mystic messenger rant

Cheritz probably hate us

Everybody went from :

“Just give us a V route and we won’t ask for anything else.”



just putting this out there
I really don’t give a shit if you like Rika
I know she’s mentally ill
I know she needs to go to a psych ward probably and she deserves mental help and she technically wasn’t “in her right mind” when she did all those things.
But you know what else I know? No matter what, she ruined both V and Saeran’s lives. She caused physical and/or mental trauma for both of them. You can argue that it was unintentional, but it’s true and cannot be denied and the damage has been done to b o t h of them. Saeran and Jihyun are both victims of abuse, just like Rika is a victim of mental illness.

acknowleding their abuse =/= rika hate
I don’t care how much you loved Rika’s character, I really don’t care and you can love her all you want but for the love of God, don’t invalidate the abuse inflicted upon Saeran and Jihyun. It’s there and it’s valid as ever.

So I checked that meliz girl’s blog again and a lot of her posts and answers to asks really bothers me, I’m not going to talk about this because people have already said what I have to say.

This post, made me get out of her blog and honestly I was so done with this when I saw it.

No, Secret end wasn’t a “happy end” at all.

Saeran wasn’t happy there, we can see it by the photo and we can see it by so many other things.
Saeran was happy in his good end.

Jumin Jaehee Zen and Yoosung still got the same problems,maybe they were smiling in that picture, but the only way to really make them happy is playing their route and get the good end.

Rika wasn’t happy neither, yes, she got the ending she deserves in my opinion, she got treatment and all away from the RFA but she wasn’t happy. She still thinks that her method is right, because we never saw her admitting that what she did was wrong.

Also, Jumin saw his best friend dying right after getting shot, can you imagine how hard it was for him?

The only one who’s really happy there is Seven.

it’s really easy to say that if a character you hate is dead there’s an happy end.

But it’s just wrong.

I understand that many Rika fans empathise with her and get defensive because they knew someone with a serious mental illness that was harmful to themselves/others around them, but I also find it extremely ironic and unfair that Jihyun fans who know victims of abuse or have been abused THEMSELVES are not expected to be defensive when someone tries to pass the victim off as a villain? We’re not even trying to say Jihyun is perfect, but the arguments I’ve seen are mindblowing! The absolute lack of tact when saying “all she did was scratch out his eyes”, as if she didn’t take away his vision, the very thing he used to pursue his photography career with passion and enjoy the sights of life and just live like a goddamn normal human being. Hell, I’m not even going to talk about the pain factor and how he didn’t bother to get them treated at all, guaranteeing certain blindness. Do you HAVE to invalidate someone’s abuse as a back up for your favourite character?

My aunt herself was a victim of abuse. Her husband had mental issues and depression, so he drank the pain away. And where I am, drinking alcohol is taboo, so he beat her up (a pregnant woman!) and she had to stay silent for both their sakes. Now, my aunt is not a perfect person and I can list off the top of my head 20 flaws she has, but similarly, she had a good heart; and even if she didn’t, NO ONE DESERVES THIS KIND IF TREATMENT.

I’m not even asking anyone to like V. Just. Can you maybe NOT invalidate the abuse he went through? No one seems to have trouble recognising Saeran’s abuse and Rika’s mental illness, yet the number of people dead set of insisting that V had it coming frankly makes me feel nauseous.

And to be frank, V’s unhealthy infatuation with Rika is stronly bordering on mental illness on itself. It stopped being any healthy definition of “love” and turned into a toxic, hurtful obsession the minute she hurt him and he still remained so determined to “save her”, as she had insisted before that “God cannot save me, but maybe [V] can”. His spiral into depression is really fucking obvious with the number of times he says he wishes he were dead: had I been on my laptop, some helpful screenshot’s from Zen’s route, day 10, would have been provided.

