mystic messenger Vanderwood


MM x NOBLESSE (masterpost)

vanderwood x frankenstein
jumin x rai
v x m-21
yoosung x rael
zen x muzaka
jaehee x takeo
ray x tao
rika x dr. aris
saeyoung x ik han


The Right to Love

I did a lot of procrastinating and thinking and this is the result! Thank you for taking the time to read it :’)

You’re so






The Ultimate MM Doge Collection! 

(Doge Jumin is not pleased at all)

I’ve uploaded these on the Mystic Messenger Amino and I’m sure some of you have already seen these but hey who wouldn’t want HD quality memes hahaha. Anyways, I drew this just for laughs, really and I’m proud of the outcome lolololol 

This isn’t the complete set btw, there’s Doge MCs and Doge V without shades as well as long haired Doge V from V route. I’ll make another post for those I guess but for now, please enjoy these!



Jumin x Zen version HERE

V x Yoosung version HERE

Vandy from “maid” to “babysitter”, They both didn’t remember anything when they’re become like that. ( ಥ ◡ ಥ)

Stop me from committing a sin…lol


((OMG I was cleaning out some drafts and realized that I never published this here – so, here you go haha no reposts on other website plz thank ;; dont start any discourse about this it’s just a simple ‘what if’ AU pls im begging i still don’t like canon rika esp after saeran route haha))

MM Flipped!AU

Reverse Role AU where V && the RFA are the members of Mint Eye! ((+they’re [mostly] edgelords 😂 nothing much changed in appearance for zen/jumin cause they’re like, public figures so)) ✨✨✨ The good guys are MC, Saeran and Rika (+etc; Jaehee being a wildcard - maybe you compete with Zen on who recruits her to where first kjsdfhkjsd hahehehe)

Some were posted in my Instagram waaay earlier ^o^

More (messy) info under the cut!

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Event “Countdown to the Choi Birthday


Plot: 0102 03

Before they’re play Twister?

(Change a little bit, Vandy is the one who mad at thier mess)

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vanderwood x frankenstein