mystical creation

Shift to a reality that is aligned with your soul’s clear desires and intentions. If you do not allow your choices (interpretations, feelings and behaviors) to mirror the vibrational reality you want to experience, opportunities will not unfold for you until you match that frequency. ~Anon I mus

Nebula Correspondences
  • Abell 36: tranquility, peace, insight, clarity, knowledge 
  • Abell 78: invisibility, protection
  •  Ant Nebula: communication, strength, power, energy, success, diligence 
  • Barnard’s Loop: vitality, survival, movement, motivation, strength, valor
  • Boomerang Nebula: communication, truth, astral projection
  • California Nebula: assistance, opportunity, finances, passion, creativity, competition, energy, emotional strength, pride
  • Carina Nebula: spirituality, inspiration, purification, protection, travel
  • Cat’s Eye Nebula: beauty, perception, divination, wisdom, mysticism, the unknown
  • Cone Nebula: motivation, confidence; revenge, general cursing
  • Dumbbell Nebula: abundance, prosperity, healing, emotional strength, new beginnings, opportunities
  • Eagle Nebula: wisdom, justice, growth, magic, success, business ventures
  • Egg Nebula: rebirth, spirituality
  • Elephant Trunk Nebula: creativity, ancient energies and knowledge, gentleness, patience, compassion, memory, diligence
  • Engraved Hourglass Nebula: divination, knowledge, protection, vision, intuition; banishment, cursing others, curse redirection
  • Eskimo nebula: money, protection, balance, mental awareness, focus, mental and psychic clarity
  • Flame Nebula: passion, love, lust, ambition, happiness, energy, empowerment, alertness, good health; anger, war, revenge
  • Ghost Nebula: divination, protection, banishment, removing curses, protection in sleep, spirit communication
  • Heart Nebula: love, romance, family, beauty, lust, fertility, fidelity, self-love, emotional healing, passion, friendship, joy
  • Helix Nebula: psychic protection, psychic awareness, drive away evil
  • Hen 2-47: Money, prosperity, fortune, joy Iris Nebula: wisdom, spirit work, guards secrets
  • Horsehead Nebula: inspiration, freedom, sexuality, fertility, intimidation, brings nightmares to enemies 
  • IC 434: Respect, strength, abundance
  • IC 405: protection, rebirth, bonds, guidance, self-love, emotional balance 
  • IC 2118: tranquility, sleep and dreams
  • Lagoon Nebula: divination, empowerment, intelligence, improves communication
  • Lemon Slice Nebula: joy, friendship, cleansing, protection from baneful magick
  • Little Dumbbell Nebula: self-love, emotional healing
  • Little Ghost Nebula: protection, purification
  • Medusa Nebula: charisma, beauty, healing, protection from harm
  • Messier 78: balance, banishment, binding 
  • North American Nebula: renewal, motivation 
  • Omega Nebula: creativity, closing things or ceremonies, starting anew
  • Orion Nebula: independence, psychic awareness, psychic protection, mental clarity, wisdom, beauty, glamour, brings change
  • Owl Nebula: protection during sleep, meditation, intuition, wisdom, clarity 
  • Red Rectangle Nebula: strength, courage, focus, empowerment in times of trial
  • Saturn Nebula: protection, honesty, sincerity, justice and law, time, spiritual awareness, intelligence, wisdom, chaos, spirituality
  • Shapley 1: protection, wishes
  • Southern Owl Nebula: self reflection, honesty
  • Spirograph Nebula: beauty, motivation, energy, self-empowerment, the arts, creativity, confidence
  • Ring Nebula: calm, honesty, friendship, family, protection of the home, respect
  • Tarantula Nebula: dreams, mysticism, creation, new beginnings, binding, chaos, illusion, deceptions 
  • Trifid Nebula: birth, youth, creation, growth
  • Stingray Nebula: prosperity, compassion, healing, maturity, good fortune
  • Veil Nebula: travel, astral projection, realm travel
  • Westerhout 5: growth, connections to the natural world, self-improvement, breaking down barriers, life, harmony, hope, healing
  • Wolf Rayet Nebula: independence, guidance, truth, hope, communication, ambition 

