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10 Creepy Haunted Hotels Where You Can Spend the Night
Hollywood is the place to see not just any old ghost... but celebrity ghosts! This 300 room hotel hosted a number of famous guests over the years, and some o...

10 Creepy Haunted Hotels Where You Can Spend the Night

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Inner Experiences During Meditation: “I saw a brilliant flame bursting forth within me, on which I kept my soul’s attention (Surat) fixed. Then, piercing the flame, my soul (Surat) proceeded onward and it reached a gateway, as it were, from where could be seen a sky studded all over with suns and moons. By your Grace and Compassion have I been able to partake of the bliss of Higher Regions. I have told you all about my experiences. Whatever other inner experiences I may have in future, I shall come to relate at your holy feet.” (Shyama, disciple of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India)