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I just really wanted to draw them all in their After Ending appearances. And I have no shame, I actually like Jumin with his hair slicked back. 

These actually started as thank you postcards for anyone who bought my Mystic Messenger charms. But I figured “why not make them gifs.” And I kept the “Thank you” cause I thought it was cute.


And as my brother puts it: “It’s like they’re thanking the player for giving them their happy ending.” 


[Another Story - Day 1] Based on afternoon call from ‘Ray’

Hello Mr. Ray I don’t recall you were this smooth previously I just can’t help but draw the conversation //////////////////////// Seems early but I’ve fallen for this guy already :)))) I’m sorry V and Jumin but I’m gonna share my love equally :)))



There should be someone to look after him ! TTATT i feel so sad and heartbroken. All i wanted was just for him to eat well and be happy.

Everytime ray goes to mc’s room, i have this urge to slap him so at least he could be a little sober. Sadly no such option to choose.

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Part 3 here

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Yaz, Mystic Messenger Babies <3 <3 

I made this for our school’s Halloween event. ^^ Sharing it to all MM fans out there. An early Happy Halloween to you guys !

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  • Seven: MC, will you do me the honour of becoming my sister in law?
  • Saeran: Did you just propose to MC for me?