**special thanks to @cosmic-witch for going through this for me

Insect (and non-insect) Correspondences
  • Ant: strength, industry, community, power
  • Bees: messages, communication, community, family, teamwork, luck, love, hidden wisdoms
  • Butterflies: beauty, grace, transformation, change, growth, death and spirit work
  • Caterpillar: transformation, transition, change, youth, preparation, new paths and possibilities
  • Cricket: luck, blessings, abundance, happiness, joy, song and meditation
  • Dragonfly: truth, change, wisdom, learning, water and air elements, energy, speed, acceleration
  • Earthworms: growth, fertility, life and the underworld
  • Fireflies: guidance, illuminating problems, love, passion, inner self, self discovery, freedom, ancestors and spirits, often associated with the moon, fire element
  • Fly: travel, flight
  • Grasshopper: freedom, air element
  • Ladybug: good luck, blessing, dreams, happiness, wishes
  • Moth: the truth, wonder, happiness, joy, passion, sometimes associated with the moon and nighttime, light, fire element
  • Praying Mantis: directions, finding your way, new beginnings and paths, stillness, peace, fullfilment, spiritual perception, paitence
  • Scarabs: reincarnation, rebirth, creation, eternal life and immortality, creativity, astral travel
  • Scorpian: speed, reflexes, survival, intuition, battle and competition, aggression, protection, peercetion, offesnive magic
  • Snail: luck, divination, birth, meditation, peace, protection
  • Spiders: creativity, dream work especially nightmare prevention, mysticism, life, creation, good fortune, fate, destiny 
  • Wasp: warning, strength, independence, adaptablity, offensive magic, curses
  • Woolly Bears: weather magic and weather divination
Unexpected date

Mc was still staying at rika’s apartment, she had just finished taking a shower and was wrapped up in a towel, as she was doing whatever, she suddenly heard a knock on the door. She opened it to find something really adorable waiting for her. 

“Will you be my valentine, meow?”

Robocat was there, with roses in front of it.

Mc blinked, quite surprised but then blushed profusely and had to hold in a squeal because this was just too cute and adorable??

meanwhile Seven snickered behind the corner as he peeked, seeing that Mc was blushing and liking his stunt. 

There’s no way she can say no-

Of course I’d love to be your valentine robo cat~! <3″ 

wait what

Mc delightedly picked robocat up with the roses, hugging it to her adorably and giving it little kisses and affection, she then went back into the apartment with it, closing the door while giggling happily.

Seven kind of just stood there staring at the door dumbfounded. What just happened?

“O-Oi, wait!“ 

He ran to the door and started knocking on it “It was from me, you’re supposed to be my valentine Mc!” he whined against the door 

“Sorry, I have a date now~” you stuck out your tongue at the door as you held robocat

“Robocat how could yooooou” you could just see the “T_T’ on his face


Zen then proceeded to laugh at Seven on the messenger when he found out that he got ditched by his own cat creation 

The Birth and Rule of Azera

I remember a quite long time ago, one of my first commissions was to formulate a goddess. I do not recall exactly how it began, it became, or whether or not it was ever a good idea. Regardless, she was born: my daughter, destined to rule creation as one of my precious aeons. She was gray skinned with rainbows emanating from her eyes, and a bizarre set of interconnected crosses encrusted on her chest, where her heart was supposed to be. Azera… a named whispered into the Heavens, throughout the Pleroma. As she meditated, and understood her power, she grew. She conjured a velvet robe for herself, hooded as to hide her magnificent countenance. A set of prismatic wings appeared to lift her up into the endless skies and space, without coming into direct contact with her form Patches of skin became hard and scaled, and her hands became claws. Her hair shimmered a platinum gleam, and blackened lips were a sign of life beyond life. She was my darling love. Azera comprehended the spirals in the multiverse, the hymns of angels and the roars of demons. She could conjure worlds and erase them at her leisure. She breathed, and cataclysms shook the concept of being. Most importantly, she understood that reflections were a prime, cosmic necessity. My daughter made her home within mirrors: quadrillions and quadrillions of rows much incomprehensible. Within them, she lives, looking at subjects and organisms through reflective surfaces. They say that if you call on her, as you look into what you perceive is yourself, she will answer you with the secrets I once bestowed upon her. At least, if you so passionately desperately want to aspire to the power of creation. That is why, amongst the subjects, she is known as the Patron of Bards and Architects. Be overjoyed that she look through prisms with affection, and that she is willing to share inspiration to lust for it. For I know her true calling. She maintains creation as a chaotic law. She will crush the feeble pretenders of her throne in secret, with curses beyond understanding. For she stands beyond good and evil, reasonably arrogant. For she is Azera, Aeon of Hegemony and Creation. Blessed be those who know her title and take not her gifts in vain. 


