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What if the real reason V missed out majority of the 11 day RFA fiasco is because he’s too busy being Viktor???? 

Viktor looked like V during that skinny dipping with Chris too ok

Yes, I am Yuri!!! Messenger and Mystic on Ice trash

“I’m scared of loving you”

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Featuring: Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore

Words: 1380

Warning: swearing

Tag: @vashanatasha

Request: OH, could you write #6 “I’m scared of loving you” with Kai from Tvd?

Note: I know I already wrote this promt with Bucky Barnes but since Kai belongs to a complete different fandom and I liked the idea of this promt with him I decided to do it anyway, hope you like it!

Ps: I hope it’s ok since it is the first time ever I write about TVD.

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Growing up in Mystic Falls you never thought things would ended up this way. It had always been a quiet place where people grew up and died peacefully. Or so you thought. As you grew up being the sheriff’s niece, you started realising how strange all those deaths by “animal attack” actually were. You had been in the woods so many times and you never saw a single wild animal. So where did they come from those that attack people? It just didn’t make sense.

You spent years looking for an answer and once you found it, you wish you never had. Vampires. Mystic Falls was crowded with them, they lived with you and there were more and more every year. It was just crazy. Vampires weren’t supposed to be real but when you told your cousin, Caroline, about it, she just freaked you out even more. She was a vampire as well, just like Elena and the Salvatore brothers. You always thought there was something odd about them but you never thought it would be that.

Since the moment you found out about vampires you became their “protected”. Especially from the new Parker guy in town. They didn’t trust him and you couldn’t blame them, he had a reputation and even when you two were friends, you knew what he had done in the past.

You met him the moment he came in town, fucking your peace up during weeks but, for some reason, he gave up just when he was about to get what he wanted the most: to get all his family power. Nobody knew what had stopped him but you were happy believing that you had something to do with it, even when no one believed you.

“So you got away from your babysitter?” He asked you the moment you took a seat in front of him at the Grill.

“Shut up, Parker”, you said rolling your eyes. “You know they’re just worried”, you shrugged.

“It’s stupid. If I wanted to hurt you I would have done it weeks ago and yet, here you are, safe and sound” he said smiling at you.

“I know but…” you sighed and shook your head. “Just let them be”, you finally said.

“Ok”, he huffed and looked around. “You gotta be kidding me…” He mumbled looking at the door.

You frowned at his tone and turned around, frowning even more when you saw Damon and Stefan walking in the bar. It had to be a joke. They promised they would give you space.

“Excuse me”, you said before getting up and walking towards them. “What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Just having some drinks”, Damon replied innocently but you knew him better than that.

“And couldn’t you do such thing at your own personal bar in your own personal mansion?” You snapped sarcastic.

“Oh c’mon, it’s not that fun”, he smirked.

“You came to spy on me”, you crossed your arms looking at them.

“Not exactly true. We came to spy on him”, you looked at where he was pointing. It didn’t surprise you to see that he was looking at Kai.

“I hate you guys, we are just having some dinner. What’s the problem?” You asked looking at both of them.

“The problem is the way he looks at you”, Stefan sighed. Confused, you looked at him. “He loves you and we don’t trust him”

Your breath got caught in your throat as they said that. Of course you didn’t believe him but the chance of Kai loving you was scaring. You did trust him, you thought he was hot and handsome, and an amazing friend, but you just couldn’t ignore all those comments and stories surrounding him.

“He doesn’t love me. We are just friends so can you please stop all this stalking protective shit?” You said.

Before they could say anything else you went back to the table but instead of sitting again, you took Kai’s hand and walked out of the Grill. It wasn’t the only place where you could have dinner together.

“Where are we going?”  He asked you when you got into your car. Since you didn’t reply he just got in with you.

“There is one place where they can come in”, you told him.

You had your own apartment in town where you had allowed many vampires to come in but none of them had ever been in your cabin. It was old and little, but vampires weren’t allowed to go in and you weren’t going to invite them. On the way there you just stopped to get some food from your apartment and then you drove all the way to the woods to the cabin.

“I heard what Stefan said”, Kai said after a while. You gulped but didn’t look at him. “What do you think?”

“I think that you’re a great friend Kai…” you whispered. “And I think this is not a conversation I want to have while I’m driving”, you added with a sigh.

You felt his eyes on you but you just ignored him, there was nothing to say, not at that moment at least. Lucky for you, he said nothing and let you drive which was relieving. Thirty minutes later you got the small cabin and he was the first one getting out of the car, slamming the door behind him. Damn, he was mad and he was scary when he was mad.

Biting your lip, you got out of the car and locked it before walking the cabin and opening the door so you two could walk in. While he looked around the place, you turned on the lights and put everything in the fridge.

“Are you hungry?” You asked cautiously.

“No”, he said simply.

You bite your lip at his tone and looked down. So he really wanted to talk about that thing.

“What’s wrong?” You asked not moving from where you were.

“You know what’s wrong”, he said turning to look at you. His blue eyes were dark with anger and frustration and, to you, he never looked better. “Why can’t we talk about what Stefan said?”

“Kai…” You looked away and took a deep breath. “I’ve been controlling these feelings for months now, I don’t want to…let them flow. It would be bad”, you tried to explain.

“Why would it be bad if those feelings are reciprocate?”

“Because…” You bite your lip and looked at him. “It’s dangerous. You…you are dangerous, Kai. You know you are. We are friends, good friends and yeah, I wish we were more but… I’m scared”

“Are you scared of me?” He asked frowning, looking hurt.

“I’m scared of loving you.” You admitted. “I’m scared of saying the wrong thing and making you angry, I’m scared of falling too hard and-“

“I’ll catch you”, he said immediately. “If you fall I’ll be there, always, to catch you. Every single time. It doesn’t matter how high you are, I will be there”, he said making your heart melt a little. “Stefan was right. I do love you and I’ve been waiting all these months for you to realise it, but you didn’t. I know the things I did, I know they were wrong but… I want to make the right thing for you, because you deserve a better man, a better Kai and I want to be the best for you.”

“You don’t change Kai…you love…yourself”, you chuckled looking down.

“So does Damon and he changed for Elena, right?” He asked making you look up. He walked towards you and took your face in his hands. “I love you more than I love myself”, he whispered making you blush a little.

“That’s like…a lot”, you mumbled.

“I know it is”, he smiled pulling your face gently to his and kissing you softly. “Be mine, please”, he whispered pulling away enough just to look at you properly.

“You’re insane, Parker, you know that?” You smiled placing your hands on his waist and moving a step closer.

“You drive me insane, you know that?” He mocked you making you laugh.

“I love you too”, you finally admitted before closing the gap between you two to kiss him again, not pulling away this time since no words were necessary anymore.
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