Thank you for reading my rant.
Note: I am bitter against Rika, I do not despise her and I think she deserves mental help; which, post secret endings, she appears to be getting anyway.
Also, I encourage arguments and debates but if you’re here to say “V did things wrong too”, save it. I know. This is literally irrelevant to the post, I never claimed he was perfect and all I did was state that he DOES NOT deserve what happened to him.

Friendly Notes for Jumin Haters

It’s been over a year I played MM and even after that it seems people never get tired to talk about jumin as if he is the only sinner in RFA and the only character who has so many flaws and nothing good; hence he is a bad character and doesn’t deserve forgiveness so does his fans; they are the worst and the whole internet should know about this as if the whole world hasn’t already know about this. It’s been a year yet people still don’t get over it.

Jumin Han tag here on tumblr isn’t even a safe place for jumin and his fans because it always surrounded by hate posts, false accusations, DJHIG meme and people who disregarding his character. So I beg your respect to consider these things below:

It is OK to dislike/hate Jumin Han because he or his route made you feel uncomfortable and triggering your unpleasant experience for whatever reasons no one ever force you to like him or change your opinions; we just want your respect.

  • But it is NOT OK to call him an abuser when clearly he is not one of that. Just because the slightest of his behavior remind you of your abuser doesn’t necessarily means he is one of them. He was having a mental breakdown for mostly 1.5 days for the first time in 27 yrs of his life on his route. Making you feel uncomfortable wasn’t his intentions, that’s why he keep apologizing to you. He is inexperienced of expressing his emotions and he was anxious and insecure. He needs time to go back to being rational and logical jumin again and see after that he is changing and he certainly never do those things again. Is it what an abuser would do? NO!
  • It is NOT OK to spreading false accusations about him and make him looks like some kind of villain/criminal. I saw many people accused him of kidnapping MC when in fact it was not true. MC is consciously want to come to his penthouse and help him on her own will. No one force her into this, not even jumin himself.
  • It is NOT OK to always associate him with his Bad Ending traits/events; Bad Ending traits/events exist because the player encourage him to do so and make him believe it was the right thing to do. Keep pushing him doing bad things but never tell him what is right. That’s why it was called bad ends. It exist for a reason. The truest character’s traits will only show during the good route only (Good End/Normal End). Please don’t disregard his wonderful character development.
  • It is NOT OK to accuse us, jumin fans that we are an abuse apologist for liking jumin or we are ignoring his flaws or problematic behaviors because he is a male and he is so fckn attractive or the like. Also accused us for romanticizing his BE2 and call it was sexy cz this is so fckn wrong and insulting for us.
  • It is NOT OK to play victim and call us rude to make us looks bad yet you are the one who send anon hate and rude commentary in the first place and telling us to stop making positivity contents about jumin and keep coming back as anon to tell us how gross we are for even liking an abuser like him and goes 9763234581 ways to write how jumin is a bad character and how his route make you uncomfortable and even bring him down to level up your bias.
  • It is NOT OK to tag your jumin hate with “Jumin Han” tag and mention his name in the body post without being censored.
  • It is NOT OK to antagonize/attack people who started to like him with anon hate and your tons of bullshits just to seek your own validation and being rude with your insistence and keep coming back to them.

I think that’s all from me. If you want to be respected; please respect mine too. I don’t want any of this pointless discourse to continue in the future. Don’t you get tired already? I don’t know what your aim, but it’s been a year and you keep talking about his flaws endlessly. It’s not even a week since his birthday gdi. I just want peace and love jumin in peacefulness without someone telling me bullshits.


I won’t respond to any kind of offensive/rude commentary. I hope people would take this with level-headed manner, if you disagree just keep it to yourself. I do my business, you do yours. Everyone has different opinions and point of views. I only demand your respect.

Thank you.

I’m replaying all the DLCs in honor of the new CGs and this line really stood out to me in Jumin’s Valentine’s Day story. It also made me realize why I really hate the ideas spread that Jumin controls every aspect your relationship.

