mystical abstraction

Astrological Rulerships

Aries: adrenalin, brimstone, eyes, metal, caustic words, vertigo, courage, fevers, initiative, leaders, nettles, military, tools, adventure

Taurus: actors, bonnets, architecture, art dealers, pastels, coins, copper, dancers, alabaster, daisies, jewels and rings, culture

Gemini: paths, letters, bookstores and libraries, lectures, dexterity, brotherhood and kin, collar bones, gossip, hallways, typewriters, breath

Cancer: water lilies, bakeries, silver, canals and fountains, iridescence, cities, onyx, gardens, introversion, pearls

Leo: emblems, ballrooms, monarchs, betting, cinemas and theaters, gold, crowns, gin, parties, romance, circuses

Virgo: healing, bees, craftsmanship, satire, desks, sewing, groves and greenhouses, porcelain, fields, editors

Libra: white roses, alliances, fine arts, balance, affection, doves, boudoirs, crimson, diamonds, music and pianos, dressing rooms

Scorpio: iron, brambles, transformation, espionage, hate and passion, sarcasm, witchcraft, detectives, poisonous plants

Sagittarius: abundance, hunting, prophecy, exploration, higher learning, philosophy, faith, ardor and devotion

Capricorn: frost, coal, abbeys, bricks and cement, leather, clocks, night watch, integrity, crystals, sculptures

Aquarius: wishes, electricity, radios, aeronautics, free will, idealism, light, astrology, paradoxes, rebellions

Pisces: escape, the abstract, mystics, charity, stockings, salt water, fog, bartenders, asylums and hospitals, coral

childhood behaviors - 4th House (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

Jupiter in the 4th House indicates that the child could have been very wise and spiritual from a young age, perhaps these children had developed certain ideologies growing up. It’s possible that they also were described as being “over-the-top” or maybe these individuals were excessive in everything that they did - excessively talkative, excessively energetic, excessively indulgent in terms of the things that they enjoy. May have attracted lots of good fortune too.

Saturn in the 4th House indicates that the child could have been extremely disciplined and was taught to behave properly and politely. They responded well to authority and respected the rules, and were fond of structures and firm daily routines. These children matured quickly and understood what’s acceptable and what isn’t. They also probably were well-mannered in public. In addition, they may have been good teachers, possibly teaching their siblings how to do homework or they knew how to assemble complex stuff.

Uranus in the 4th House indicates that the child could have felt very different from the rest, and may have been an outcast in the family due to their eccentric personalities. Could have developed strange/unique interests that are uncommon for most children. It’s likely that they were told that they’re too weird. These children probably rebelled against their parents or against people in general, either by doing their own thing and criticizing social norms or by acting out to make a statement. This child is also technology savvy and thought outside-the-box.

Neptune in the 4th House indicates that the child could have felt lost and confused during their upbringing, and believing that they almost didn’t really belong in their home or to their parents. They most likely had frequent dreams and loved to daydream, and could have been developed a fantastical imagination, being gifted in writing mystical stories or painting abstract things. This child had an outstanding intuition and was gifted with otherworldly empathy, always feeling that they could relate to others no matter the circumstance.

Pluto in the 4th House indicates that the child could have been viewed as the dark one in the family, perhaps preferring to be on their own and kept to themselves. May have been quiet and brooding, constantly dissecting those around them. These children were faced to confront the malevolence of their home or even the evilness of the world at a young age, experiencing things that are maybe a bit too harmful for children. Thus, they aimed to protect themselves. Could have been paranoid or suspicious of others’ intentions.

Part 1: the inner planets


Episode 40: Hilma AF

1. Hilma af Klint at the Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm, 1885.

2. Hilma af Klint, The Swan No. 1, 1915.

3. Hilma af Klint, Parsifal Series No. 1, 1916. 

4. Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece, No. 1, Group X, 1907.

5. Hilma af Klint, Svanen (The Swan) No. 17, Group IX:SUW, The SUW:UW Series, 1914-1915.

6. Hilma af Klint, Group IV, No. 3. The Ten Largest, Youth, 1907.

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