A week of synchronicity, culminating during a mystical experience that I had last night:

I have been working through a severe depression for the last year, which peaked shortly after a traumatic family trip to Japan this past September and has been waxing and waning since. On May 1, as the full moon approached, I asked (begged, pleaded) for the full moon to help lift me out what has become an unbearable mode of being. Later that night, after a sudden realization about my mental frequency, I began doing positive affirmations again, which I wrote about earlier this week.

On May 3, I read my I Ching of the day, which was the Returning hexagram, stating: “There is a turning point that recharges you. It is associated with the turning of darkness back toward the light – the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the day when darkness begins to decrease and the hours of daylight increase. It is the beginning of a turnaround — a time for letting go of the old and making way for the new; a time of new beginnings — and it starts with rest. Don’t move too fast. The new momentum is just beginning; the turnaround demands that your energy be recharged by adequate rest, so that your life force will not be spent prematurely. This principle of hibernation, of allowing energy to renew itself and be strengthened by rest, applies to many situations: recuperation after an illness; the slow return of trust after a period of estrangement; the careful development of new relationships after a splitting apart of old ones.”

This reading felt very hopeful to me, as I have felt like this depression has been a prominent part of an extended, deep state of hibernation. This primarily bedridden state between rest, anxiety, and anguish has been necessary for me to process, heal, and reflect on a lifetime’s worth of emotional trauma. I do not feel ready to jump out of this state of rest, though I finally sense its waning.

Later that night (May 3), I repeated the Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru mantra for an hour; a mantra intended to manifest miracles that “lives in the realm of the heart and operates on a frequency beyond comprehension.” I recognized the energetic power of sound when I visited a sound healer late last year. Sound, fundamentally, is frequency, pattern, and vibration, and certain sounds align specific energy centers in the self with subtle universal frequencies.

The morning after practicing the Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru mantra, I took a long walk (in which I found a heart-shaped leaf) and sang the mantra to myself throughout the day as a way for consciously calling in a miracle.

During the last few hours of sunlight, I did the finishing touches on my art and poetry book in passing. (that I will be releasing on CreateSpace very soon). I added a few more poems, touched up some illustrations, and soaked in the book as a whole. I realized how often I mentioned the moon, noting the significance of the moon’s phases and pulls in my life as a menstruating woman and human of water / earth.

Midnight approached. After a year of compiling this work, I finally felt complete and pressed “send.” Immediately afterwards, the dogs started barking. I took them into the backyard and looked at the moon. Standing there shivering and barefoot, I noticed a vibrancy emanating from the moon that I had never seen before. What was at first a small blue aura began pulsating and expanding gracefully from the inside out as white, blue, and purple with a yellow lining. What looked like the singular body of a being that comprised of many beings began taking shape beneath the moon. Beams of white light extended from the bottom towards my hand.

There were no words. For moments existing as their own eternity, I felt the divine communicating through the moon with me, or rather, the spirit world entering this dimension through the moon. I put my hand out to the light and felt a warm embrace. I felt surrender, opening, and reception. I was reminded of a dream I had as a child, in which I passed away and jumped from Earth into the moon, bathing in its waters in solitude. I wept and I was not afraid. There was only myself, the moon, and all that is all at once, silently answering what I have been calling for: help, care, and love.

Accounts of mystical experiences bear a striking resemblance to each other across various faiths, languages, and practices. After attempting to illustrate my experience, I recognized the uncanny parallels of this phenomenon with apparitions of the Virgin Mary, the Catholic symbol that represents the messenger of the divine. After doing a bit of research, encounters with the Virgin Mary are said to be “an authentic apparition believed not to be a subjective experience, but a real and objective intervention of divine power. Apparitions of Mary are held as evidence of her active presence in which she cares for those who still journey on Earth. In the month of May, the benefits of God’s mercy come down to us from her throne of greater abundance.”

This Catholic interpretation of the mystical experience I had reaffirmed my beliefs about encountering the tenderness of the divine through the moon as a messenger. The universe is not indifferent to us.

It is now May, and my We’Moon horoscope of the year closed with the following: “Mid-year on, ancestors and guardian angels gather to elevate your consciousness. Their protective presence reminds you how precious you are, that your needs will be met. You are resolving ancient stories – healing family history – to clear the way for those yet to come.”

Spirit world, I feel your help and your presence with me. Thank you.

