Also adding to the Spark headcanon: since he’s basically the one with a pokemon shelter everytime Candela and Blanche find a pokemon abandoned somewhere they bring it to Spark and while it’s recovering they visit it often during the week and sometimes even bring some treat for it.
Some of this pokemons prefere to go with either Blanche or Candela and everyone is ok with this, so the three of them have basically a bunch of pokemon walking freely around their research building and every member of the team spoils them.
A random stranger (another scientist, a reporter, whatever) walks into the building and the last thing they were waiting was the pokemon, like, okay they had to have pokemon they’re studying pokemon for crying out loud just, why the fuck there are so many pokemon in there??? And why the fuck nobody says a thing?? Is this really normal???
Then random stranger finds the team leader and yes, even the teal leader acts like this is normal, so when their done random stranger gets out of there shaking because they basically have a freaking pokemon army in there and it looks like they don’t fucking know that

  • “Go to the North. Meet with the Dunedain. There is a young Ranger among them. His father, Arathorn, was a good man. His son may grow to be a great one.” -Thranduil (“The Hobbit - The Battle of The Five Armies”)
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