Yes, during the original route he was adamant about dressing you up and making you look “perfect” to his standards, but at the end he’s learned that’s not what a relationship is- it’s about two people coming together and being there for one another. That you can’t dictate what their life should be and how they should live it, unlike how he was raised HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

In his route it was about what he thought would look good on you, what he wanted to see you in. Now it’s different. Yeah, he still buys you stuff, but it’s all because it makes him think of you in general and he knows your own preferences. The fact that he buys the hair pin you mentioned liking is a small sign of that.

Jumin was super repressed and used to getting his way but you open his eyes to a whole new way of life and is better for it. He knows control isn’t love, and he lets you be yourself. Cause that’s who he loves.

Secret Ending 2/Saeran Route

Why do people keep insisting that Saeran got his happy ending and doesn’t need a route? I’d call Secret Ending 2 a happy end for Saeyoung, but not Saeran. Why? BECAUSE SAERAN DIDN’T GET ANY TREATMENT!!! He was only detoxicated. That’s not enough!

I don’t know if he was worried about the whole illegitimate sons of the prime minister, or Cheritz wanted him to play the hero, but Saeyoung denied Saeran any treatment. Having like two therapy sessions don't do jack. Especially if it’s severe cases of child abuse/neglect like Saeran. Plus, he just got out of a cult that drugs and brainwashes its believers, for goodness sake. Two therapy sessions won’t help.

Yes, Saeran is unstable. But it’s important to ask why. Is it because of the drugs? YES. Is it because of untreated mental illness? YES. What’s important is that both of those are TREATABLE. Also, don’t forget that he was taken to a hospital against his will. At the hospital, he was extremely anxious. He was lashing out badly because it was the only way he knew how to defend himself. You can’t treat a person in such an anxious state. Even if Saeyoung signed the consent form, there would be little progress until Saeran realizes that the hospital staff wants to help him. However, it still would be better than getting no treatment at all. Speaking of Saeran’s anxiety, there’s also a theory that he doesn’t dye his hair. His white locks are due to Marie Antoinette Syndrome and the pink tips are what’s left of natural hair color.

I also think that V’s route makes it clear that that unstable Saeran is not exactly the real Saeran. He is the Saeran that represents Mint Eye as a whole. He is Saeran’s devil, the Unknow alter persona. The real Saeran is most likely asleep.

How can Unknow understand that the hospital staff wants to help him? Perhaps, he can’t. And perhaps that’s why Cheritz decided to introduce a certain marshmallow boy in V’s route. Even Rika said it herself, Ray is fascinated by the light. It’s too bad that the light can’t explain to Ray that he is being mistreated, that he deserves better, that his brother didn’t abandon him, and that he misses him and loves him. Oh, wait! Maybe SHE can! MC is the light.

Now, I know that a lot of you say that Ray and MC are basically a reflection of V and Rika. However, I would argue that they are not. Neither Ray or MC want to be severely physically harmed by the other. V wanted to be hurt by Rika, he wanted to be sensory deprived like his violinist mother that lost her hearing. Yes, Ray is clingy but that doesn’t automatically mean that he’s abusive. In fact, in V’s route, he realizes pretty quickly that MC won’t return to him and he sincerely worries about her wellbeing. He only wants her to come back because he honestly thinks that V would hurt her. Also, he doesn’t try to take her back by force, even though taking people by force is something Mint Eye specializes in. Heck, Rika came out to stab V, and Ray was freaking out back in Magenta that Saeran could have harmed MC. Yeah, those two couples are similar in every way, NOT!

And why is Ray clingy? Is it because he was brainwashed into thinking that Saeyoung abandoned him and everyone else will? YES. Is it because he doesn’t know how love works? YES. I mean, from whom could he learn how love works? V and Rika? Perhaps that’s the reason why he seems obsessive. Because V himself only realized that he didn’t love Rika but was just obsessed with her through the help of MC.