The Purpose of This Human Form – Verses of Sant Dadu Dayal, the Compassionate Mystic

One dedicated to the immutable
is established in the immutable,
While one in pursuit of the transient
is lost in the transient.
Give up all things transient, says Dadu,
And be absorbed in the immutable.

What is the use of living for ten million years?
What is to be gained by being immortal?
Without the Nectar of love and devotion to God,
What worth is there in life, O Dadu?

Eaten by rust day by day,
iron is slowly reduced to dust.
Without God – the philosopher’s stone – life,
like iron, is simply lost somewhere, says Dadu.

Through contact with the philospher’s stone,
iron transforms its nature;
Through contact with one’s Beloved,
one is likewise converted into gold, says Dadu.

Kicking aside the diamond,
one picks up a pebble.
Casting aside the Supreme Lord,
one is engrossed in worldly life.
All are buying waste materials;
no one takes the diamond.
A jeweller will take the diamond
and will pay whatever price is asked.

One is left with remorse that his life
could not be concentrated on its proper goal
This body is simply wasted
if not utilized in the service of God.

Time was passes in useless rambling;
nothing was achieved.
Without devotion to the Lord
one repents, says Dadu.

So priceless is this birth, O friend,
That by assuming it, the Supreme Lord can be met.
The soul herein drinks the Nectar of love
And enjoys the bliss of eternal union.
The soul comes to be absorbed in God and regains
The heritage of immortal treasure in its entirety.
She touches and sees the Lord directly;
On meeting the Supreme Lord, she merges in Him.
Such a birth cannot be obtained again, O friend.
Why do you waste this jewel? says Dadu.

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Rune of the Week: Inguz

Translation: seed or the earth god Ing  

Symbolism: The symbolism of this rune can be found in the juxtaposition of two individual representations of Gyfu (Gebo) which, together, result in the act of creation rendered through a mutual exchange of gifts. In a word, sex. Additionally, it has been said that this pictogram is intended to represent the birth canal or a vagina. (x)

Key Concepts: isolation, gestation, fertility, sexuality, masculine energy, creative potential, development, patience, maturity, internal growth, transformation, integration; or impotence, frivolity, immaturity, immobility, restlessness, impatience

Magical Uses: initiate growth, aid manifesting reality, encourage introspection, facilitate energetic centering, induce meditative states, restore sexuality, promote integration, understand male mysteries

Phonetic Value: NG

Number: 22

Color: yellow

Polarity: masculine

Element: earth and water

Gemstone: amber

Mythology:  Ing (a.k.a. Yngvi), Frey

Taurus (zodiac), Venus (celestial body)

Rune Poem:

Ing was amongst the East-Danes first seen by men,
Till later east he went over the wave;
His wain followed after;
The Heardings named the hero so.

Relevant Quote:  

“Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness
can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.” (x)

Personal Interpretation:

Inguz epitomizes the energy of a seed. It is fascinating to realize that something so small, dormant, and seemingly lifeless has the potential to develop into something so vital and radiant– so long as it is subjected to the proper conditions. Without the darkness and isolation provided by the earth it is buried in, as seed will be nothing more than a seed. While it is brimming with potent energy waiting to be released, it must be provided with elements outside of itself in order to flourish.

In the same way that a seed cannot thrive in the sunlight alone, the human psyche cannot develop solely in the light of spiritual contentment. We must first be prepared and determined enough to pierce through our hard outer shells and face the darkness that awaits before we can emerge into the sunlight. We must endure that darkness, times of loneliness, strife, and turmoil, before we can readily absorb and utilize the sunlight above. We must establish our roots before we can blossom into the refined beings we are meant to be.


Angels and Demons

Modern people, conditioned by countless depictions of angels, have entirely lost touch with the understanding of spirit entities that existed in antiquity. Even as Christianity corrupted the term demon – originally (daimon), [which] referred to a being greater than a human, but of lesser rank than a god – giving it a permanent connotation of evil, so angel or (angelos)-has been similarly distorted from its original sense. In classical Greek, the word meant messenger, and the related (angelia), report or message. A being of intermediate rank that communicates between the gods and men is an extension of that basic meaning.

Robert Conner-Jesus the Sorcerer

Image Credit- Angel by Mettyori of Deviantart
Image Credit- Demon:Naberius by Deicalviz of Deviantart