embarrassed, you start to move away from the piano as he walks towards you
  • “No, love, please stay. Play another for me.”
  • He’s amazed when you can play any classical piece that he requests
  • And even more amazed when you confess that you usually visit the hall when it’s empty to play the piano
  • He immediately orders a grand piano for the penthouse so you don’t have to play in an empty hall


  • He saw your piano videos a long time ago 
  • But he doesn’t bring it up until all the Saeran issues have been solved and you two move in together
  • But he surprises you one day
  • With a keyboard that he built himself
  • It has the full piano range and three working pedals
  • But it has literal thousands of instrument capabilities
  • Including one that is just Saeyoung screaming at different pitches
  • You two mess around with it for hours, laughing at some of the more ridiculous ones
  • Elizabeth the 3rd’s meow autotuned to the whole range
  • Car horns
  • He asks you to play something serious
  • So you straighten up into proper posture
  • Fingers over the keys and feet flat on the floor
  • And play Etude No. 3 in a soundfont of Vanderwood’s disinterested (and heavily autotuned) “Ya…”
  • Saeyoung is losing his shit as you continue to play as if you were in front of a crowd in an orchestra hall
  • And you solemnly stand up and bow when you’re finished
  • He wipes tears of laughter from his eyes and switches it back to the default piano setting
  • “Baby I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this sooner. You must’ve been so sad, with no piano in the apartment”
  • He doesn’t answer when you ask him how he knew to get a piano for you


  • Literally he is OVERJOYED when you first play for him
  • He brings you with him to the practice room for the first time
  • And you light up when you see the piano there- it’s been months since you’ve been able to play
  • When you tell him you can play he’s excited 
  • But he sure as hell wasn’t expecting you to tap out a full-on 5 minute jazz improvisation
  • “Babe, how are you so perfect for me??”
  • He gives you the piano music for the musical he’s rehearsing for
  • It’s easy compared to the pieces you usually play, but you help him practice for as long at he needs to
  • Once his self-allotted time is over, though, he leans over the piano to kiss you on the nose
  • “Okay, I’m done~~ So show off for me now, okay?”
  • You’re happy to oblige
  • His face lights up when he recognizes the opening of “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera
  • And you swear you see stars shining in his crimson eyes when you start to sing Christine’s part
  • He’s the only one in the room but he makes you feel like you’re playing for the real opera with the undivided attention he gives you
  • He comes in perfectly with Raoul’s verse, and nearly reels back in shock when you nail the high note in the ending
  • As soon as you’re done he’s all over you with kisses
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you were so talented?? You have to perform for the director, he has to give you a part”
  • He bugs and bugs you to audition with him, and he’s super determined to get you on stage


  • He’s been living with Seven for a few months now, but recovering from a traumatic experience like Mint Eye takes a lot more than months
  • So he still has a lot of sleepless nights
  • He’ll call you often, and you do your best to talk him to sleep
  • But it’s been bad lately
  • So when you offer to let him sleep at your place for a few nights he definitely accepts
  • You wake up in the middle of the night to find that he’s not there
  • So you shuffle out of bed and into the living room
  • Saeran is sitting on the couch, staring out the window
  • You sit down next to him, curling into his side
  • “I’m sorry I couldn’t help.”
  • “No, no, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry I woke you.”
  • “I don’t want you to spend all night here alone. Want me to play some music for you?”
  • He’s heard you play before, but usually only scales or pop songs
  • So when you sit down at your piano and weave a soft melody out of thin air he’s taken aback
  • But the lull of the notes instills in him a sense of comfort that he realizes he’s been missing these past few nights
  • He can’t tell if it’s the music or the person playing it
  • And it could very well be both
  • But he finds his eyelids drooping, his mind finally able to feel the fatigue of his body
  • When you realize he’s asleep you stop playing and pull a blanket over him
  • It’s the best sleep he’s had in years


  • Oh boy he loves you even more for it
  • The two of you are at one of V’s friends’ exhibitions at a local cafe
  • It’s very artsy kind of place, with a grand piano that is free for the public to use
  • And when you arrive someone is currently seated at it
  • But once they leave V turns to the now-empty piano
  • “I remember when my mom had me taking piano lessons. I wonder if I even remember anything from it.”
  • “Oh, I still play,” you say with a laugh, trying to downplay it
  • “You do?”
  • V’s face lights up, and you realize too late the mistake you just made
  • “Can you play something for me?”
  • He’s already ushering you to the piano before you can protest
  • And as you sit down you think about what kind of song V would like
  • You settle on a piano version of La Vie en Rose, with arpeggios and fills
  • V is rendered speechless while you play, and he hugs you afterwards
  • “MC, I had no idea!”
  • “Oh, it’s nothing really…”
  • Won’t stop giving you praises

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