Also, Ray is cute. He is a lot more saleable. Saeran’s rawness and angst could be a huge turnoff for people. Cheritz does need to make a profit after all. Though it could be said that Ray cheapens Saeran a lot, I like to look on the bright side of this. Mint Eye didn’t want Saeran, they wanted a boy docile as a lamb, who would learn to hack and do every little thing he was told to do. That’s how the Ray alter came to be, he is the way for Saeran to adapt, thrive and survive in this cult. Like someone else mentioned, Unknown alter is the protector. In the Secret Ending, he was lashing out to protect himself from the unknown.

How does Ray cheapen Saeran? Well, in Saeyoung route and the Secret Ending, when he was kidnapped by the cult it took 3x the amount of the Elixir to break him down. Without any treatment, he pulled himself to be that timid boy we saw in the last CG of the Secret Ending. He must have been through hell and back to get there. Though, to honest, I’m a bit concerned that he didn’t let go of his minty contacts. Could it be because he’s still suffering? Or is he still the Unknown alter? Does this mean he still struggling to find himself? Anyways, in V’s route, Ray just blows himself up to pieces. And for what? To add some shock value and drama to the route? There doesn’t seem to be any other good reason.

Why do I think MC helping Saeran is better than Saeyoung helping him? Because Saeran must have some special connection with her. There was a post about Saeran falling in love with her at first sight in every route not to long ago and it makes a lot of sense. I mean why else would he who fears betrayal so much choose someone random to carry out his plans? Plus Saeran needs a mediator between him and Saeyoung, MC would be perfect for that.

Why does he need a mediator? Well, due to all the brainwashing, Saeran has a lot of anger towards Saeyoung. In Secret Ending it took Saeran to realize that he COULDN’T KILL himself or Saeyoung to begin to heal. With MC by his side, Saeran’s healing process would be more thorough and a lot less traumatic.

You might say, love heals all? As if! Don’t forget, Mystic Messenger is an otome/dating sim game. So why not? This is a work of fiction after all. Also, as someone who is getting treated for depression/PTSD due to being raised by abusive and negligent parents, I know for a fact that a solid support system is a MUST. Saeran has too many negative emotions toward Saeyoung. MC could support Saeran through the healing process and through getting reconnecting with Saeyoung. She could be the support system he needs, especially with their connection.

Thank you for reading! Sorry for such a long post, I just connect to Saeran a lot. Patiently waiting for Saeran’s route to see his smile~

Shippers Be Like

“Normal” or “Everyday” Shippers: I like this ship because they go together perfectly(or some other reason)

Anti-Shippers: I hate these ships because it’s disgusting and you can’t see them together like that, that’s incest, (or some other reason)

Everything-Shippers: I love these ships because I respect all ships

Me: i like the art imma reblog it

V is NOT a pedophile/rapist

Okay soo apparently someone has been preaching to their sheep that the “main villain” of MM, V “Jihyun Kim”, is a rapist who forces himself or takes advantage of Rika and goes as far as to say that he forced himself on her when she was a minor meaning they claim that he “sexually abused” her and was involved with child porn…. Whaaaa?

  • OKAY!? WHERE DID THE CHILD PORN EVEN COME FROM???? Let me be clear, the story NEVER hints that he was involved with child porn EVER!
  • Did V take weird ass photo’s of her? Yeah, I won’t deny it, he made those albums BUT never did Rika seem uncomfortable if anything she WANTED to be seen and loved AS ART. SHE CONSENTED TO THE PHOTO’S! That and she wasn’t even a fucking child/minor….
  • Emphasize 👏👏CONSENTED👏👏TO👏👏THE👏👏PHOTO’S 👏👏
  • Her problem in that scene (VN)? It was going to take a while to finish said albums and she was feeling insecure about whether she is beautiful like V oh so claimed she was and if he’s true to his word about loving her. She straight up got furious and snapped at V when he said that she is insecure when she isn’t treated as art and “he puts his camera down.”
  • Rika liked being in front of the camera that she felt scared like everything was just a dream or wasn’t real when V’s lenses weren’t focused on her. She might’ve felt like she was only beautiful when viewed as “art” thus allowing AND continuing the collection.
  • Sooooooo I don’t see where the heck the child pornagraphy fits… Nowhere in the story does it state or hint it. NOT FROM RIKA, NOT FROM V, NOT FROM ANYONE!!!!