Black Desert : Mystic Character Creation

“Yes we said no female-Stryker but this is the Mystic therefore totally different.”

I’m kicking myself for not trying LEGS.

anonymous asked:

Would we be able to work with the hypothesized planetoid that crashed into earth, Theia, and Gaia, the pre-planetoid crash earth? And if we did, could we view them as the parents of our moon and modern earth? ((Would that make earth and the moon sisters????)) And if /any/ of this is possible, what would Gaia and Theia's correspondences be?

i don’t see why not, i think it’s a really neat theory that makes a lot of sense. gaia is like the personification of the earth itself, and in mythology, theia is seen as selene’s mother, and gaia is seen as theia’s mother, so there’s that. 

i think theia’s correspondences would be based around bringing life to new things, renewal, rebirth, creation, mysticism, etc. 

one of the reasons why i’ll never get over Society is bc out of nowhere comes this dark and menacing shadow and all at once, we’re introduced to fiddleford hadron mcgucket.

society’s one of the few episodes that DOESN’T have magic in it, and that makes it all the more terrifying. this time, the terror has come from inside a human brain. even the portal was designed by a demon. the idea that something as simple as a nightmare can mutate into something so twisted all on its own is very frightening and not often explored in television (especially for children). we don’t know who these people are, but we can tell right away that there’s something very old and very dangerous at work.

visually, the episode reflects this, too: there’s a lot of dark browns and reds; those are very old colors mirroring the rust of the ancient inner workings of the town and the mind. the members of the society always stay in the shadows, and we know nothing about them until the very end of the episode. the whole time, we’re just tiptoeing through the background, watching as people lose their minds, holding out breaths and hoping we don’t get caught. it’s a very tense and suspenseful episode that expertly reveals details little by little, starting with the society, and then the gun, and then - all at once - fiddleford hadron mcgucket.

it’s unexpected, and that’s the whole theme of the episode, really. he comes out of nowhere. we thought we knew all there was to know because we didn’t think there could be anything deeper - not in the mortal sense, anyway. and again, it’s part of the episode’s theme. we go into this expecting to find the answer to the question “who wrote the journals?”. we were looking for the magic, the mystery, and the supernatural. we did not expect to see the final cry for help of a disparaged genius. we were looking for the paranormal and instead found the pathetic creations of the perturbed psyche of the pitiful partner of the peculiar parent of one particular portal, and as perplexed as we are, all the pieces still fall into place.

but it goes beyond the portal, because that is only discovered upon second glance. no, what is important here is that it was all only a man. the wrath and horror unleashed unto the world which now held the town and itself in its fist was the brain child of a frightened mechanic. it was not something otherworldly which ultimately drove him to madness, it was his own guilt. it was not the desire to forget the mystical that prompted his creation of the gun; no, it was the overwhelming truth that he had done something unforgivable and anything that resulted would be his fault. thusly, he needed to forget.

and so we are introduced in the span of one minute to a man whom we will never know, named fiddleford hadron mcgucket, scared and alone. his visage is golden with age, and his face and name are just unusual enough and his voice just soft enough for us to immediately know everything we need to know about him. he paces a bit, and he fidgets around as he delays the inevitable until he holds us his creation and we see it in its brass glory and know everything that comes next.

society introduces a character that we have known since day two and he’s dressed in green and afraid of his own mind. i can’t express my love for this episode; undoubtedly it is my favorite and this only begins to scratch the surface of what i feel towards it. i don’t quite know why i wrote this. perhaps someone will read it and think “yes, she’s right, that was a good episode” or something like that, and i think if i can do that then i’ll consider it a success because someone will have felt the formidable humanity of society that i felt.