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Behind the scenes with Candice Accola and Nina Dobrev :)


I am addicted to this video. My God. Irish accents, and TVD. What more can a girl ask for? <3

Includes Matt Davis, Paul Wesley, Sara Canning and Kat Graham. Warning: don’t watch if you need a piss! xDD 

Log 261

Location: corsairs stronghold
Situation: Why… Just why

I dont know why BHS/EME decided to make the que only two man instead of 5 man, it will always be a mystery to me. We used to be able to carry 15 derps with a good 5 man team but oh well.. Sometimes my stubbornness is stronger than my smarts and I didn’t want to let a day go by without getting the sea chest but it was late and no one wanted to go so I did the unthinkable.. I solo qued..
The loading screen put me on the attack base, to the usual chant of “who wants lead?” Being spammed on notice.. Instant regret, I charmed us and put up endurance buff. While people kept passing lead like it was a ticking bomb I inspected one of the people.. Pve crystals.. the squiggly levl 48 ones.. just my luck I inspect another.. No crystals. Ok. This was gonna be interesting…
Someone started yelling 20/20 south when the lead was saying north.. The leader then decided south was a better plan and started spamming 20/20 south too. The gates opened and I ran south and started debuffing the gate.. That’s when I noticed we were only 7 at the door.. there were 3 people randomly at North and both ships were filled and moving.. Awesome.
As both ships were blown up people returned to our gate and started dpsing until we got the door down.
We ran to mid to be met with 15 people waiting for would have thought that with two priests and two lancers in the party we would have had enough kaias/rallyng to not get kd while we get to the pyre but apparently they were either too low levled or simply not using their skills. After a few tries, failed tries, ofc. People just decided to go for ladders/inner gate.. everyone was so spread out
Someone randomly got in and kissed the crystal before dying and apparently that was enough encouragement for everyone to focus on the door. We had 30 sec left when group of 3 people at mid randomly capped it for 3 seconds and lost it again, but at least it was extra time. One of the ladders was weak and the leader finally talked for second time “go left inner” I climbed and managed to survive the not-exactly-weak ladder and run inside put a thrall to shoot the crystal and started kiting the 5 people that were inside. I expected more ppl to get in but the only ones to get there were more enemies, by the time I died 70% hp remained on the crystal, inners were sacked,we had no pyres and time was almost out, great.
Second round! Ok we just need a good defense. I charmed us again, we can do this IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL ACHIEVE. As I leave the platform I saw someone hiding behind the ramp auto attacking a wall.. These are the things that make me wish I could actually be in the game, get close and creepily whisper in their ear “I see youuu”. Anyways, I ran to mid, as usual no one was capping mid so I took care of it and started dropping motes all over the place, it seemed our pvp happy team was doing better in this round, the door wasn’t down yet but we had killed both ships and there were people at inners. Ok we were ready cannons were armed and we had people. The doors fall and the enemy team rushes in. An epic battle started, between the lag and the randomly placed aoes, people were dying everywhere but we were keeping it. The fight was crazy, some sort of 5 vs raid happened there and we were still keeping it. The adrenaline was real. A few low hpd enemies were trying to capture mid so I pulled corruption ring out all like YOUR SOULS BELONG TO ME! And killed someone while a zerk got the others. We were doing this, we were gonna win this, only one minute remained. Oh we would have become legends to be sung of if we had succeeded! But the game wasn’t gonna let me achieve that kind of glory, was it? I heard a sound that wiped my smile completely.. someone was attacking the crystal, how? We had people at inners.. The leader scans and I see the whole raid going up the ladders…we did had ppl at inners..AFK people at inners.. the crystal died in a matter of seconds.

Fuck those seachests
Fuck cs
Mystic out

Depicted in the image: smart, capable people in inner ladders are what makes the difference in the defense round. Legend says that inners are also the best nap spot CS