Okay now for the main topic: Is V really a rapist? Did he truly sexually abuse this poor innocent girl?

  • I think the pictures are pretty clear as to who was the forceful one in the relationship… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Umm is it just me or does it seem like Rika is the one who is pressuring V into having sexual relations with her?
  • V clearly felt uncomfortable himself and he also DIDN’T WANT HER TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE!
  • He would be intimate with her IF THAT’S WHAT SHE DESIRED AND WANTED!
  • Yup, that’s right folks! He’s only thinking about her and how to satisfy her.
  • It’s soo damn crystal clear that he NEVER initiated anything and that’s what made her go berserk!
  • She WANTED him to lust and desire her sexually!
  • Rika was the one guilt tripping him, claiming he didn’t love her, just because he didn’t “posses or crave” her.
  • In plain English? Girl was pissed that her man respected her and did not force her to have sexual relations unless she so wished for it to be like that.
  • Even then it seems like he was hesitant but would do it to prove he does indeed love her.
  • Rika… Is sex all you care about? Is that what REALLY matters in a relationship?

Now one final topic I want to address that was also made… “V producing porn of MC”

  • Do I really need to explain this ending?
  • You know, after the MC was begging and convincing him that she WANTS to be treated with the same obsession as Rika…

  • If that doesn’t say “I want this and I’m enjoying it” then I don’t know what to say…
  • Especially because MC, a GROWN WOMAN CONSENTED!

All in all, V is not innocent but he is most certainly NOT a rapist/pedophile! I wish you sheep that believe this would do your own research and not just follow what someone says because “their theories are correct.”

If you’re going to hate a character then go ahead but don’t go around spreading inaccurate information!

Thank you and good night!

I might sound like a bitch but I don’t care this had to be said

The V route hasn’t even been released yet and people are already yelling and demanding a Saeran route like ??? Do you even know how grateful we should be because Cheritz didn’t have to give us a V route in the first place. You need more images, new voice recordings, more storyline. It takes a lot of time and money to make something as big as a route. We should be so so so thankful. Of course I also hope that Cheritz will maybe make a Saeran route someday but please just calm down and thank Cheritz for doing what they do. Just be respectful and accept Cheritz choices. Thank you.

Come on people

I’m really tired and depressed to see how people are reacting to V’s route pending. It’s like, “Ugh they did not RELEASE it YET i’m SO DISAPPOINTED!!”

First off, give cheritz a break. They’re working so hard and if you want a good game experience, you’ll have to wait.

Second, they listened to us. We kept yammerin’ on about V route and cheritz were so generous to actually PROVIDE it to us. All to make Mystic Messanger a more enjoyable game. The LEAST we can do to thank them is to be patient. It’s not easy making a game, and it takes time.

Believe me, I’m VERY hyped for V’s route. But people, let cheritz breathe a little and don’t repeat that Dream Daddy drama where some people went insane because they delayed the release date a little. Game developers are humans too, they need proper rest.

V route is coming soon, we’re hyped, and we should be patient, cheritz will never let us down.

Daily Reminder

Even though V made some mistakes, he is still better than Rik*. Please don’t me give that “V and Rika are equally at blame” shit. Unlike R*ka, V admitted to his mistakes and apologized for it. V took responsibility for his shitty actions and did not blame others for it. 

Before you come at my throat about R*ka’s illness, please realize that V is also mentally ill. R*ka’s illness is an explanation of her shitty behavior, not a justification. Rika is still an abuser who assaulted/stabbed/abused V and kidnapped/drugged/manipulated Saeran. She literally started a cult by stealing money from a charity group and committed multiple crimes. R*ka hurt multiple people via her actions. I get that she had tragic childhood™ but so did every other mysme character? Don’t believe me? 

Had a pretty decent childhood, until his interactions with Rik*. Though she did have some positive influence over his life, she also manipulated him and twisted his ideology. (click here if you care)

Literally spent his entire childhood believe that he was ugly, due to taunts from his own fucking birth mother and eventually his sibling. Zen literally has anxiety because of this traumatic experience. (Anxiety is a mental illness if you didn’t know.) 

Her father literally died before she could even talk. Meanwhile, her mother died at a young age and she was forced to live with relatives who treated her like garbage. 

Okay, I know childhood V was just skfhd but he was manipulated by his dad/teacher. He thought that his mother was out to ruin him, only to realize that she truly loved him after reading her diaries. Watched his mother throw away her life just to protect him. 

Did not have a stable home or a mother figure growing up. The only interactions he had with possible mother figures were people who were out to get him or his father’s money.  

His father literally attempting to murder him and his brother while his mother physically/emotionally/mentally abused him and his brother. Had to leave his brother to become an agent in order to escape his father’s clutches. Underwent horrible and deadly situation as a spy. Believe that his brother was living a happy life only to see that he was tortured by R*ka (V has some fault in this as well but he did know about R*ka’s shit until it was too late). Being forced to hide his true emotions because he is scared that if he shares his secretes it can work against him.  

Kidnapped by R*ka and forced to join her stupid fucking cult. 
Tortured for several year which forced him to develop a cruel personality as a form of a defense mechanism (I am not justifying anything I am just stating the facts). Again, his father literally attempting to murder him and his brother while his mother physically/emotionally/mentally abused him and his brother.

aaaand look despite all of that none of them started a cult and all the other BS?? sooooo??? Like, I am not excusing others, I am just comparing the facts. 

I am sorry but there is no justification for abuse. 

I am trying to be understanding towards R*ka, I really am but some of the things y’all say are wild

I am tired of saying the same shit over and over again and I know people won’t change their mind. So, here is just a daily reminder that some of the shit y’all spam in the tags are utter BS. :)))))

Oh! Let’s not forget! V DESERVES BETTER. :))))

hating on cheritz for the v route and not saeran is like yelling at ur parents for giving u one thing u wanted instead of both cuz they can’t afford both or something

n u know what happens when u be ungrateful to ur parents? they take away ur things

be nice to cheritz pls

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I keep seeing post after post about the Choi twins getting into a love triangle with the player character and every single time one of them just takes her or straight up lies to the other and honestly it makes me so tired. People want the High Drama of a love triangle between two broken, cute red-headed twins to fawn over the same girl and fight over her and every time I see one of those posts I lose years off my life. Let the Chois learn to love each other again because they deserve a caring, cooperative relationship with the deep bond that only two twins can share with each other. Let the two of them mutually agree to not pursue her. Let MC be aware of the issue and maturely not pursue either of them. Let Saeyoung try to lie to let Saeran be happy with her just for Saeran to shout and get mad at him for trying to pull a stupid stunt like that because he assumed being with her would make him happy despite Saeyoung’s misery. Let Saeran develop feelings for MC while Saeyoung is already with her, forcing his brother to decide that he is more important than a romantic relationship with someone else because dammit it’s not like he didn’t literally dedicate his existence to the idea that Saeran was happy without him only for that to be made clear that it wasn’t true. Let them both realize that the other is his brother and he’ll always come first. Let them be brothers; they have enough to push the two of them apart without throwing a woman between the two of them. Saeran and Saeyoung need each other far more than they need girlfriends.